# Friday, April 29, 2016


I like making risotto as it provides a quick and tasty mid week meal. This one was made with chicken, leeks and bacon with a citrus twist of grated orange peel. It really was very good and something that I will making on a regular basis.

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# Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The weather in the UK never fails to surprise me but its not often its cold enough to get a snow shower in April. Not much snow fell but it was enough to delight the children. It’s also enough that I think I will delay planting my onions for another week. They really should be in the ground by now but the weather reports show another week of possible frosts and I don’t want to kill the delicate first shoots before they get a chance to grow.

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# Friday, April 22, 2016


IMG_1852I’m making a lot of pasta at the moment with the new pasta machine. The latest dish was this macaroni cheese. Its always great even when made with dried pasta but the freshly made macaroni certainly improved the dish. The whole family love macaroni cheese so I can see we will be making this a lot.

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# Wednesday, April 20, 2016

After several months of waiting we finally found out which primary school we had been allocated for our eldest child. Surprisingly we got our first choice which is far beyond what we expected. On speaking to others it seems a high number of people in Sevenoaks also got their first choice of school. I can only assume that this year has a low sibling intake freeing up more places for people based on the distance criteria. It will be interesting to see the figures once they are released. At least next year my son will go in on the sibling criteria so the whole process should be much less stressful the second time around.

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# Monday, April 18, 2016

When we lost Willow recently it made me realise how old the cats are. It’s was certainly a wake up call and I have been making sure that my other three cats spend their remaining time wanting for nothing. Oscar here at the grand age of 14 doesn’t really do anything any more. Once a day he strolls down the garden and comes back again, the rest of the time he does nothing and usually looks like this. It’s not a bad way to spend your twilight years in my opinion.

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# Sunday, April 17, 2016

This article is interesting it suggests that the food producer Mars is to advise limits on some of its items such as pasta sauces. Mars makes products such as Dolmio and Uncle Ben’s sauces. Some of these it feels should be classified as products that should only be used occasionally due to the amount of sugar, fat and salt they contain. If the article is correct the company intends to classify its products as suitable for regular use or occasional use so that consumers are clear on the possible health risks of using the products too often. It advises using some products no more than once a week.

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# Friday, April 15, 2016

My iPhone 5 has served me well but recently the battery began draining stupidly fast, it got to the point where I could only reliably get 20 minutes charge out of a battery which showed full charge when leaving the house. I tried many things to try and reset the battery with no luck and finally came to the conclusion that I would have to replace the battery as I didn’t want to spend the money purchasing a new phone. I took it to Mobile Street in Sevenoaks who replaced the battery for £25. It took approx 20 minutes to do and I’m pleased to say I now get around 8-10 hours charge from my new battery.

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# Wednesday, April 13, 2016

IMG_1858[1]On a rare evening out I recently visited the Hattusa restaurant on the London Road in Sevenoaks. We had booked ahead and arriving at the restaurant I felt glad we had, even on a Thursday night every table was full and the food smelt delicious. Despite the fact that the restaurant was busy the service was quick and we were not left waiting for anything.

We started with a mixture of hummus and kisir with pizza bread for the table and it really was very tasty. I ordered the mixed lamb and chicken shish for my main course. At a very reasonable £11.95 it included rice and a side salad. It was well spiced and very well cooked, with the lamb just pink in the middle and the chicken very juicy. I thought the salad complimented the meat perfectly. For dessert I ordered Baklava (pictured) which was lovely, although deceptively filling after the main course. With a few glasses of the house red, the bill came to very reasonable £27.00. I will certainly be going back here and was pleased to see they also have a children menu priced at £6.95 a dish.

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