# Thursday, August 21, 2014

According to this article the Food Standards Agency is warning people about the dangers of undercooking meat on the BBQ. It seems many people just don’t know when the meat is cooked. As a precaution the agency is recommending that people cook meat inside first before putting it on the BBQ in order to prevent food poisoning. Personally I have got cooking on the BBQ down to almost perfection, I say almost because we do sometimes have our char grilled moments. One thing we don’t ever have though is undercooked meat. Its very easy to make a cut in meat to check if its cooked, much as you would when cooking inside. If in doubt invest in a BBQ tool that checks the temperature of meat and indicates whether it is safe too eat. Cooking it inside first, for me, takes the fun out of the whole BBQ experience.

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# Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Its always very hard to resist picking the pears but they are best left until they fall of into your hand. Currently we have a few ready every day although they are quickly eaten up by the children. Usually I would poach them for a quick dessert but I don’t think there will be any left for me to cook with this year.

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# Tuesday, August 19, 2014


This is an interesting gadget, its a butter knife with small holes in it which makes butter easier to spread. The idea is that you can easily spread butter straight from the fridge using the knife which pushes the butter through the little holes. At £6.00 I would probably buy one, it looks useful.

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# Monday, August 18, 2014

According to this article we could soon see much lower limits for what you can drink when driving. Britain currently has one of the higher drink limits in Europe. New limits could mean that it is only legal to drink one pint of beer if getting behind the wheel. There could also be stricter limits for young people under the age of 21.

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# Friday, August 15, 2014

This article is an interesting read, it looks at why the Victorians installed the current network of sewers in London and the pressures facing them today. If the article is correct in that the the sewerage network is failing to deal with the demands of the growing population we could soon see a repeat of the filthy rivers of the 1830s. It will be interesting to see what plans are put forward to try and resolve the issue.

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# Thursday, August 14, 2014

I have been lucky enough not to have to deal with deal lice yet but I remember having them frequently as a child and am fully expecting the problem to surface once my children start pre-school. I also remember many over the counter treatments having limited effect as the lice become resistant to them. This article is useful because it looks at other treatments people use to combat the problem. Personally it would not have occurred to me to kill the lice using hair straighteners but I guess it makes sense that this method will kill the lice and eggs.

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# Wednesday, August 13, 2014

We are getting towards the end of our fruit season now with the summer fruits being well and truly over. We have a limited harvest of plums this year but lots of pears. They are the yellow variety that you can test for ripeness by twisting them on the tree. If ready they fall off the tree. We also have apples coming but it looks like the majority of the harvest has been destroyed by wasps this year. They seem to be everywhere and it really is impossible to eat in the garden at the moment. I expect we will have some cooking apples but most of the eating variety appear to have bore holes in them already, which also make them easy food for other pests.

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# Tuesday, August 12, 2014


article-2722762-2071B00900000578-841_634x436This is interesting its a project carried out by photographer Peter Augustus which highlights what is in some popular foods. Pictured left are chicken nuggets with the part of the chicken most commonly used to make them and right a hot dog made out of a piece of rather unappetising looking intestine. I think most people will be aware that processed foods don’t contain prime cuts of meat but it certainly a good way of highlighting just what they are made from.

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