# Wednesday, March 07, 2012

If this article is correct new parents spend around £1,400 on their baby before it is even born. Those costs seem to really add up, from the nursery furniture and the baby travel system to the clothes, towels and bedding. New parents tend to spend around £115 on baby clothes, £100 on toys, around £100 on maternity wear and £70 on pampering treatments. Personally I think we spent around £2,000 on initial expenses such as the Moses basket, clothes, sterilising equipment, breast pump, bedding and baby travel system. Since the initial spend we are spending roughly an extra £100 a month on new clothes when the baby out grows the old ones, nappies, wipes and top up formula to supplement the breast feeding. Babies are certainly expensive.

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# Tuesday, March 06, 2012

If this article is correct the answer is a pizza. Sales of Italian chilled meals have risen by 14.9% in the last year overtaking the more traditional British favourites such as Shepherd’s Pie. The nations second favourite ready meal appears to be pasta such as lasagne. The trade magazine The Grocer puts the change down to the fact that people feel they can easily make English food from scratch whereas other cuisines are considered to be more time consuming. I find that a little hard to believe myself, a lasagne, pizza or bolognaise takes about the same time to make as a shepherds pie and all the dishes taste much better than the ready meal alternative when made from scratch.

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# Monday, March 05, 2012

DSC_0245Penny is now nearly 14 weeks old and has finally reached the stage where she is sleeping through the night, most nights. We now get nearly 7 hours of sleep a night which is a massive improvement although we do sometimes get a random 4am wake up call.

She now seems to be gaining weight quite quickly and at the last weigh in last week has now just reached 11lb. She certainly isn’t small anymore but is getting more cute as she interacts more with things around her and has started smiling.

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# Sunday, March 04, 2012

This is interesting its a fitness regime that incorporates just three minutes of exercise a week but claims to make you fit. Called High Intensity Training or HIT it involves doing short bursts of high intensity exercise for just three minutes a week over a four week period. The exercise involves warming up by doing gentle exercise on an exercise bike for a couple of minutes before going flat out for 20 seconds. After a couple minutes have a rest and then do another 20 seconds flat out. Another couple of minutes of gentle exercise and then a further 20 seconds of flat out exercise. This regime is supposed to use more muscle tissue than classic aerobic exercise using not just the leg muscles but also use the upper body including the arms and shoulders so that 80% of the body’s muscle cells are activated rather than just 20 to 40% for walking or moderate exercise. I’m not entirely convinced but does make for interesting reading.

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# Saturday, March 03, 2012

article-0-11F47FF4000005DC-396_470x642article-0-11F47F36000005DC-557_964x718These interesting looking cakes are just some of the creations of Paul James  . He owns his own business called Paul’s Creative Cakes specialising in creating more unusual designs.


Among his cakes are this plate of bacon and eggs featuring a sauce bottle and cutlery, a half eaten picnic and a giant custard cream biscuit. They look great, certainly more interesting than the average birthday cake. 


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# Friday, March 02, 2012

If this article is correct some people’s marriages could be doomed to fail because of their genes. Scientists believe they have discovered a “divorce gene” that makes it harder for some women to bond with other people. The gene affects how women process oxytocin, the hormone which promotes feelings of love and maternal affection. Those with the gene are 50% more likely to have a troubled relationship if they do marry.

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# Thursday, March 01, 2012

A Chinese inventor has devised another use for unwanted toilets, he has turned them into desks for school children. Toilet manufacturer Gao Jianguo turned the cisterns lid into portable lap desks to use the toilets that would otherwise be thrown away. He has now donated hundreds of the toilet desk to local schools.

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# Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This chicken nugget has been auctioned on eBay after it was noticed it looked like surprisingly like President George Washington. Rebekah Speights noticed the amazing resemblance and froze the nugget. She eventually decided to auction it to raise funds for her local church.

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