# Monday, 19 December 2011

According to this article all pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding should be prescribed vitamin D. A North London coroner has said the action should be taken to reduce the risk to others after the recent death of a three year boy. He died from septic inflammation of the heart, however, a vitamin D deficiency played a role in the progression of the infection. It is recommended that all pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers receive 10mcg of Vitamin D every day. A lack of the vitamin during pregnancy can lead to the child suffering rickets and longer-term problems such as schizophrenia and Type 1 diabetes. Previous research has found that pregnant women and those trying to conceive are often lacking the vitamin. Although it is found in oily fish, eggs and liver, and in fortified foods such as margarine, breakfast cereals and powdered milk, pregnant women are advised against eating many of these foods. As such it seems taking a supplement may be the best option.

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# Sunday, 18 December 2011

article-2072713-0C2C9F34000005DC-168_468x486According to this article Heston Blumenthal's orange filled Christmas puddings are selling for as much as £200 on ebay. The puddings which have proved to be very popular are being sold for as much as as 15 times the retail price of £13.99 with many customers buying them in bulk for the sole purpose of reselling them. Staff at Waitrose have been told not to sell the puddings in bulk and have ordered another 75,000 puddings to restock stores but it seems they just fly off the shelves. I might pay £13.99 for one but certainly not as much as £200.

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# Saturday, 17 December 2011

As a happy 4 cat household the last thing we need is an extra set of paws around the house. We were less than thrilled, then, when this little guy showed up a week ago. He has no collar but does not look like a stray. He is quite friendly and has taken to living in a box in our summer house and popping in to help himself to our cats food. As yet we have been unable to find out who he belongs to but I am sure someone must be missing him. We have contacted the local paper who arrived today to take a picture of him, in order to try and find his owners. If he is still here next week, I will also be taking him the vet to see whether we can scan him for a microchip. If you live in Sevenoaks and know this cat please let me know.

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# Friday, 16 December 2011

A cat in Italy has become the world’s richest cat after inheriting his owners fortune. When Tommaso’s 94 year old owner died she left him a total of 10 million euros in a hand written will. Although by law the cat can not inherit directly the money is held by a trust that looks after him.

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# Thursday, 15 December 2011

This is interesting, Dutch department store Hema has chosen male model Andrej Pejic to front it’s latest advertising campaign. The campaign to advertise it’s range of bust enhancing lingerie is perhaps a good choice. The lingerie claims to enhance the bust by as much as two cup sizes, something which it seems must be true as their model has no natural cleavage.

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# Wednesday, 14 December 2011

According to this article a group of scientists are attempting to clone a woolly mammoth. The scientists from Russia and Japan claim that a thigh bone found in August contains marrow cells that are well preserved enough to form the starting point of a cloning experiment. They hope that the cloning will be complete within the next five years, although others have cast doubt on whether it will be possible. The team will extract a nucleus from the animals bone marrow and insert it into the egg of an African elephant. It will be interesting to revisit this at a later date and see how successful the experiment is.

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# Tuesday, 13 December 2011

After several months of feeling like a whale I finally have the relief of having given birth to my baby. In all I put on a total of just over 2 stone during my pregnancy and have never felt so heavy before. When my waters broke early I noted that I had already lost a total of 5 pounds and after the birth, with Penny weighing in at 6.4lbs I had lost a stone. That still leaves an extra stone of weight still to shift, something I will start working on in the new year. I am sure once I resume an exercise programme it will soon drop off, but for now I intend to enjoy Christmas and my new baby before concentrating on shifting those extra pounds.

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# Monday, 12 December 2011

Penny13Penny is now just under two weeks old and we have been home for around 7 days after nearly a week spent in hospital. I have been recovering quite well, despite having to have an episiotomy during labour to help pass the baby’s head. Penny had a slightly shaky start, she was whisked away to the special care baby unit very quickly after birth leaving little time to bond and was back and forth to the unit for the first two days of our hospital stay. Luckily the prolonged labour does not appear to have had any lasting effects and Penny has continued to do well.

For the first week of her life she had trouble maintaining her blood sugar, something that was not helped by the fact she was unable to breast feed. Early on, I started expressing milk for her and with a regular intake given from a bottle she is now feeding regularly, although still struggles to latch on when breast feeding. We are continuing to try breast feeding with slightly more of a success rate as Penny gets older but I guess the main point is that she is now getting enough milk at regular intervals. I must admit, despite having to wake Penny to feed her every 4 hours, something which is proving a little tiring, I am thoroughly enjoying my new baby. I wonder whether the novelty will wear off after several more weeks of no sleep.

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