# Monday, 17 October 2011

I have seen many bizarre outfits and costumes for pets in the past but I don’t think I have come across any wigs before. A US based wig maker is now making wigs for dogs. Customers can pay around £35 to have their dog dressed up to look like Sarah Palin, Madonna or Elvis. They do look a little bit silly.

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# Sunday, 16 October 2011

If you are not very adventurous when ordering a curry and tend to go with a mild korma, then it seems you are not alone. Research by Patak’s has found that nine out of ten Brits prefer a korma and are too scared to try hotter curries such as a Vindaloo. Although 73% of adults do like a curry it seems we are still very cautious with our choices, the Bhuna, another fairly mild dish is another firm favourite with the British public. Only 10% of people who were surveyed liked a curry that was hot and 3% liked their curry flaming hot. Personally I tend to go for medium to hot dishes but I do try to choose something new every time I order if I can, just to add a little variety.

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# Saturday, 15 October 2011

A Rare seahorse has recently been found in the River Thames suggesting that there could be a colony present there. The short-snouted seahorse (pictured) was discovered in the river at Greenwich. Although they are usually found along the south coat this is the furthest upriver that they have been found. The one which was found was a juvenile measuring just 5cm long which strongly suggests a breeding colony could be present in the river.

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# Friday, 14 October 2011

Heatwave-brings-rare-moth-007The recent warm weather has been good for rare moths with experts saying it has been one of the best migrations for insects in years. This article claims that hundreds of rare moths have arrived in the UK including many varieties which are usually found in the Mediterranean. Among the species which have been found are the flame brocade moth which is usually found in Spain and France. The death’s head hawk moth has also been found, as have large numbers of vestal moths (pictured) and crimson speckled moths. I have noticed an unusual number of moths this year but I must admit to not paying much attention as to what kind they are. I will make a point of going moth hunting one evening and see what I can spot.

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# Thursday, 13 October 2011

This article claims that the average Briton owns 80 books we have never read and that we purchase them simply to look more intelligent. The research carried out by Lindeman’s wine found that 70% of the books in the average bookcase remain unread and that many are there simply for display purposes. 57% of people make sure that the books  they have on display are literary classics even if they have never read them. 47% of people, however, prefer reading trashy novels that they would not put on display. I wonder who was surveyed in this research. Personally my bookshelves have a mixture of classics and sci. fi. Whilst I am not ashamed for any of the books to be on display, trashy or otherwise I can honestly say I have read every book at least once and many even the classics have been read on multiple occasions.

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# Wednesday, 12 October 2011

article-2045643-0E3E71A000000578-674_468x337This is interesting its a so called “smart pill” that could help in diagnosing the causes of IBS. The capsule which is swallowed is designed to pass through the digestive system analysing details as it goes. It relays information to a monitor which is worn on the patients wrist. The device looks at aspects such as acidity, pressure and temperature in the colon in order to assess how well it is functioning. The information could help patients who have been diagnosed with IBS, a label which often covers a wide variety of stomach disorders that are often never really properly identified or treated. At £1,750 including consultation fees the SmartPill system is certainly not cheap so would be a little out of my price range but it does seem like a good idea.

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# Tuesday, 11 October 2011

If you are seeing an unusual number of moles hills in your garden then it might be because moles are doing very well this year. It seems the hot dry spring and the cool moist summer have caused a sharp rise in the number of moles. The wet summer has meant that the earth has stayed damp meaning earthworms are in large supply. This has also provided the ideal conditions for moles to breed and take advantage of the abundance of food. Mole catchers have reported an increase in mole numbers damaging property and costing businesses money with one company reporting 10 call outs in a week, double the number normally recorded.

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Many would say I have had a fairly trouble free pregnancy to date and really I haven't had that much to complain about when compared to some others I have spoken to. I have managed to get this far without suffering any morning sickness, although I must admit the migraines were a real pain, particularly without the aid of Nurofen and the dizzy spells are just starting to get annoying and embarrassing as they always tend to happen when out in public. What I am having most trouble dealing with, however, is the fact that now at nearly 30 weeks it is simply impossible to get comfortable even for a minute. Although I have still only put on a modest amount of weight by many pregnancy standards my stomach feels like it is full of rocks. Whether sitting, standing or lying down, it causes discomfort with the only relief being when I sleep. With 10 more weeks to go I am certainly not enjoying being pregnant, I’m just hoping those remaining weeks fly past quickly.

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# Monday, 10 October 2011

Nestlé has created a TV advert for pet food which has been made to appeal to dogs. The advert features frequencies that only dogs can hear to try and get their attention. Quite how this will convince the dogs owners to purchase the particular brand of pet food is a mystery but one must presume that the dogs will simply ask for it by name. It’s an interesting idea and something which could also be used to advertise cat foods. My cats, already watch the TV, they particularly like bird programmes and often make hunting noises at the TV. Bizarrely programmes with Alan Titchmarsh also seem to have the effect, why? I am yet to find out. I’m sure they would greatly enjoy watching adverts made for them.

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