# Wednesday, 07 September 2011


This is interesting, its a chopping board for people who like to their meals to be perfect. With added lines and measurements it allows you to chop everything the same size and cut sandwiches in a perfect triangle. Sold by Selfridges it is called the OCD chopping board, a name for which it has received a fair of criticism from those who say it belittles sufferers of the disease. Perhaps the board could be rebranded in the face of this backlash but I think the idea behind it is a good one. I would certainly buy it just to make sure all my crudities are exactly the same size.

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A man was recently stopped at Miami airport and found to have seven snakes and three tortoises down his trousers. He was trying to board a flight from Miami to Brazil when the creatures were picked up when he passed through the body scanner.The creatures were confiscated by the Department of Fish and Wildlife and the passenger was arrested.

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# Tuesday, 06 September 2011

According to this article it’s that time of year when spiders start moving into our houses and the bad news is that there likely to be many more of them this year. The article claims that because of the recent dismal weather, 2011 promises to be the best spider season yet and looks at games you can play with them. Personally the only game I will be playing is either sucking them up the vacuum cleaner whilst standing at a safe distance or putting a glass over them for my husband to dispose of.

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According to this article Twinings have recently changed the recipe of their Earl Grey tea, a move which has not proved popular with some customers. The tea has been rebranded as The Earl Grey and as part of this rebrand the recipe has been changed to include flavours of citrus and bergamot. Although the tea had gone through rigorous taste testing and consumer trials it seems many customers are not happy with the new flavour with some likening it to” foul tasting dishwater”. Tea enthusiasts have now launched a Facebook campaign entitled Bring Back The Original Earl Grey Tea in an effort to revert it to the old recipe.

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# Monday, 05 September 2011


According to this article you will soon be able to read ebooks that come with sounds. The idea comes from an electronic book firm which hopes to attract younger readers by offering them a more interactive experience. The books called Booktrack will be available initially to iPad users but will later be available for other tablets. One example of the added sounds is the clinking of china cups in the garden in Pride and Prejudice. Looking at the comments on the article the idea gets very mixed responses with some people loving the idea and other people hating it. Personally I don’t think I would use them but I can see how they might be good for children.

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# Sunday, 04 September 2011

Ocado are trialling a new window shopping concept. Already tried in Japan it involves scanning the barcodes of products you want to buy from shop windows by using your smartphone as a scanner. The goods are then delivered to your door. It’s an interesting idea but personally I would prefer to shop online at my leisure rather than standing outside a shop scanning barcodes.

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# Saturday, 03 September 2011

According to this article it is possible to purchase a duvet that is thicker on one side than on the other. It is aimed at couples where one partner feels the cold more than the other. The TwoTog duvet is filled with Hungarian goose down and is available as a summer and winter version. The summer version has two sides, one with a tog rating of 4.5 and another with a tog rather of 7. Despite the difference in thickness the duvet looks no different to any other once it is on the bed. The winter version is made up of two halves with a 10.5 tog rating and a 13.5 tog rating. If you want one prices start at £140.

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# Friday, 02 September 2011

305417_10150776953315508_897880507_20675568_7478978_nLooking to use up some more courgettes I thought I would give this recipe a go. It really is quite simple to make and it turned up surprisingly well. I didn’t have any hazelnuts so left these out but otherwise my version pictured was fairly faithful to the original recipe. I decided to  separate mine into two smaller cake tins to make two halves to sandwich together rather than making one large cake. Once the cake is cooked you can’t actually taste the courgettes as they have grated into the mixture. They do add a really moist texture to the cake that makes it a little bit special. I will definitely make this again.

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This is an interesting combination, it’s a USB stick that is also a vibrator. The device was created by designers Ti Chang and Michael Topolovac who spotted a potential gap in the market. The vibrator which is powered by the USB port in your computer is discreet and also has the advantage of being able to store up to 16GB of data. The designers found that one of the most frustrating aspects of a regular vibrator was the hassle caused by bulky charging devices. The product costs between $139 and $349 and is available in three colours.

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# Thursday, 01 September 2011

article-2029555-0D8D222B00000578-430_468x799article-2029555-0D8D221A00000578-110_468x472When faced with an angry lion this bobcat didn’t waste time in scaling the first available hiding place, in this case a 50ft cactus. The bobcat was spotted climbing the cactus and sitting at the top for around 4 hours before it felt it was safe enough to come down. It seems he managed to get up and down again without any injuries.

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# Wednesday, 31 August 2011

If you are thinking of serving up some wild rook stew in your restaurant then you might find this article interesting. It lays out the rules and regulations which apply to killing and eating wild birds in the UK. The article which appears to have been written after a restaurant was asked to stop selling rook salad looks at the regulations. All wild birds are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981. Despite this it is legal to eat some species if they are killed under licence but they can not be sold for human consumption. It is, however, legal to eat a wild bird if it has been killed by someone else or it has been discovered dead as road kill. There are also some birds which are protected and for which no licence to kill can be granted such as golden eagles, red kites and woodlarks. So presumably if I come across a pheasant that I want to eat I need to try and run it down with my car.

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