# Friday, 19 August 2011

That’s according to this article which suggests they could be extinct within 15 years. They have suffered a dramatic decline over the past century and it is estimated there are now around one million hedgehogs in Britain, a decline of about 25% over ten years. Reasons for the decline include a reduction in habitat in the countryside and the use of pesticides which eliminate much of their food sources such as caterpillars and beetles. Hedgehogs are also faced with numerous dangers in residential areas such as rat poison, strimming and mowing as well as around 50,000 hedgehogs being run down by motorists every year. To help hedgehogs you can provide food and water, use wildlife friendly slug pellets and remove trailing garden netting.

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This is an interesting idea to help cope with the stress of the daily commute. Punch bags on train platforms. This one has been installed at the Xujiahui subway station in Shanghai and customers are encouraged to take out their frustrations on the punch bag rather than the the staff. Whether or not it works is debatable. I wonder whether South Eastern might look into adding a few of these?

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# Thursday, 18 August 2011

If your man has a bit of extra fat around his middle then these pants might be the thing to get. They are similar to those that are available for women and claim to flatten spare tyres, lift saggy backsides and make muffin tops disappear. At £10 a pair from Asda they also won’t break the bank although they do look a little bit silly.

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article-2024460-0D6086DB00000578-631_634x474This was the scene that greeted fire fighters when a pony was unfortunate enough to get himself stuck inside a tractor tyre. It is thought the pony was trying to reach grass under the type when it slipped and became stuck. Hydraulic cutting equipment was used to cut the tyre in half and the pony was eventually released unharmed.

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According to this article a group of Germans have called for a ban on office kissing. The German Knigge Society which sees itself as a guardian on correct etiquette has said that kissing in the office has become offensive. They are referring to the French style greeting which it seems has caused some confusion amongst some Germans. The Knigge Society has had several calls from people asking for advice on how to react when someone kisses them hello or goodbye. It says that there should be no kissing at least in the workplace because for many there remains an a “erotic component to the kissing” It has also likened it to a form of terror.

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# Wednesday, 17 August 2011


This interesting looking creature is a ladybird spider. It is one of Britain’s rarest spiders and is in the news because it is being reintroduced at a nature reserve in Dorset. The spiders were once thought to be extinct but recently numbers of them have been rising. The spiders get their name from the distinctive ladybird like markings on their backs. They spend much of their time underground and as such are rarely seen. In 1994 there was thought to be just one colony of the spiders remaining in the UK with only 56 individual spiders remaining. This has led to a conservation efforts to increase numbers to more than 1,000. The program has involved captive breeding and releasing the spiders back into the wild. Conservationists have found that the best way to transfer them to their new homes is in empty water bottles which work as temporary burrows until the spiders become established in the local heathland.

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If you are visiting the beach this summer then you might want to keep an eye out for turtles. The Marine Conservation Society has asked the public to report any sightings of leatherback turtles during August. Apparently it is a peak time to spot the creatures in UK waters and see whether there are any areas where conservation measures may be needed. The turtles arrive from their nesting grounds in the Caribbean to feed on jellyfish which this year have been seen in large numbers in the Irish Sea. There have already been a dozen turtle sightings this summer but it is hoped many more might be spotted.

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# Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My latest courgette experiment has been courgette chutney. The courgette jam was a lot nicer than expected so flushed with success I decided to try a chutney. I used a good 10-14 courgettes chopped into small pieces some tomatoes, a couple of onions, a few pints of cigar vinegar and a couple of bowls of brown sugar. This was all boiled until thickened and actually smells quite nice. It needs a few months to mature so the final taste test will have to wait but its looking like a good way to use up a large batch of courgettes. Now what to do with the other 30?

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# Monday, 15 August 2011

According to this article essential oils could be behind a rise in unexplained house fires. It seems that more people are using essential oils on pillows and towels. This linen is then often washed at low temperatures and put into a tumble drier where it can catch fire. The problem is that the linen needs to be washed at 40 degrees plus for the oil to fully break down otherwise it can linger on the linen and as it is highly flammable can cause a fire hazard. It’s not really something I have considered but I will certainly be more careful when washing linen that may have residues of oils still on it.

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# Sunday, 14 August 2011

Courgette Jam 001After a few months of eating courgettes for pretty much every meal, I am exhausting the recipe possibilities. Having tried many of the nicer sounding ones I came across an idea for courgette or marrow jam. I haven't really made mine to a recipe but have basically used about 15 courgettes and a good sized piece of root ginger which I chopped and boiled until tender. I then strained the courgettes through a sieve and added the equivalent weight in sugar before boiling to the setting point. It’s an unusual taste similar to a marmalade but is quite tasty. I still have many more courgettes so might make another batch although I do also have an interesting chutney recipe I might give a go.

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This is interesting it’s a giant Satsuma that has been created by crossing a Satsuma with a mandarin and an orange. It is about six times bigger than an ordinary Satsuma and has been developed naturally from Asian fruit.  Called the Satsumo it will cost £1.99 per kilo and will soon be on sale in Marks and Spencer.

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# Saturday, 13 August 2011

Now that we have had our 5 month scan we feel more confident that everything is ok with our baby and have begun to purchase some essentials. I guess the main problem is when it’s your first child you never quite know what the essentials are. There are lots of lists available suggesting endless things to purchase but how many of these do you really need? I guess we really won’t know until the little one arrives. What did you purchase for your new baby and how much of it really got used?

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This is interesting is a scheme being launched in Wales where shoppers will pay for their carrier bags with the proceeds being donated to a good cause. Customesr will pay 5p per bag which should raise around £50 million a year for charities. The scheme is due to be introduced in Wales from the 1st of October and there are already calls for it to be introduced across Britain. The Welsh administration believed the scheme will cut the number of bags used by as much as 90% as well as generating between £2million and £3million for good causes in Wales alone.

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article-2021850-0D44E42000000578-559_468x469This is interesting its a rat that uses the toxins from a deadly plant to protect itself from predators. The Crested Rat from East Africa does this by gnawing on the bark of the Acokanthera or poison arrow tree. The poison is then absorbed into hollow hairs on the animals flanks. When attacked the rat’s fur bristles as a warning, however, if the warning is ignored and the predator bites the rat it receives a mouth full of toxins and will soon die of heart failure.

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# Friday, 12 August 2011

If you do then you might be part of a dying group of people. According to this article many of us prefer to simply carry cards and never have any cash on us. It seems one in eight people do not feel the need to carry cash with them and rely on cards. If this is the case it could mean more companies move towards contactless cards for small purchases. I must admit to never having much cash on me but I do always have a little just in case.

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With both the allotment and the vegetables in the garden coming along well we still have no shortage of vegetables. We are still knee deep in courgettes despite me freezing a massive batch. The latest crop to be to ready is the runner beans and once again there are far more than we can hope to eat. I spent an evening processing them by blanching them for about 2 minutes in boiling water, cooling them and bagging them for freezing. We now have a freezer full of beans and courgettes so there should be plenty to see us through the winter.

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