# Sunday, 05 June 2011

If you fancy visiting some UK based vineyards this summer, this article highlights ten which might be worth a look. On  the list are Biddenden Vineyards in Kent and Tenterden Vineyard, both of which I remember visiting some years ago. A few others are within easy reach such as Bookers Vineyard in Sussex and Denbies Wine Estate near Dorking, so they will be on my list for future day trips.

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I was unaware until recently that divorce was illegal in Malta. The country which has recently voted to change the legalisation did not allow divorce making it the last European country to do so. People could, however, obtain a divorce from overseas and it would be recognised within Malta or they could seek a church annulment, a process that takes up to eight years to complete. This will now all change, due to a recent referendum in which over half of voters voted to allow couples to divorce after four years of separation. The issue has been under debate for a number of years but in a country where 95% of the population claim to be Catholic it will be interesting to see what the outcome means for the inhabitants.

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# Saturday, 04 June 2011

This is rather strange it’s a diet being followed by some celebrities which centres around eating baby food to stay slim. The idea is that baby food contains very little calories and also very little added salt and sugar. The diet has become so popular that it has apparently been responsible for a surge in the sales of wet baby food with sales up 59% according to Ocado. Fans of the diet suggest that it is possible to lose as much as 20lb in six weeks on the diet when it is combined with workouts. It seems it works by replacing most of your meals with jars of baby food, eating as many as 14 small pots a day and one regular main meal of fish and steamed vegetables. It does seem a little bit strange and I don’t think I would fancy it, I suppose it depends how desperate you are to stay slim.

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# Friday, 03 June 2011

article-0-0C51D9AD00000578-704_634x362According to this article this is the world’s largest solar powered yacht. Called the Tûranor PlanetSolar it is currently on a round the world voyage and hopes to be the first solar powered vessel to circumnavigate the globe. It began it’s voyage in Monaco in September 2010 and has so far stopped in Miami, Cancun and the Galapagos Islands. the yacht cost 12.5 million euros to build and is covered in more than 500 square metres of solar panels which power two electric motors. It can reach speeds of up to fourteen knots and holds up to 40 passengers.

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This is interesting it’s a type of bionic eye which could help people with blindness caused by retinal disease. The device which works as an artificial retina has recently been given the go ahead after it proved successful in trials. Scientists have said it marks a major step forward in bionic eye technology as it proves that electronic implants can be used to restore sight. As the device is not cheap, costing around £50,000 it is thought it will only be available to private patients, however, it is hoped it will later be available on the NHS. The device works by fitting an implant along with a radio receiver and electrode pad which stimulate cells in the retina. Patients can then use the camera to see light, motion and colour, as well as making out large objects and being able to read large letters on a screen.

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# Thursday, 02 June 2011

This is interesting, it’s a mustard flavoured ice cream that has been created by Heston Blumenthal. Due to go on sale next month in Waitrose it will be the first savoury flavour to be available commercially. It contains sugar but instead of traditional sweet flavourings includes Pommery grain mustard making it both sweet and savoury at the same time. The ice cream is apparently best served to accompany main courses rather than as a dessert.  If you are interested in trying it, it will cost £2.79 for  a 300ml tub from Waitrose. Other flavours include Salted caramel Popcorn and Chocolate and Rosemary.

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According to this article Asda is to bring back imperial measurements for some products. They will start by putting a 1lb punnet of strawberries on sale. The punnets will carry the weight in both imperial and metric measurements. It will be the first time in 16 years they have sold the product in imperial measurements and will be a test to gauge whether there is a demand for the change ahead of a potential roll out across other products. If it is successful measurements in pounds and ounces are likely to be added across their other ranges of fruit and vegetables. Since a change in an EU law in 2007 imperial units can be used as a “supplementary indication” alongside the metric ones.

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# Wednesday, 01 June 2011

That’s according to this article which suggests visiting the pub five times a week is good for you as long as you drink in moderation. Research has shown that drinking two pints or the similar units of wine on a regular basis can actually be good for your liver. In fact drinking in moderation can actually be better for you than drinking only occasionally or not at all with only excessive alcohol intake causing damage. Frequent but moderate alcohol consumption can reduce the chances of a fatty liver, the main cause of liver disease by up to 60%. Based on this, I’m off to open a bottle of wine.

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untitled4,000 miles is a really long way, especially when you consider that’s how far this little bird can travel.  The bird is a great snipe, a surprising candidate for one of the hardiest flyers in the animal world. Recent studies which tracked some of the birds using electronic tags have found that they not only fly up to 4,000 miles in three days without stopping but that they also do this at speeds of around 60mph. Three birds were tagged, with the results showing one bird flew 3,834 miles in 3 days. Another managed 4,445 miles in 3 and a half days, while a third managed 2,871 miles in just 48 hours. The birds were so intent on getting to their destinations that they would also fly over stopover sites when they were available, preferring to carry on their journey. Although other birds have been know to fly for longer distances, so far none have been found to cover these sorts of distances so quickly.

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# Tuesday, 31 May 2011

That’s according to this article which suggests your car could soon be able to help you monitor your health. The seat can monitor the occupant’s heart function using six embedded sensors on the backrest. These detect electrical impulses generated by the heart without actually contacting the skin. Eventually the data could be sent to remote medical services and provide alerts of any issues such as an imminent heart attack. It could also lead the way for other health monitoring devices such as those that monitor glucose for diabetes and perhaps even devices for asthma management.

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If you live in Denmark and happen to be one of those who loves Marmite then you might soon find you will have to go without. The product has recently been banned in the country under food safety laws. The legislation which was passed in 2004 restricts the sale of food fortified with extra vitamins and minerals. Under the law many products such as Rice Crispies, Shreddies, Horlicks and Ovaltine have already been banned but it appears Marmite had escaped notice until recently mainly because it is imported only for a small number of ex-pats. One shop that did stock it is now mounting a “bring back Marmite” campaign, but for the moment Marmite lovers in Denmark will have to go without, or resort to smuggling the product in.

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# Monday, 30 May 2011

This article is interesting, it suggests that many people do not know the calorie content of the alcoholic drinks they consume. It also suggests that many people who are dieting will carefully count the calories of the food they eat but not take into account the glass of wine or beer they have with dinner. The findings come from a survey of 2,000 UK adults, one in three of whom were found to monitor they daily calorie intake. Only one in ten, however, was monitoring the amount of calories consumed in the alcohol they drank. On average a small glass of wine contains 134 calories and a pint of beer 193 calories so for those trying to diet the calories in what they drink can soon add up. I am well aware of the calorie content of my medium sized glass of wine but personally would rather enjoy that than a slice of cake or a chocolate bar. However, if you are on a diet it might be worth thinking how many calories are in what you drink and adding these to your daily food diary.

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# Sunday, 29 May 2011

I was quite surprised to come across this article. It seems that a head teacher in Middlesbrough has asked parents to dress properly before taking their children to school. The problem appears to be that parents in the area tend to wear their pyjamas when taking their children to school in the morning. In some cases they are still wearing them when they pick their children up in the evening and some have even attended meeting wearing pyjamas. The head teacher says the trend sets a bad example and makes staff feel uncomfortable. After the letter urging parents to think about what they wearing, parents have now taken to wearing leggings over their pyjamas. I do wonder what they wear when they go to bed, surely not the same pyjamas they have been wearing all day. It just seems the height of laziness when people can’t be bothered to dress.

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That’s according to this article which suggests they could be as effective as statins in fighting bad cholesterol. According to the article as little as two ounces of tomato paste or a pint of tomato juice could be enough to help many patients. Ripe tomatoes are high in the compound lycopene which gives them their red colour. It is this anti oxidant that helps to lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes. A study carried out in Australia analysed the benefits of lycopene and concluded that it could provide a natural defence to raised levels of bad cholesterol in the blood. Cooked tomatoes are more beneficial than raw ones as the body is able to absorb more lycopene from these. I’m not particularly at risk of any of these conditions but with all the pasta sauce I make, feel sure I am getting a very good dose of lycopene.

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