# Monday, 24 January 2011

If this article is to be believed Starbucks are now selling cups of coffee that contain nearly a litre of liquid. The new Trenta cup size has recently been rolled out in stores across 14 American states starting in California. The cup holds 918ml or 31 ounces and will at first be used to sell iced coffee, tea and lemonade. I wonder whether the new size will be popular. I can certainly never imagine myself thinking, man that was a really late night, I need a litre of coffee.

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# Sunday, 23 January 2011

This is interesting its a proposal which could mean heavy drinkers are given a special zone in which they are allowed to drink. The scheme which has been proposed by a councillor from Colchester believes that the areas alcoholics should be given a special “wet zone” in which they can drink out of the way of the rest of the public. Currently anti-social drinkers in the area are constantly moved on by police because they and the dogs they often have with them are intimidating to the general public.

It is clear that some areas do have a problems with this issue. I remember when I used to work in Richmond, Surrey, there was a large group of men and their dogs who spent all day in the church yard drinking. It is clear they do need somewhere to go during the day where they do not cause problems. I’m not sure, however, that giving them a special zone in which to drink solves the issue. It seems to me it’s just sweeping the problem under the carpet rather than trying to deal with the root cause.

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# Saturday, 22 January 2011

According to this article an infection is currently threatening Britain's oak trees. The disease which has killed millions of oak trees in California is now a threat in Britain. It is thought to be as deadly as Dutch Elm disease which is responsible for wiping out millions of trees. In an effort to control it thousands of diseased trees are being felled. In 2003 it was present in a handful of oak trees but it has since jumped species and began infecting Japanese and European larch trees. Larch makes up around 5% of the forest cover in Britain so it has the potential to spread rapidly. The main problem is people carrying spores from infected forest areas on their tyres and boots.

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# Friday, 21 January 2011

According to this article it will soon cost £70 to fill up the average family car. Prices are expected to reach a record high when they go up another 8p a litre on the 1st of April. This will push the cost of unleaded petrol up to £1.36 a litre and diesel to £1.40 a litre. The increases mean that it will cost £70 to fill a car with a 50 litre tank. The cost 12 months ago would have been £56, meaning an increase of as much as 25% over this period. It certainly is becoming very expensive to run a car but with public transport being hugely expensive and unreliable, in many cases a car journey is the only option.

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According to this article retailers are increasingly using scent in their stores. A Canadian company called Mood Media has been working with 20,000 different stores in Britain to help boost their sales. They use a combination of techniques including sound and visual media, with the latest trend being the use of scent. Popular scents include Lotus Flower and Enchanted Apple. The company has already created scents for Habitat, Timberland and Guest. The perfumes are pumped out through the air conditioning units and are aimed at making the customer stay in the store longer. The smells have to be subtle so that the customers don’t notice it except on a subconscious level.

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# Thursday, 20 January 2011

Cadbury’s Somerdale plant has recently produced its last bar of chocolate. The plant near Keynsham in Bristol has been open since 1919. The company was recently taken over by the American firm Kraft. They had initially promised to keep the Somerdale plant open but then decided to close it and instead move production to Poland. A skeleton staff of 50 people will remain on the site to handle maintenance until March 2011.

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# Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Whilst this may not look like the clearest picture when you take into account this cat has only been spotted a few times in the last 100 years it is fairly unusual. The cat is a Bornean Bay Cat which lives within the Borneo rainforest. It is thought there are only around 50 of them left in existence and it is rarely seen.

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# Tuesday, 18 January 2011


I have often wondered why car manufacturers seem to spend time creating new electric cars rather than working on improving an existing and popular model. I was interested, then to see that Ford has just released an electric version of the Ford Focus. The new Focus looks like a Focus rather than looking like an electric car. It is not yet clear how far the car will go on a charge or how much it is but I think Ford are on the right track producing an electric version of one of their most popular cars.

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# Monday, 17 January 2011

The BMW 3 Series topped the list as the most popular second hand car of 2010. The figures which come from Auto Trader found that the BMW 3 Series was the most searched for car on its website last year. It was followed by the Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra and Audi A4. I’m surprised by the figures as I see many more Ford Focus cars around than any other make.

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