# Thursday, 20 January 2011

Cadbury’s Somerdale plant has recently produced its last bar of chocolate. The plant near Keynsham in Bristol has been open since 1919. The company was recently taken over by the American firm Kraft. They had initially promised to keep the Somerdale plant open but then decided to close it and instead move production to Poland. A skeleton staff of 50 people will remain on the site to handle maintenance until March 2011.

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# Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Whilst this may not look like the clearest picture when you take into account this cat has only been spotted a few times in the last 100 years it is fairly unusual. The cat is a Bornean Bay Cat which lives within the Borneo rainforest. It is thought there are only around 50 of them left in existence and it is rarely seen.

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# Tuesday, 18 January 2011


I have often wondered why car manufacturers seem to spend time creating new electric cars rather than working on improving an existing and popular model. I was interested, then to see that Ford has just released an electric version of the Ford Focus. The new Focus looks like a Focus rather than looking like an electric car. It is not yet clear how far the car will go on a charge or how much it is but I think Ford are on the right track producing an electric version of one of their most popular cars.

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# Monday, 17 January 2011

The BMW 3 Series topped the list as the most popular second hand car of 2010. The figures which come from Auto Trader found that the BMW 3 Series was the most searched for car on its website last year. It was followed by the Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra and Audi A4. I’m surprised by the figures as I see many more Ford Focus cars around than any other make.

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# Sunday, 16 January 2011

If you are unlucky enough to have had swine flu then there could be a positive side to you catching the virus. Scientists believe that those who recover from swine flu are left with an extraordinary ability to fight off flu viruses. This is because in beating the H1N1 virus the body makes antibodies that can kill a number of other flu strains. The findings from the the Journal of Experimental Medicine could lead to a universal flu vaccine being developed that would protect against all strains of influenza. I will be interested to see how often I get sick after my recent severe bout of flu. With any luck I have this super immunity.

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# Saturday, 15 January 2011

If this article is correct the average woman spends £71 in the sales on clothes that they will never wear. One of the main problems appears to be buying clothing in a size that is too small hoping that they can slim down to fit into it. All of these sales bargain amount to £3.5 billion worth of clothes that will just sit at the back of the wardrobe. I have been fairly restrained this year when it comes to the sales but I know I have a lot of sale “bargains” sitting in my wardrobe from previous years that I am yet to wear.

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# Friday, 14 January 2011

According to this article 2.6 million Britons used their credit card to pay their mortgage or rent last year. The figures come from a report by the housing charity Shelter and suggest that many families face a daily struggle to keep a roof over their heads. I find the figures surprising and would be interested to know whether these people have other outgoings that are taking a greater portion of their income or if they simply don’t earn enough to cover the mortgage payment.

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# Thursday, 13 January 2011

Wine-bottle-sediment-007This is interesting its a wine bottle that has been designed to catch the sediment at the bottom of the bottle. Chef Martín Berasategui designed it as a way of decanting the wine whilst it is in the bottle. The bottle has a chamber at the base which captures the sediment rather than it being poured out with the wine. It also acts as a decanter because of its special shape.

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