# Sunday, 20 June 2010


This is interesting its an individual serving of wine in its own plastic container. Called cup-a-wine it has recently gone on sale at Marks and Spencer and is proving to be rather popular. That’s despite the fact that the idea was rejected as unworkable on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den programme. The product is a single serve plastic container of French wine with a tear off lid. It comes in small 125ml and medium 175ml. They cost £2.25 each and currently include a Shiraz, Rose and Chardonnay. When launched they quickly sold out. They are proving to be popular for picnics and lunches.

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# Saturday, 19 June 2010

article-1275985287600-09ECB2C7000005DC-284728_636x461 This giant burger could be the world’s largest. It took four men twelve hours to cook and weighs an amazing 90kg (200lb). It also contains 120 eggs, 150 slices of cheese, 1.5kg of beetroot, 2.5kg of tomatoes and 2kg of lettuce. The big question, however, is whether you want fries with that?

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If you have a spare £17 million burning a hole in your pocket then you might be interested in this yacht. The 122ft state of the art super yacht comes with a free super car. The yacht has a plush Art Deco interior with four large double rooms, a reception area and salon. It has 52 inch LED TVs and state of the art sounds systems in every room. The ship has a top speed of 43 knots and the supercar can reach speeds of 233mph. The yacht has its own garage located at the stern of the ship so you can park the car on board. If you want one you will have to be quick as only six models will be made.

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# Friday, 18 June 2010

article-0-09FA9E9E000005DC-27_468x286 I have known my cats to get stuck in some stupid situations but so far none have managed to do this. This black and white cat managed to get himself stuck halfway in a window on a second floor of a building above a busy road. You need to watch the video for the full effect but the cat appeared to be well and truly wedged in the window. He was only saved when a passer by climbed up to release him.

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According to this article a device will soon be available that will allow people to charge their mobile phone whilst cycling. The phone manufacturer Nokia has designed the device which connects to a dynamo. It charges when the wheels turn and comes with a phone holder that straps to the handlebars. To charge the phone you would need to cycle at around four miles an hour. The faster you cycle the more charge your battery will get. Cycling at a speed of 10 miles an hour for 10 minutes would give about 28 minutes of talk time or 37 minutes on standby. The kit will be on sale by the end of the year.

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# Thursday, 17 June 2010

An expert has managed to breed an elm tree that appears to be resistant to Dutch Elm Disease. Dutch elm disease has been responsible for wiping out around 25 million trees across the British countryside. Paul King noticed a few survivors amongst the affected trees when clearing diseased trees in 1977, however, and took cuttings from them. After many years of research he has now managed to grow more than 2,000 healthy elm trees from the original tree. It seems that the cuttings all have the same resistance to the disease as the original parent tree. This could mean that the indigenous species may now be able to be returned to woodlands.

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In what has been called Britain’s most expensive loaf of bread, a baker has created a loaf that costs £21. Called The Shepherd Loaf it is made following a 55 year old sourdough recipe using organic Somerset flour, Cotswolds spring water and Cornish sea salt. The baker Tom Herbert currently sells around 100 of the loaves a week via mail order and from his bakery in the Cotswolds so it seems some people are prepared to pay the price. My main concern would be whether I could eat it all before it went off.

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If this article is to be believed then Waitrose are currently offering more price cuts than the other major supermarkets. This is surprisingly particularly as they tend to have a reputation for being rather expensive. The results come from a survey which was carried out by the online consumer website Supermarket Own Brand Guide. It seems Waitrose have cut more prices in the past year than any of its mainstream rivals particularly when it comes to discounts on their own brand products. Although Waitrose matches Tesco and Asda on most basket items it seems the cheapest place to shop is still Aldi. The survey showed that Waitrose reduced prices on 16 of the 27 items in a typical basket on own brand goods and increased the prices on 8. Tesco cut the price of 14 products from the same basket and increased the prices on 11 and Sainsbury's reduced the prices of 8. I’m guessing, however, that when you take into account the prices of other items not seen as typical basket items the prices are still higher, it would be interesting to see a broader comparison.

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# Wednesday, 16 June 2010

As someone who has had laser eye surgery in the past I am always interested to keep up with the latest developments in treatments and also to find useful information on the subject that might benefit others. I recently came across this useful website called Treatmentsaver.com The site covers various sorts of treatments including laser eye surgery, cosmetic surgery, dentists and treatment abroad, however, it was the laser eye surgery section that drew my attention.

The website offers independent and unbiased information about the different types of surgery and is a free service. Looking in more detail at the laser eye surgery section, the website provides a good overview of treatment types including Lasek, Lasik and more advanced treatments such as Wavefront laser eye surgery. The site highlights the differences between the various treatments including the possible risks associated with it, providing a useful resource for anyone considering the treatment.

The best feature of the website and something I would have found particularly useful when considering surgery is the ability to compare different laser eye surgery clinics and read reviews from people who have already had the treatment. Whilst most clinics do provide real reviews it is more reassuring in my opinion to read these from an independent source and I have added my own review here on the Ultralase page. You can also contact the clinics directly from the website in order to request an information pack, a quote or to book a consultation. When I had my treatment more than five years ago there was little or no independent information available so it is nice to come across a resource like this.

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article-1284855-01F1A7160000044D-691_468x286 A new treatment could offer a solution for people who suffer from glaucoma. The treatment involves inserting a tiny iStent implant at the base of the iris. It works by allowing fluid to escape and thus relieving the pressure. Patient Mary McCall has become the first British patient to undergo the procedure on one eye which appears to have been successful, she will later have the other eye treated. Glaucoma is a progressive illness which is caused when the optic nerve is damaged by a build up of fluid. Although it can often be controlled with drops patients start to lose their peripheral vision and can go blind. The iStent procedure, however, stops the progression of glaucoma and could save the eyesight of many people.

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# Tuesday, 15 June 2010

article-1284902-09F107CA000005DC-25_634x423 In one of the more unusual animal stories I have come across recently a Jack Russell was rushed to the vet because he managed to glue his jaws together. The dog named Toby had eaten the morning post and the sticky mess of glue and envelopes had formed a substance similar to papier-mache and glued his jaws shut. His owner found her pet when she returned home and quickly realised he couldn’t open his mouth. He was rushed to the vet and sedated whilst the substance was removed and appears to have suffered no ill effects.

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article-1282890-09D495A6000005DC-862_634x303 This lovely looking creature is the caterpillar of a the Spicebush Swallowtail butterfly. The caterpillar is only a few inches long but uses it’s unusual markings to make itself look like a snake and thus deter predators. This picture was taken in the US by wildlife biologist Jonathan Mays.

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This is a new product which will soon on sale in Waitrose. Called lasting leaf it is a bag of lettuce that will stay fresh for up to 7 days before opening and has a 48 hour life once opened. The salad is blanched by passing the leaves through hot water before dousing them in chilled water which increases the life of the leaves whilst preserving the flavour.

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# Monday, 14 June 2010


This is interesting it’s a sign in North Carolina which not only has a picture of the beef it is advertising but also includes the smell. The large sign shows a black pepper and charcoal steak but also includes cartridges with fragranced oil. The aroma is spread with the help of a fan at the bottom of the billboard. The smell is pumped out six hours a day from from 7am to 10am and 4pm to 7pm. Interesting idea but I wouldn’t want to live next door to it.

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According to this article a hay fever vaccine could soon be available. The vaccine which could be available as early as next year would involve four injections over the course of three weeks. It is supposed to cut symptoms and the need for anti-histamine pills by almost half even in the most severe hay fever sufferers. British scientists even believe that taking a course a year over a three year period could even cure the condition. It all sounds very interesting but I think my fear of needles is greater than the irritation suffered by hay fever.

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# Sunday, 13 June 2010

This is probably one of the more unusual stories I have seen recently. It involves a man called Steven Sparks who decided that a trip to a Victorian sewer would be the prefect way to propose to his girlfriend. Whilst it might not be everyone's idea of romance it seems the lady in question was happy to accept and the proposal met with the sweet smell of success. I wonder whether the wedding will be more conventional.

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According to this article this could be the oldest leather shoe. It was discovered by archaeologists in a cave in Armenia. It is 5,500 years old and made of a single piece of leather shaped to fit the wearers foot. The shoe would have been quite small about a UK women’s size 5 but it could have worn by either a man or woman. It would have been preserved due to the cool and dry conditions in the cave and the fact that it was covered by a thick layer of sheep dung which acted as a solid seal preserving it over the millennia.

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