# Sunday, 18 April 2010

First Great Western have introduced an on board TV service on some of its trains. The service will be available on some of its high speed train services. One carriage in each train will have the TV service which will operate on 54 high speed trains which run from London Paddington. Customers will be able to pay for it using their mobile phones. It is expected to be charged at a flat fee of £3.95 which will enable users to watch as many shows as they like during their journey. The service will also feature the latest news and a map that displays real time journey information.

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# Saturday, 17 April 2010


These three fox cubs were found in Connecticut with their heads stuck in a drain cover. It is not clear quite how they all managed to get stuck but it was clear that they couldn’t get free on their own. Firemen, Police and animal welfare officers were called to the situation. After trying several techniques to free them the foxes were finally released by covering their heads with fairy liquid to help them to wriggle free.

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# Friday, 16 April 2010


Learning to drive is not always easy but this was the scene after one unlucky driver's second driving lesson. In what has been called a freak accident the driver managed to hit a fence post which flipped the instructors car on its roof. Luckily no one was hurt and the driver in question is now looking to book her next lesson.

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According to this article tall women earn more money than their shorter colleagues. The article suggests that women over 5ft 8 inches tall are more successful in the workplace both within the UK and globally. They are twice as likely to earn over £30,000 or more and on average take home more £5,000 a year more than their shorter counterparts. In addition to this the chances of being in a managerial role increase by 80% for those over 6ft tall. Women over 5ft 8 inches tall will earn an average of £530 extra per inch per year.

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# Thursday, 15 April 2010


According to this article shearing sheep can be a rather costly exercise for farmers. That’s why some farmers have come up with the idea of using a type of sheep that sheds it coat naturally. The breed which is called the Exlana has been developed by farmers in South West England. It’s wool is shorter than a traditional British sheep and has the advantage of being shed naturally when the weather warms up meaning sheep can be left to shed their coats in the field rather than needing shearing. It’s estimated the sheep can save farmers eight pounds per year per animal in labour costs as well as proving to be more resistant to gut worms.

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# Wednesday, 14 April 2010


This interesting looking meal is the Double Down, a new offering from Kentucky Fried Chicken. According to this article it is designed to appeal to those carb conscious customers who would prefer a bread free burger. Instead of being encased in a traditional bun, the burger comprises of two thick slabs of fried chicken with the ingredients inside. The Double Down which has recently gone on sale in the US contains two pieces of bacon, two slices of melted cheese and mayonnaise between two large slices of fried chicken. It contains around 1,228 calories, half a mans recommended daily intake and can be brought as part as a meal deal with potato wedges and a drink for $6.99. As yet there are no plans to launch it in the UK but I’m not sure I would be able to eat it all, it looks huge.

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# Tuesday, 13 April 2010

_47594883_new.species.photo.comp.josephbrownThis interesting looking creature is a new species of giant monitor lizard that has recently been discovered. Despite measuring 2 metres long the lizard has escaped notice up to now. It lives in the forests which cover the Sierra Madre mountains in the north of the Philippines. Despite looking quite scary it survives on a diet of fruit. It is thought it has remained undiscovered for so long because it is a highly secretive animal that never leaves the forest or crosses open country. It is, however, known to the local people who regularly hunt it for food.

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According to this article ravens are starting to return to the south east. Ravens have not seen in any significant numbers in lowland England for nearly a hundred years. Ravens were driven out of lowland England by Victorian gamekeepers and have only been common in Wales, Scotland, the West Country and the Lake District. The decline of gamekeepers and the increased amount of road kill available as food has seen the birds spread east of the Welsh borders and they have now been spotted in the Midlands, Cheshire, Worcestershire, Wiltshire Derbyshire and Sussex. I am yet to see any where I live in Kent but it seems we may soon be seeing a few more of these birds.

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# Monday, 12 April 2010

According to this article an experimental drug made from animal hair could offer a cure for pet allergies. The drug called Staloral is made form dog hair and is currently being offered as an experimental and unlicensed treatment. The treatment involves a tiny drop of the drug being used three times a week to build up immunity to the point where sufferers can tolerate contact with animals. The article highlight the case of a boy who was previously unable to touch dogs and now has no reaction to them following the treatment which he has had over the course of two years.

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If you have a bit of cash to spare then you might be interested in this rare blue diamond which is to be offered for auction in Hong Kong. The diamond which is from the De Beers Millennium Collection is expected to fetch between $4.6m and $5.8m that’s approx £3 to £3.8 million when it sells at Sotheby’s.

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# Saturday, 10 April 2010

tiger_1612465c This a Tiger, a cat who has  managed to stop mail deliveries to his owners house. Tiger has quite a bad reputation having already attacked three postman and it is now considered too dangerous for Royal Mail to deliver to his house. Tiger has been accused of attacking postmen as they approach the cat flap before chasing them down the garden path. His owner now has to collect her mail from the local sorting office. She, however, is not convinced of the cats fearsome reputation, saying "Tiger is 19 years old, he dribbles when he sleeps and snores - he sleeps for 20 hours a day.” Perhaps the situation could be resolved by closing Tiger inside until the mail has been delivered.

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