# Tuesday, 09 February 2010

According to this article scientists have created a tomato that can stay fresh for up to six weeks. The tomato which is the result of genetic engineering will stay fresh for around 45 days, three times longer than a normal tomato. Researchers believe the process could also be applied to other fruits including bananas and mangos. It has been created by researcher in India who have managed to stop the production of ripening enzymes in the fruit. The increased firmness stops the fruit going soft for longer. The one problem may be that no one has yet tested the tomato for taste. It would also need to undergo extensive safety testing before it would be allowed to go on sale. I’m not convinced myself, I find fruit and vegetables at their best when they are fresh and am a little dubious at something that can be kept so long.

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article-1248144-081FA91A000005DC-62_634x372 If you have ever wanted to know which would win in a fight between a leopard and a porcupine then you might find this article interesting. It shows several images of a young leopard trying to hunt a porcupine. Despite the leopard trying out several different hunting techniques he is no match for his prickly opponent and after receiving painful spines in his paw decides this potential meal might not be worth the effort.

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# Monday, 08 February 2010


This is interesting, its a machine that supposedly turns waste paper from the office into toilet roll. Called the “White Goat” the machine could not be described as portable, it is 6ft tall and weighs in at 94st. It can create a new toilet roll from 40 sheets of A4 paper in around 30 minutes. Waste paper is fed into a shredder, untangled and then dissolved in a pulper. The wet paper is then thinned out and dried before being wound into toilet paper.

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# Sunday, 07 February 2010

pheasent_1571556c A vicious pheasant has been terrorising the residents of a village in North Yorkshire. There have been reports of people being attacked and even trapped inside their homes by the bird which is creating problems in Newsham. It appears the pheasant is simply protecting what he has decided is his territory as the breeding season approaches. One thing is clear, however, this is not a a pheasant to be messed with.

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# Saturday, 06 February 2010

A Merseyside football team has resorted to getting their pitch blessed in order to try and improve their luck. Marine FC have lost several players to injuries this season and have had the floodlights fail mid game on one occasion. They have also lost their last five matches. Father John Ealey was called in to remedy the situation. He has blessed the pitch, said a prayer and poured holy water on the turf. It will be interesting to see whether their fortunes improve as the season progresses.

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According to this article Kellogg’s will change the recipes of their brands of cereals in order to cut the salt content. The Move comes after a health watchdog criticised the salt content in brands such as Corn Flakes and rice Krispies. The salt content in these brands will be cut by 30%. The new recipe Rice Krispies are already on sale and the new recipe Corn Flakes are expected to be available in March.

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# Friday, 05 February 2010

_47210118_-17 This coin which was found in the village of Hallaton in Leicestershire is thought to be the oldest piece of Roman money found in Britain. The coin was found in 2000 with around 5,000 other coins, a helmet and a decorated bowl. It has since been dated to 221BC and has been put on display at the Harbrough Museum. The other coins excavated at the Iron Age shrine of the Corieltavi tribe have been dated to the first century AD. It is not known how a Roman coin might have come into the possession of the local tribe but it is thought that they might have been traded before the Roman conquest in 43AD.

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A German man has been jailed for 14 weeks after being stopped at an airport with geckos in his underwear. The man attempted to board a plane in New Zealand with more than 40 geckos and skinks concealed in his underwear. He was convicted of two charges under the Wildlife Act and five under the Trade in Endangered Species Act for taking the creatures from the wild gecko and skink populations.

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# Thursday, 04 February 2010

According to this article an English sparkling wine has beaten some of the leading French champagne producers to win an international competition. The Champion of Worldwide Sparkling Wines competition is run by Italy’s wine magazine Euposia. It attracts sparkling wines from around the world which are tasted in a blind tasting by a panel of judges. The Nyetimber Classic Cuvee 2003 which is made in Sussex won the competition beating some notable French wines including Bollinger. Two other English wines also featured in the top 12.

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# Wednesday, 03 February 2010

According to this article people are increasingly choosing inexpensive pursuits such as painting and drawing during the recession. It seems people are moving away from more expensive hobbies as paint brush sales tripled and sales of A4 sketch books doubled at Tesco last year. They have put the increase down to their customers looking for cheaper ways to spend their free time and expect a further increase this year.

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A half smoked cigar that was abandoned by Sir Winston Churchill has sold at auction for £4,500. The cigar was discarded when Churchill rushed away to an urgent wartime cabinet meeting. It was picked up by a member of staff at 10 Downing Street 69 years ago and was recently put up at auction. The cigar was expected to fetch around £350 but was snapped up by a private collector for the sum of £4,500.

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# Tuesday, 02 February 2010

I have always been sceptical about the claims that fortnightly bin collections will cut waste. I’m not surprised then by the results of a report recently commissioned by the Government. It suggests that fortnightly bin collections do not help to cut waste and in fact it forces people to dispose of their waste in other ways such as driving it to the local dump. The report which was commissioned by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs found that although fortnightly bin collections did reduce the amount of waste left in the street it had a knock on effect of home owners taking more rubbish to the tip. According to the shadow Local Government minister this has the effect of increasing congestion and pollution from traffic. Based on the findings the Conservatives have said they will work to establish weekly bin collections if they are elected.

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article-1245285-07F377BB000005DC-182_306x477 According to this article Dyson have just launched a mini version of its vacuum cleaner. Designed for those who live in small flats or apartments the City DC26 is small enough to store in a bookcase but has all the features you would expect from the bigger model. At £250 its not cheap but I would certainly find this useful for cleaning awkward places like the stairs where I find lifting my larger Dyson a little difficult.

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