# Friday, 01 January 2010

If you are looking for an unusual gift idea then you might want to check out this site. It offers gift packs of cow dung to so you can let your enemies know exactly what you think of them. The idea comes from a French entrepreneur. Each box includes some cow manure and a guide on the cows digestive system and costs 8.50 Euros (approx £7.70).

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# Thursday, 31 December 2009

According to this article light bulbs could soon become a thing of the past as light emitting wallpaper is introduced. This is according to a government body that supports low carbon technology. The wallpaper would work using a chemical coating on the walls which illuminates all parts of the room with an even glow mimicking sunlight. It will also avoid the shadows and glare of conventional bulbs. An electrical current will be used to stimulate the chemicals in order to produce light but the voltage would be very low meaning the walls would be safe to the touch. Dimmer switches would control the brightness of the light. The product is still in development but the Carbon Trust has recently awarded a grant to Lomox, a company that is developing the technology. They claim it will be two and a half times more efficient than energy saving bulbs and will make a big contribution in cutting carbon emissions.

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# Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Weighing in at 3,682lbs this is The Field Marshall a bull who has recently been named Britain’s biggest bullock. The bull eats more than 17lbs of feed every day and at the age of  8 is only a teenager so is likely to grow bigger yet.

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# Tuesday, 29 December 2009

article-1238493-07B52DB5000005DC-670_634x529This is an interesting idea, its a see through toaster. The toaster cooks the bread between two sheets of glass so that it is possible to see how well done your toast is and prevent you burning it. It currently only take one slice of bread at a time, however, so may not be that practical for day to use.

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# Monday, 28 December 2009

According to this article the public will soon be able to shoot parakeets. The birds are due to be added to an updated list of pests meaning that people will be able to kill them on their own property without a licence. The parakeets have become something of a pest in parts of the UK and have been blamed for wrecking fruit crops and threatening the nesting sites of native birds. A total of 63 species will be added to the list of alien pests in April, these include the European eagle owl, Chinese water deer the wild boar and some plants such as the rhododendron.

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# Sunday, 27 December 2009


We have lost lots of Christmas decorations over the years but so far none have ever ended up inside one of our cats. This cat, however, managed to eat a Christmas decoration and had to have it removed. The cat began suffering chronic sickness and an X-ray found a Christmas tree decoration in her abdomen. After surgery to remove it the cat seems to be doing fine but its worth being cautious with your decorations around your pets this Christmas.

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# Saturday, 26 December 2009

According to this article a study has been carried out which has concluded that angels and fairies would be unable to fly. Angels and cherubs that are depicted with small feather wings would apparently be unable to take off because they would be too heavy. They would also lack the powerful muscles that they would need to be able to beat their wings. fairies on the other hand would be unable to cope with the distortion of the thorax needed for flight in fairies with butterfly wings. So it seems if angels should exist then they would stay firmly on the ground.

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# Thursday, 24 December 2009

article-1235996-079B8C08000005DC-247_306x655 This is an interesting idea its a dress that you can decorate yourself. It has been created by fashion designer Berber Soepboer and graphic designer Michiel Schuurman. The dress features a black and white design and comes with several coloured fabric markers so that you can decorate it as you choose. It is available in four sizes and costs £250.

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