# Tuesday, 17 November 2009

spider-001 A man has been arrested by Brazilian police after he was caught trying to smuggle 1,000 live spiders out of Brazil. The man who is a pet shop owner in London was stopped at the airport when police became suspicious about his luggage. He was found with boxes of live spiders in his suitcases. It could have been entertaining if one or two got loose on the plane.

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According to this article Aldi and Lidl are both selling a bottle of champagne for just £9.99. Aldi’s Vue Monsigny and Lidl’s Comte de Brismand both sell for just under £10. They get mixed reviews from critics with some experts suggesting the taste is not that great but others calling it elegant and fruity. Unfortunately I don’t have an Aldi or a Lidl near me otherwise I would buy some and post a review. Have you tried either of these bottles of champagne and if so what were they like?

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# Monday, 16 November 2009

If you want to lose weight then you could try eating more slowly. According to this article people who eat their food quickly are more likely to overeat than those that take their time. The reason is that eating quickly stops the release of a hormone that tells the brain that the stomach if full leading you to overeat. The findings come as a result of a study which looked at diner eating a 300ml serving of ice cream. Those who took a leisurely 30 minutes to finish the ice cream described themselves as feeling fuller than those who ate the the food more quickly. So next time you are tempted to bolt your food it might be worth eating it a little more slowly.

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article-1226222-04C5BFBA0000044D-83_233x361 It looks like its good news for water voles if this article is correct. The creature which was declared an endangered species in 2008 now appears to be becoming more common and there were twice as many spotted this year as there were last year. According to the article water voles have been the UK’s fastest declining mammal with numbers declining due to unsympathetic farming and watercourse management. Most of the recent sightings have been on the Kennet and Avon Canal between Reading and Bristol.

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# Sunday, 15 November 2009

According to this article two companies with rather different products are currently developing wines specifically for Asian food. Taylor and Shroff wines and Atul Kochhar have both developed wines that are matched to the food. Kochhar has worked with classic sauvignon blanc and merlot and developed them to complement complex curries. Taylor and Shroff on the other hand have created cherry, apricot and ginger wines that are designed to be drunk over ice. The Taylor and Shroff wines are currently available at around a dozen restaurants and Kochhar sells his wines at his restaurant in London and Southampton so they are not yet widely available. I will be interested to try both, I wonder how long it will be before they come to a restaurant near me.

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New legislation means that it will now be possible to create protected marine zones in areas which contains endangered species. The Marine Act will allow conservation groups to stop practices such as scallop dredging and trawler fishing in areas that are under threat. Species such as the Atlantic salmon, the pink sea fan (a type of coral), the harbour porpoise and seahorses should all benefit from the new protected zones.

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# Saturday, 14 November 2009

According to this article tomatoes could help you lose weight because they make you feel full. Apparently the fruit suppresses the urge to snack and makes you feel full longer. The findings came after researchers looked at the benefits of enriching white bread with fruit and vegetables. A group of people were offered cream cheese sandwiches on white bread with added carrots or tomatoes, with the tomatoes found to be more satisfying. It is thought lycopene, the pigment that gives tomatoes its colour also helps to dull appetite. This seems interesting but unfortunately I hate tomatoes.

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It seems GPS has a wide range of uses. In this this case it has been used to pinpoint some rare ants nests in order to save them from destruction. The nests are located in forests in Northumberland, however, The Forestry Commission is due to remove 10,000 conifer trees from the forest. It was feared that the ants nests might be damaged in the process. Foresters will now be provided with the GPS co-ordinates of the ants locations so that they can be sure to avoid them.

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# Friday, 13 November 2009

According to this article there has been a rise in the cases of scurvy reported in children in the UK. The disease which is more commonly associated with sailors is caused by a deficiency in vitamin C usually caused by a lack of fresh fruit and vegetables. It seems that the disease has soared by over 50 per cent in the last three years with 61 children being admitted with the disease in 2004/2005 and 94 in 2007/2008. These figures only cover those who have been admitted to hospital and it is thought that the problem is much more widespread. It makes me wonder what sort of diet people are eating to get this disease today when it is possible to buy large quantities of fruit and vegetables at low prices especially if you choose the supermarkets own brand value range.

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# Thursday, 12 November 2009

According to this article a daily portion of dark chocolate could help protect the skin against the aging effects of the sun. A study found that just a few squares of chocolate every day can help to prevent wrinkles caused by UV light. Dark chocolate is very high in flavanols which occur in the cocoa beans and it is these antioxidants which protect the skin from the harmful UV effects. I’m not entirely sure if I believe the claims but its a good excuse to eat more chocolate.

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Marks and Spencer have announced that they will hold a Penny Bazaar on Friday. The sale which will last one day only will see 15 different items going on sale at just 1p each. Items include socks, card games, puzzles, handkerchiefs, money boxes, tea towels, mugs, notebooks, ties, knickers, keyrings and chocolates. Marks and Spencer have previously hosted a similar event which saw people queued outside stores trying to pick up a bargain. If you want to get your hands on some of the cheap items customers are limited to five purchases each and you can check which stores are offering the promotion on the website.

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# Wednesday, 11 November 2009

If you face a long stressful commute to work every day then I expect you have tried any number of things to make the daily grind more bearable. If the strong black coffee and bacon sandwich just isn't hitting the spot then you might want to try this new book released by a retired Hertfordshire bishop. The book has been designed specifically with the commuter in mind and is designed to combat “the turbulence of the working day”. It includes prayers and reflections which are supposed to help the stressed commuter. Extracts of the book are also available as a podcast.

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# Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I have suffered from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) for a number of years now and have learnt to control the condition with a combination of diet and exercise. Until recently I had got to the point when I was only suffering the problem every few months and usually when I had eaten something that I knew would trigger the symptoms. I was surprised then, when after my move back to Sevenoaks I found I was suffering from the condition every day.

At first I didn’t occur me what was wrong I assumed that the symptoms were a stomach bug, but after a month and half of symptoms I realised that the IBS was back with a vengeance. I went back to square one keeping a food diary, cutting out any known triggers completely and making sure I exercised every day but the symptoms still continued. That’s when I realised that the only thing that had changed was the fact that before our house move I was drinking water only from the filter tap. The new house had no filtration system installed and since we had moved house I had been drinking water straight from the tap. It seemed a long shot but I stopped drinking the tap water and started buying bottled mineral water. After a few days my stomach which had felt like a beach ball for nearly two months finally went back to normal and all the other symptoms stopped soon after.

Since then I have continued to drink only mineral water and will later be installing a new filtration system. I am now back to the occasional IBS flare up when I eat something I know will upset me but I like, such as cheese or red meat. I can only assume that there is something in the tap water that not only triggers my IBS symptoms but makes them much worse than usual. I have read reports that suggest fluoride in drinking water can trigger IBS but up to now have been sceptical and as I have no idea whether the tap water in Sevenoaks contains fluoride I am unsure whether this is the cause. What is clear, however, is that I can’t drink the water.

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If this article is to be believed then it appears that Cadburys are planning to get rid of the Roses tin. Tins of Roses are usually to be found in most supermarkets in the run up to Christmas but Cadburys has decided to replace the tin with a cardboard box. The move comes as part of a drive to save on packaging. The new cardboard box will include the same amount of chocolates as the traditional tin and will cost the same but should be a little easier to recycle once you have eaten the contents.

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