# Wednesday, 11 November 2009

If you face a long stressful commute to work every day then I expect you have tried any number of things to make the daily grind more bearable. If the strong black coffee and bacon sandwich just isn't hitting the spot then you might want to try this new book released by a retired Hertfordshire bishop. The book has been designed specifically with the commuter in mind and is designed to combat “the turbulence of the working day”. It includes prayers and reflections which are supposed to help the stressed commuter. Extracts of the book are also available as a podcast.

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# Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I have suffered from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) for a number of years now and have learnt to control the condition with a combination of diet and exercise. Until recently I had got to the point when I was only suffering the problem every few months and usually when I had eaten something that I knew would trigger the symptoms. I was surprised then, when after my move back to Sevenoaks I found I was suffering from the condition every day.

At first I didn’t occur me what was wrong I assumed that the symptoms were a stomach bug, but after a month and half of symptoms I realised that the IBS was back with a vengeance. I went back to square one keeping a food diary, cutting out any known triggers completely and making sure I exercised every day but the symptoms still continued. That’s when I realised that the only thing that had changed was the fact that before our house move I was drinking water only from the filter tap. The new house had no filtration system installed and since we had moved house I had been drinking water straight from the tap. It seemed a long shot but I stopped drinking the tap water and started buying bottled mineral water. After a few days my stomach which had felt like a beach ball for nearly two months finally went back to normal and all the other symptoms stopped soon after.

Since then I have continued to drink only mineral water and will later be installing a new filtration system. I am now back to the occasional IBS flare up when I eat something I know will upset me but I like, such as cheese or red meat. I can only assume that there is something in the tap water that not only triggers my IBS symptoms but makes them much worse than usual. I have read reports that suggest fluoride in drinking water can trigger IBS but up to now have been sceptical and as I have no idea whether the tap water in Sevenoaks contains fluoride I am unsure whether this is the cause. What is clear, however, is that I can’t drink the water.

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If this article is to be believed then it appears that Cadburys are planning to get rid of the Roses tin. Tins of Roses are usually to be found in most supermarkets in the run up to Christmas but Cadburys has decided to replace the tin with a cardboard box. The move comes as part of a drive to save on packaging. The new cardboard box will include the same amount of chocolates as the traditional tin and will cost the same but should be a little easier to recycle once you have eaten the contents.

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# Monday, 09 November 2009

According to this article it is possible to cook Christmas dinner for eight people for just £2.78 a head. The Good Housekeeping Institute priced 11 ingredients mainly from Lidl and Morrisons and some from Tesco and Sainsbury’s. It found that it is possible to buy a turkey from Lidl and Morrisons for just £9.99. Lidl also came out best for some of the trimmings such as sprouts, carrots and parsnips whereas Tesco had the best value Christmas pudding at just £1. If the article is correct it appears that you can find a bargain if you shop around.

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# Sunday, 08 November 2009

I would describe myself as a pessimist so I was mildly pleased when I came across this article which suggests being grumpy could be good for you. Apparently being grumpy makes you better at decision making and less gullible whereas those annoyingly happy people tend to make more mistakes because they are more inclined to believe what they are told. The findings come after a psychology expert studied the effects of positive and negative emotions. He found that when you are more grumpy you get more problems sorted out and make less errors. This works quite well with my way of thinking.

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# Saturday, 07 November 2009

Our cat Oliver is notorious for being very timid, he usually hides when we get any visitors and get beaten up by our other cats. Bearing this in mind we were very surprised when a large fox wandered into the garden and approached him. Oliver and the fox regarded each other for a while before the fox rolled on the ground. It was obvious to us that the fox wanted to play but Oliver seemed to miss the point and chased him away. You can see pictures below of the encounter, click on the images for a bigger version.

DSC_0072 DSC_0073
DSC_0074 DSC_0075
DSC_0076 DSC_0077
DSC_0078 DSC_0079
DSC_0080 DSC_0081
DSC_0083 DSC_0084
DSC_0085 DSC_0088
DSC_0091 DSC_0092


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According to this article it is becoming more acceptable to wear track suit bottoms in public providing they are worn with the right shoes. The track suit bottoms in question should be the more flattering type, bootcut at the ankle and low cut on the hips rather than the traditional gathered waist variety. Apparently they should also be dressed up with a stylish top and a pair of high heels. Follow all these pointers and apparently track suit bottoms can be trendy. Personally I’m not convinced I will save mine for the morning run.

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# Friday, 06 November 2009

I get several thousand spam messages a day so tend to notice the latest trends. It seems that emails pretending to be from Facebook are becoming more popular at the moment and whilst other spam does still outnumber them, I am currently getting a few hundred a day. The emails tend to ask you to log in to update your details and do look like genuine Facebook emails so I can see how some people might be fooled. Bear in mind, though just as you would never click on an email to update an account or change details for a bank account the same applies to Facebook. I have noticed a number of people whose Facebook accounts have been compromised recently, I wonder whether its because they were fooled by one of these emails or whether their account was compromised by another method.

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Staff at a supermarket in Australia could have been justified in asking a customer this question when he was spotted behaving strangely. It appeared he was stealing food and had stuffed several sausages down his trousers before trying to walk out the door. He was stopped and searched and the sausages were confiscated. The manager of the supermarket was keen to point out that the sausages had not been returned to sale.

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# Thursday, 05 November 2009

If you are planning on building a bonfire this bonfire night, then make sure you look out for hedgehogs. Unfortunately this is just the time of year that hedgehogs are looking for somewhere warm to spend the winter and a pile of logs makes the perfect place to hibernate. If you are planning on building a bonfire the advice is to assemble your fire a few hours before the event rather than several weeks before hand. It is less likely that animals such as hedgehogs and frogs and toads will have chance to crawl inside. As scientists predict that hedgehogs could be extinct by 2025 they need all the help they can get, so taking this simple step could mean far less casualties.

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According to this article junk food could be as addictive as heroin. Apparently a diet of junk food can programme your brain into craving more foods that are high in sugar, salt and fat. After some time the junk food starts to become a substitute for happiness and eventually people become addicted. The finding comes after research was carried out on the dangers on a high fat and high sugar diet. The results showed that the brain can react to junk food in the same way that it reacts to drugs. On that note, I fancy a burger.

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# Wednesday, 04 November 2009

_46618534_rocky This cute little guy was found in a bag of rocket salad in Edinburgh by restaurant manager David Neil. The salad had been imported from Israel along with the live eight inch long Lebanon lizard. The lizard which has been nicknamed Rocky is now living in a temporary enclosure whilst a new new home is found for him.

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