# Friday, 30 October 2009

If this article is to be believed, then white wines could actually be worse for your teeth than red. Scientists have found that white wines such as Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio wear away tooth enamel more quickly than reds like Merlot and claret. Researchers have found that prolonged contact with white wine can erode the protective layer of enamel making teeth more sensitive to cold, hot and sweet food.

A team looked at the effects of eight red and white wines on the enamel of teeth removed from people between the age of 40 and 65. The teeth were soaked in the wine for up to 24 hours and then analysed to see how much damage had occurred. The teeth that had been soaked in the white wine had more damage than those soaked in the red. White wine has also been found to cause staining to teeth because the acids cause spots and groove in the enamel leaving them vulnerable to stains from tea and coffee. The good news, however, is that calcium rich food can offset some of the damage to teeth helping to prevent dental erosion. Next time I have a glass of wine, I will make sure I have a nice piece of cheese with it.

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article-0-06E51B9F000005DC-278_634x438 These cute little guys have been born at West Midland Safari Park in Worcestershire. They have been named Portia, Phoebe and Pandora. White lions are quite rare and it is thought there are only 130 of them worldwide so these ones are really quite special.

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# Thursday, 29 October 2009

I will start this post by stating that I in no way agree with any view expressed by the BNP or support them in any way. I was, however, interested to watch last weeks Question Time, in which the leader of the BNP Nick Griffin appeared. Whilst I don’t watch Question Time every week, from time to time I am interested to see what issues are being debated and usually find it a fairly impartial programme.

From my past experience of this I watched last weeks programme hoping to gain an insight into the BNP’s policies and their views on topical issues. I was surprised, then to find that the whole programme was simply about the BNP and instead of questions about other issues, it was simply an excuse for everyone to stand up and show how much they hate the party. By the end of the programme I was left wondering how the BBC can call itself impartial when they clearly invited Nick Griffin onto the programme simply to attack him rather than to have an informed debate.

It appears from this article that the BNP will be invited back in the future, I wonder whether the next programme might be a little more objective and allow us to hear the views of a BNP member. Whilst I don’t agree with these views the BNP have been elected in some areas to represent the people and should be able to take part in an informed impartial debate as the other political parties can. If they are allowed to do this then I am sure that most people will see that their policies are unacceptable and not compatible with our multicultural society. It would also give others a chance to showed how flawed the views are using sensible arguments. Personally I think we should be asking ourselves what is wrong with the country when people choose to elect a representative with such extreme views but none the less elected he is and as such should be able to enter into political debate without a public witch hunt. What did you think of the programme? Leave a comment and let me know.

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According to this article Twitter and other social networking sites are costing UK businesses £1.38bn every year. A survey carried out on 1,460 office workers by IT services group Morse found that half of those surveyed used social networking for personal use whilst at work. On average people spent around 40 minutes a week using the sites. Although many companies have banned the use of Facebook at work many have not issued the same guidelines for Twitter and with both sites being available as mobile applications I wonder how many firms would be able to enforce a complete ban. How much of your working day is spent on social networking sites?

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This is interesting its a new zombie movie called Colin which cost just £45 to make. The film was created by Marc Price who works for a courier company. He used an old camcorder to shoot it and used family, friends and people off the street as cast members. The crew used golden syrup and red food dye to create blood effects, instant coffee granules for burns and mincemeat and stockings as intestines. I will be interested to see the movie when it comes out to see what its like.

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# Wednesday, 28 October 2009

It seems that business is booming at McDonald’s despite the recession. According to this article many McDonald’s drive through outlets are struggling to cope with increasing demand as the recession fuels a boom in fast food sales and a move towards more expensive meals. In order to deal with the increase in business the company will be installing an extra lane to many of its drive through restaurants. This will enable two drivers to order their food at the same time thus increasing capacity. The two lane system will be trialled at outlets in Telford, Shropshire, Kent and Edinburgh, and if successful will later be rolled out across the country.

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article-1223014-06F7471A000005DC-993_468x456 According to this article some parts of the UK could soon see an invasion of ladybirds. Numbers of the non native Harlequin ladybird have dramatically increased over the past few years. At this time of the year when the weather starts to get colder the ladybirds looks for cracks in walls to hide in and often find ways into the house in an effort to stay warm. Unfortunately whilst the ladybirds are fairly harmless the rapid expansion of the non native species is bad news for our native ladybirds which compete for the same food. Scientists have launched the UK Ladybird Survey to track the spread of the harlequins which are larger and have more spots than the native seven spot ladybird. If you see any you can email your pictures to the Harlequin Ladybird Survey website or text LADYBIRD to 83040 to receive a link to upload your photos from your mobile.

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# Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Untitled-1_1504728c These pumpkins were carved by a gardener is Essex. He has carved many different famous faces into pumpkins such as Barack Obama, Michael Jackson, Wayne Rooney, Amy Winehouse and Cheryl Cole. The carvings take around three hours to complete but only last a few days as the pumpkins start to contort after that amount of time.

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# Monday, 26 October 2009

It has been nearly three months since we moved into our new home and we finally have a working shower. What seemed a simple job has taken a lot more time and money that we expected. We were really pleased when we managed to purchase a shower for £35 and a screen for just over £40, particularly as I paid for them using my Nectar points. Whilst the initial cost seemed very reasonable what we hadn’t taken into account was how difficult the shower would be to install.

As there were no plumbing or electrics in place there was a fair amount of work that needed doing. We called the plumber first who had to install the pipes needed. He found that the pipes in the house were old steel pipes and these needed to be replaced with copper pipes. The plumbing and tiling took several days due to various other problems that occurred and with labour this cost just over £350. Next we had to get power to the new shower. My husband routed the cable through to the unit which involved removing tiles and parts of the ceiling and took several weekends. Then we finally called the electrician who came to connect the power and install the new consumer unit. This cost another £100 plus £80 of materials. All in all our bargain £75 shower ended up costing just over £800. I’m really going to enjoy that first shower.

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# Sunday, 25 October 2009

It seems that is is not just the postal strikes that are delaying mail. The post office has been dealing with a rising number of complaints caused by snails eating the letters once they are in the post box. Slugs and snails are particularly partial to paper and also like the taste of the gum used on envelopes. So much so that the slimy creatures are devouring mail inside post boxes. Some customers have made complaints after their letters arrived covered in slimy trails or half eaten. Despite putting slug pellets inside mail boxes and cleaning the boxes regularly slugs and snails still manage to get inside. It seems it might be necessary to devise some sort of snail deterrent for the opening of the box to stop the creatures from getting in.

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# Saturday, 24 October 2009

article-0-06DAEC79000005DC-40_634x414 This picture was taken last week when the Maldives government held an underwater cabinet meeting in order to highlight climate change. Politicians wore scuba gear for the meeting which took place 6 feet under water. The nation’s president fears that the archipelago will be swamped by rising sea levels unless action is taken to reduce carbon emissions. Currently 350,000 inhabitants live in the Maldives with most of the islands being only 2.1 metres above the ocean. It is feared that if measures are not taken to save the islands that what now seems a fun publicity stunt may soon be become reality as the Maldives disappears under the rising water.

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# Friday, 23 October 2009

The postal strikes are an inconvenience to everyone, whether you run a small business or just simply want your mail delivered in the morning. Putting myself in the first category and at one of the busiest times of the year for my business strikes are certainly the last thing that I need as they lose me money. That said, I can also sympathise with the postal workers as I have family and friends who have been postmen for many years. There is certainly a very one sided dispute view of the dispute being publicised by Royal Mail and the government and many people who I talk to do not know why postal workers are on strike or the personal cost to those workers. Postman are not paid to strike, they have mortgages and bills to pay the same as every one else but many feel they have no option but to support strike action to protect the future of the postal service. If you want a little perspective on the subject I suggest reading the following article which shows a postman’s view of the situation and highlights working practices and pressures faced daily by your postman.

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