# Tuesday, 25 August 2009

According to this article beer can have some health benefits when it is consumed in moderation. The article suggests that moderate amounts of beer can help strengthen women's bones. A study carried out on 1,700 women found that bone density was better in regular beer drinkers then in non drinkers. It is thought that plant hormones in the beer could the reason behind the effect. It appears beer is good for you, drink too much, however, and it can also have the opposite effect.

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# Monday, 24 August 2009

Tesco are now offering double the amount of loyalty card points in a bid to tempt more customers. According to the article sales growth at Tesco has been outpaced by its main rivals in the past year prompting the supermarket to look at new ways of retaining customers. All Clubcard holders will now receive double the amount of rewards every time they shop meaning you will now get two point for every pound you spend in store or online. I do have a Tesco Clubcard but personally I find I currently receive very little rewards and that I frequently forget to use the vouchers I receive. I wonder why Tesco don’t go the same way as Sainsbury’s and simply allow you to take the money off your shopping bill at the checkout. I find this works a lot better and means that I can save my points up for an expensive event such as Christmas to buy a few luxury items that we wouldn’t usually be able to afford.

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# Sunday, 23 August 2009

A re-colonisation programme hopes to reintroduce sea eagles to Scotland. Under the scheme a group of 14 chicks from Norway were reared in custom built aviaries in Fife . They have now released at the Tay estuary. The project which is now in its third year has already been successful in the west of Scotland and there are now thought to be around 200 sea eagles in the region. Last year 44 pairs of breeding birds produced 28 chicks so it looks like a good sign for the species.

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# Saturday, 22 August 2009

A study carried out on Twitter has found that 40% of tweets can be classified as pointless babble. The short term study was carried out by the US market research firm Pear Analytics with the intention of producing a snapshot of what people do with the service. They looked at 2,000 messages in total and put them into one of six categories: news, spam, self-promotion, pointless babble, conversational and those with pass along value. It found that 40.5% of tweets were pointless babble, 37.5% conversational, 8.7% had pass along value, 5.85% were self promotion and 3.75% were spam. Pear analytics intend to repeat the study every quarter to track the trends in usage. What do you think, is Twitter simply pointless babble?

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# Friday, 21 August 2009

If this article is to be believed eating junk food does not only cause you to gain weight, it can also make you less intelligent. Research was carried out at Oxford University on a group of rats. The rats were fed a high fat diet over ten days. It was found that the rodents short term memory was damaged and that they were less mentally alert. The high fat diet also decreased the rats ability to exercise in turn making them more likely to gain weight.

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I feed the birds everyday but have never considered that the bees also might need some food. According to this article gardeners are being urged to leave out energy drinks for tired bees to try and help the declining bee population. The RSPB has been inundated with calls reporting bees lying on the ground unable to fly. They recommend leaving out an egg cup filled with two tablespoons of sugar and a tablespoon of water so that tired bees can boost their energy levels.

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# Thursday, 20 August 2009

Back in November 2007 my bank account was compromised causing me all sorts of problems and meaning I had to cancel all my cards and have new ones issued. On that occasion I was alerted when I noticed some Paypal transactions which didn’t appear on my Paypal account but which had been debited from bank account. These were eventually refunded and once my news cards were issued everything was back to normal, until now.

I now find myself in the same situation, although the circumstances are slightly different. This time I was alerted to suspect transactions by a message left on my mobile phone by my bank and the fact that my card had been declined when I tried to use it. Being wary of the phone message I contacted my bank directly to find that they were investigating a case of fraudulent transactions made on my card and as part of this they had suspended my debit card. It appears someone used my card to make several small transactions, followed by a larger transaction to top up a mobile phone. Once again it appears the only solution is for the bank to issue new cards which will take up to seven days to arrive. In the meantime I am left wondering how this happened again. I was over cautious before when using my card online but since the last case of fraud have become somewhat paranoid. I can only assume that a website I use regularly has been compromised and is unaware that they have a security issue. I am now contemplating getting a pre-paid card for ordering online rather than risk compromising my bank account.

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# Wednesday, 19 August 2009

According to this article the average British family throw away £610 of food every year. The figure is based on a household with children and amounts to 6.5 million tonnes of rubbish. Based on this ministers want supermarkets to replace buy one get one free offers in favour of half price deals as well as introducing a larger range of pack sizes. They also want supermarkets to use clearer labels so that customers are sure of the difference between the use by date and the best before date. The article made me wonder how much of our household waste is food waste. I am certainly getting better at reducing the amount of rubbish we produce and try to make as much use of leftovers as possible mainly to try and save a bit of money but we still seem to have several sacks of rubbish every week.

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# Tuesday, 18 August 2009

If you are looking for a new furry friend then you might want to contact Battersea Dogs Home. Whilst it might not be the first place you would expect to find cats, they do in fact also re-home other animals as well. At the moment they simply have too many cats with 143 of their 145 cat pens being full and 174 cats waiting for a place at the home. The shelter has blamed the recession for the 20% rise in the number of animals being dumped but there are also 10% fewer people who are taking on cats leading to the huge backlog. Some of the cats have been waiting for a new home for as long as a year. Unfortunately I already have fours cats so don’t have room for anymore but if you have room for another kitty in your life then you might want to contact them, you can see some the furries here.

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article-1203686-05E9552F000005DC-371_224x256 It appears its all change for the Oxo cube as the traditional cube gets a new shape. Rather than being a simple cube it will now have grooves cut into it making it into a X shape. The reason for the change is that the new shape is supposed to be easier to crumble than the traditional cube alternative.

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