# Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stoat picture This little guy managed to survive a seven hour long 70mph journey attached to the front of a BMW. Mervyn Draper had swerved to avoid a hedgehog and noticed another creature by the road but had assumed he had missed it. The following morning he found the rather angry stoat wedged through the grille of his car. The stoat was later removed unharmed and is now recovering in a wildlife hospital.

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According to this article the World Health Organisation have placed sunbeds on the list of the most cancer causing substances and habits, declaring them as lethal as cigarettes. Previously sunbeds were classified as “probably carcinogenic but after reviewing the evidence WHO scientists have found there is no doubt that they can trigger cancer. Other things on the list include arsenic, asbestos, cigarettes and alcohol. I have never been able to understand why people risk their health for the sake of a tan.

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# Tuesday, August 11, 2009

According to this article cats can be left or right handed (pawed) in a similar way to people. Psychologists found that female cats are more likely to prefer using their right paws whilst males usually prefer to use their right. Tests were carried out on 42 pet cats with the animals being given complex tasks. One task involved fishing a piece of tuna out of a jar. Although the cats could use either paw for the task they tended to favour one paw more than the other. All 21 females used their right paw, 20 of the male cats used their left paw and one male cat was ambidextrous. I have two male and two female cats so will be conducting my own tests shortly.

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# Monday, August 10, 2009

According to this article a report has concluded that organic food is no better for you. The report which was commissioned by the Food Standards Agency found that organic food contained no more nutritional value than factory farmed meat or fruit and vegetables grown using chemical fertilisers. I think the report might be missing the point. I don’t necessarily buy organic produce because I think its better for me but I do like to know that what I am eating has been farmed in a responsible way and I do like to know where my food comes from. I don’t necessarily purchase organic produce but I am aware that organic farming has stricter animal welfare rules and that it bans artificial chemical fertilisers so am more likely to choose it if the price is not a consideration.

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# Sunday, August 09, 2009

article-0-05E3F3A5000005DC-512_468x322This unusual albino blackbird was spotted by a bird watcher in South Wales.  Mr Jarman spotted the unusual bird in his garden and managed to get this picture of it. The bird which he nicknamed Snowy visited his garden for several months before it disappeared. Unfortunately with its unusual colouring it was probably picked off by a hungry pussy cat or other predator.

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# Saturday, August 08, 2009

According to this article sales of bicycles are booming as people take advantage of a tax break scheme. According to the article the Government’s Cycle to Work scheme allows people to buy a bike out of their salary before it is taxed. The bike is also free from VAT. This can mean a saving of hundreds of pounds on top bicycle models and 26,000 vouchers have been redeemed so far this year. The boom in bike sales has also been put down to the better weather and the fact that people want to save money on their transport costs but it appears cycling is becoming much more popular with shops selling out of many bike models and repair centres being so busy that it can take several weeks to get your bike mended. I have a neglected bike at the back of the shed, perhaps its time to dust the cobwebs off of it and go for a ride.

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# Friday, August 07, 2009

article-0-05E6AA13000005DC-187_634x438 This article which states texting whilst driving increases your risk of crashing by up to 23 times came as no surprise. What did surprise me, however, was that it took a team of experts to figure this out. It goes without saying that if you are looking at your phone to send a text message then you are not looking where you should be whilst driving your car, at the road. Its beyond me why someone would think they are in control of their vehicle when they are texting their friends. On the same subject there is a story here about a truck driver who crashed into a car and ended up in a swimming pool (pictured). The reason? He was texting on his mobile phone whilst talking on another phone. When will people learn?

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# Thursday, August 06, 2009

_46121776_-21 According to this article dormice in Devon and Cornwall are crossing some of the regions busiest roads and making their home on the central reservation. The rodents have been found living on verges in the middle of the A30 and the A38. The findings come after 50 animals were electronically tagged to study their movements. The study by the Highways Agency was looking into how the busy roads affected population numbers. Although it is not known how many dormice are killed crossing the road it appears once they are established they prefer to stay put on the central reservation and seem to thrive.

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# Wednesday, August 05, 2009


This two headed cow has been born in Bogota, Colombia. Called Jenifer it has two heads but only one brain. The weight of her head means that she cannot stand without help but the farmer has built a hammock to support her.

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According to this article chocolate bars could be made smaller in a bid to try and fight obesity. The food standards agency wants the average chocolate bar to be reduced by a fifth to reduce the calorie intake and is trying to get chocolate makers to make voluntary changes to the size of their snacks. By 2012 the watchdog wants all confectionary to weigh no more than 50g. Manufacturers are also being asked to sell bite size bars as single items instead as part of a multipack. Under the plans fizzy drinks would also be sold in smaller containers. I’m guessing the pack size will go down and the price will not, meaning you get less for your money.

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