# Monday, 15 June 2009


Sony have released two new phones that are made from recycled plastic. The phone are made from old CD cases and water bottles and have been launched as an eco friendly option for customers. The GreenHeart C901 and Naite both feature a camera, video streaming, bluetooth and WAP article-1190791-05359DFC000005DC-127_468x337 and work as a conventional phone would. The only difference is that the casing is made from 50 per cent recycled plastic. Both phones also include a low power charger and an in phone e-manual which reduces paper usage by 90 per cent. They also include an application that allows you to work out how much greenhouse gas emissions you can save by choosing to walk somewhere rather than using your car.

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According to this article online fraud is at its highest ever level with seven out of ten internet users regularly seeing so called e-scams in their inboxes over the last twelve months. Around 80 per cent of users have received fake banking emails or fake online shopping emails. 70 per cent have been targeted by fake requests for money and 67 per cent have been told they have won a competition only to find out it is a scam. Personally I get so many of all of these types of emails that I automatically assume they are all fraudulent. If I ever did receive a genuine email from my bank or informing me I had won something it would be deleted along with the rest.

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# Sunday, 14 June 2009


One man got an added extra with his loaf of bread when he found a dead mouse embedded in the bottom of the loaf. He had purchased the loaf from a supermarket in Ballymoney and found the mouse when he unwrapped the bread. The company who made the loaf have since been fined £1,000 for putting unsafe goods on the market.

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Robots can do many useful things, now it appears that there is one that can cook pancakes. The robot which has been invented in Japan stirs the ingredients before pouring the batter onto a heated cooking pan and then flipping them using its spatulas before serving. Very useful but what I am waiting for is a house cleaning robot.

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# Saturday, 13 June 2009

Like most people our mortgage is by far our biggest outgoing with most of our income going towards it before we have paid any other bills. Bearing this is mind we are always looking of ways to reduce the loan and try to overpay when we have any spare money. We do find, however, that we are able to do this very rarely as most months expenses come up that we are not expecting. I found this article interesting because it suggests that if you save just £2.50 a day then you could save £13,500 from the cost of your mortgage over the life of the loan. It seems like such small amount that you wouldn't expect it to make much of a difference. Most people can probably afford to save what amounts to slightly less than £80 a month but like me don’t consider it will make a great deal of difference, I guess it does all add up, perhaps I should start putting this small amount aside every month.

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This in interesting, its a plant that has the ability to water itself. The desert rhubarb which is found in Israel has specially developed leaves that collect water and then channel it down to the plants roots. This means that the plant can collect 16 times more water than other plants in the same region with a typical plant collecting about 4.2 litres of water a year and a large plant collecting as much as 43.8 litres. That's not bad especially when you consider that only 75mm of rain falls in the region each year.

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# Friday, 12 June 2009

article-1191606-054299B8000005DC-994_468x360 This is an interesting idea, its a mini microwave from Heinz that is designed to be used at your desk. The microwave can be charged from your laptop and is large enough to heat a small pot of food or a mug or soup. It has been made for Heinz snap pots and is just 7.4 inches tall by 6.2 inches wide. At around £100 its not cheap but I can see that it would be quite a useful gadget to have at work.

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This article suggests that many people now consider broadband to be an essential service and that many regard it as important as electricity or water. The findings are based on information collected from 16 focus groups and surveys of 2,000 people across the UK. Based on this a report will recommend that the government provides universal broadband at a speed of 2Mbps by 2012 so that everyone has access to it. Personally my broadband is an essential service as I would be unable to carry out my day to day work without it but I can see that electricity and water are more important. What do you think, can you manage without your broadband?

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# Thursday, 11 June 2009

If like many other people you are thinking of getting an allotment to grow your own vegetables, it appears you might be in for a long wait. According to this article in some areas the waiting lists for an allotment are so long that you might have to wait up to 40 years before you get one. In Camden for example there are 883 people waiting for an allotment and in Islington, Burnley, Fylde, Wirrel and Kingston upon Hull waiting list are all longer than 10 years. Although every council has to provide 20 allotments per every 1,000 residents it seems demand is simply to high. Whether its the effects of recession or simply a renewed interest is not clear but it appears growing your own is the thing to do.

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This article suggests that a natural supplement made from tomatoes could help to prevent heart disease and strokes. The supplement in the form of a pill contains lycopene and ingredient which blocks bad cholesterol that can block the arteries. The pill called Ateronon is being launched as a dietary supplement for sale on the high street. In tests it has been shown to reduce the oxidation of harmful fats in the blood to almost nothing within an eight week period and it is thought it might even more effective than statins that are currently used by doctors to treat high cholesterol. I wonder how many tomatoes you would need to get the same effect naturally.

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# Wednesday, 10 June 2009

stamp_1412301c Royal Mail has launched a tamper proof stamp which should stop people pealing off old stamps and reusing them. The problem whilst it might seem minor costs Royal Mail tens of thousands of pounds every year. Although stamps are franked when they go through the sorting office, the markings on them are not always noticeable and often stamps with little markings on them are peeled off and used again. The new stamps, however, should make it impossible to reuse them. They have two oblong strips on either side of the stamp so that when the stamp is peeled off the strips are left behind. This leaves a useless stamp with two holes in it which should now be unusable.

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This article claims that some chocolate bars have shrunk whilst the prices remain the same. Apparently the size of Mars and Snickers bars have shrunk by more than 7 per cent as the company tries to reduce costs. The chocolate bars which previously weighed 62.5g now weigh just 58g. The change happened in the second half of last year and the smaller version are now on sale in the shops. The price of the smaller bar remains the same at 37p for a Mars bar and 41p for a Snickers, so it appears customers are getting a little less for their money. Mars at first claimed the move was to help tackle the nation’s obesity problem but later admitted that it was as a result of rising costs.

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# Tuesday, 09 June 2009


According to this article a bustard has bred in the wild in Britain for the first time in 200 years. In fact three chicks have hatched at two sites on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire. The exact spots are being kept secret in order to protect the bird but the news is the first sign that an reintroduction programme might be working. In 2004 forty chicks were brought to Britain from Russia to their new home on Salisbury Plain. Bustards, however, are slow to mature and the first known nest in 2007 produced infertile eggs. The presence of chicks is encouraging and there are hopes that the population will now be able to become self sustaining.

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An unemployed mortgage advisor has put himself up for auction on eBay. Andy Palmer was made redundant from Northern Rock in August and having had no luck finding a new job has decided to take the unusual step of offering his services in an auction. He has given himself a minimum price of £1,000 and for this he will work for a month. He will also give 25% of the winning bid to charity.

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# Monday, 08 June 2009

Weather forecasters are predicting that the UK will have a hot summer this year. Whilst this is good news cancer experts are predicting that this could lead to a rise in people suffering from skin conditions. They have issued a warning to sunbathers which they hope will make them act more sensibly when it comes to enjoying the sun. It never fails to amaze me the amount of people that don’t take the simple precaution of wearing sun block and staying out of the sun at the hottest times. It seems that people in the UK think that the sun in Britain is not strong enough to do any damage. Already I have seen several people who have the lobster effect and I’m guessing I will see many more, it seems the message from the cancer experts just doesn’t get through.

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PD*29150205 Most people would be more than a little wary about buying a see through swim suit. It isn’t, however, quite as daunting as you would think. The swimsuit is made up of a chicken wire type fabric which when held up to the light is completely transparent. However, abstract patterns confuse the naked eye so that it appears to be a solid fabric. The microscopic holes in the suit allow 80 per of sunlight to penetrate through to the skin so if you are wanting to get an all over tan this summer then it might be the thing to buy. Personally the concept of holes in a swimsuit doesn’t quite grab me, I think I will stick to solid fabrics.

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