# Saturday, 16 May 2009

It never fails to amaze me when my husband gets flu how long it take him to get over it, whilst I on the other hand tend to simply work through it. This article might explain why. It suggests that women have more powerful immune systems that men because of their hormones. A study found that the female hormone oestrogen boosts the immune system’s first line of attack against bacteria. It also found that men were more susceptible than women to infection by bacteria, fungi and worms. So perhaps next time my husband thinks he has man flu, he just might be telling the truth.

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An enterprising orangutan managed to escape from her enclosure after short circuiting the electric fence. She first built a ladder so that she could climb up to reach the electric wires on the fence. She then used a stick to twist together the two electric wires short circuiting the fence so that she could escape. Once through the fence, however, she was met by keepers with tranquiliser guns and after regarding them for a while she decided to jump back into her enclosure.

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# Friday, 15 May 2009

If you are considering having laser eye surgery then you might want to have a look at this useful article from The Daily Mail. The article sums up the main types of laser eye surgery with the advantage and disadvantages of each and the cost of each treatment. It also looks at the risks involved and the mistakes that could occur. You might also want to read my account of laser eye surgery detailing my experience of Wavefront treatment which I had back in 2005. The article describes this treatment as as individualised treatment tailored to the patient and personally I have been very satisfied with the results.

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If you want to get married but simply don’t have the money then this idea might be for you. Its a scheme being offered by St Hild and St Helen’s church in Dawdon, County Durham. Under the scheme couples are being offered a virtually free wedding including and organist and outfits for the bride, bridesmaid, bridegroom and mother of the bride. The only condition is that couple take four pre-marital lessons prior to the wedding at a cost of £50.

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# Thursday, 14 May 2009

This is slightly odd its a story about a man called Mr Humphreys and his one eyed cat, Midge. Midge, however, is no ordinary cat, he likes to race. Mr Humphreys first realised Midge had a talent for racing when the cat raced him from the shops one day. Since then, Midge waits for Mr Humphreys to race him home. It appears, however, that the cat is much faster than the man as the cat always wins.

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# Wednesday, 13 May 2009

According to this article gardeners are increasingly starting to use wallabies as an alternative to lawnmowers. Apparently private orders for wallabies have jumped recently as landowners choose to use them on their land. Traditionally people with large gardens have used sheep to graze their lawns but it appears that wallabies are a friendlier alternative. Wallabies are not cheap at around £150 for a male and £650 for a female but it appears that demand for them is rising with Waveney Wildlife Britain’s biggest private supplier reporting orders doubling in the last five years. If you are looking to keep a wallaby they need about an acre of land and fences at least 5ft high so they cannot escape.

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# Tuesday, 12 May 2009

_45737334_-4 Some lucky bats in East Sussex have got a nice new luxury heated house to live in. The £20,000 bat house has been built by a property developer who was told he needed to protect the bats habitat. The developer was given permission to demolish two houses in order to build nine flats on the condition that he provided the brown long-eared bats with an alternative home.

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According to this article Boots have just introduced a new anti-wrinkle cream that has been proven to actually work. The cream which is part of the same range as the No 7 Protect and Perfect Intense Beauty Serum is aimed at people with more mature skin. The product which is aimed at mature skin is supposed to be twice as good as normal moisturisers and works by plumping up the skin and smoothing away wrinkles. A year long study carried out by Manchester University found that 70% of those who used the cream for a year had fewer and finer lines.

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# Monday, 11 May 2009

We recently put our house on the market and received an offer after only two weeks. Since then we have been frantically viewing properties in various areas with limited success. We thought we had finally narrowed the search down to just two properties in Egham where we currently live. However, at the last minute a new property was thrown into the mix in a totally different area. Despite our reservations about changing areas as well as moving house, my husband fell in love with it. It now appears that not only are we moving but we are relocating to a completely new area, something that proves to be quite a big decision and is exciting but also quite frightening.

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# Sunday, 10 May 2009

If you are having an affair and want to keep it secret then you might want to check out this article on how not be found out. It’s about a boss and his secretary who were having an affair. Unfortunately for them the woman was performing oral sex on him when their car was struck by a reversing van. The impact caused her to bite off his penis. An ambulance was called by a private detective who had been hired by the mans wife to catch the couple out. I guess there are no excuses for this one.

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# Saturday, 09 May 2009

We ordered some new sofas about a month ago to replace our very old moth eaten ones and the new ones arrived yesterday. We brought our original sofas when we moved into our house about eight years ago and not being the most expensive or well made they had got to the point where the seats has dropped and springs were sticking out of the back. Coupled with the toll of four pairs of claws (the cats) it really was time to replace them. The new sofas were ordered from Furniture Village and made to order hence why they take up to a month to arrive. We were slightly concerned that they were going to make it in tact because our doorway is too narrow for sofas so unfortunately they need to go over the garden wall and through the patio doors at the back of the house. Whilst this manoeuvre is not hugely difficult, in the past we have encountered problems because health and safety rules do not allow delivery drivers to lift items over a certain height. Despite us informing Furniture Village on three occasions the drivers were not aware of the potential problems when they arrived. However, unlike last time when Argos left our sofas on the lawn they quickly agreed that the sofas needed to go over the wall and after about 20 minutes the new sofas were unwrapped and in the living room. As I am typing this I am sitting here enjoying that new sofa smell.

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