# Wednesday, 06 May 2009

According to this article a new type of tomato has been produced that won’t make your sandwiches go soggy. It has been produced by Tesco who claim it is the world’s first non leaking tomato. The tomatoes have been grown in Holland under a seed breeding programme that began in 1986. Unlike normal tomatoes which lose 8 per of their weight when sliced the non leaking variety loses less than one per cent of moisture meaning less juice ends up seeping into the bread of the sandwich. At 99p for four they are not cheap but if you are sick of eating soggy sandwiches then this might be the answer.

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# Tuesday, 05 May 2009

This article highlights the importance of microchipping your pets. Its about a cat called Kofi who went missing from its home in Nottingham four years ago. When his owners moved away they thought that was the last they would see of their pet. Luckily, however, they had decided to have him microchipped. When a black and white cat was found in Ipswich this year he was scanned by the RSPCA and was identified as Kofi. He was later reunited with his owners and doesn’t appear to have been traumatised by his ordeal.

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# Monday, 04 May 2009

article-1172844-049D8498000005DC-134_224x444_popup It is very rare to see normal sized women in the media these days. By normal sized I mean anything from a UK sized 12 to a size 18. Most models or celebrities seems to be an average of a UK size 6 or 8 which is my option makes them underweight and also tends to make me wonder if they are hungry. This latest picture, however, of a contestant in the Australian Miss Universe contest appears to take the trend to the extreme. At 5ft 10 the model weighs just 7st 7lb. She maintains that she is a healthy weight but personally I think she needs feeding up a bit.

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# Sunday, 03 May 2009

A couple in Windsor chose a slightly unusual place to have sex when they decided to get frisky on the lawn outside Windsor Castle. The couple ignored the Please Keep Off the Grass signs and proceeded to strip off before having sex. Despite being in full view of local pubs and shops it was 15 minutes before police arrived to stop the couple. They were arrested and cautioned for outraging public decency.

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I’m not usually one to read articles about miracle face creams that instantly make you look younger but I must admit this article caught my eye due to the claims it works in two weeks. The product in question is called the 2 Week Miracle and it costs £69. The article highlights one woman who tested the miracle cream out to see whether or not it worked. The regime appears to be that you cleanse your face as normal before adding the Miracle Solution to tone the complexion. Then you use the Miracle Serum to regenerate new cells. Next the Miracle Cream which fills in lines and finally the Miracle Eye Contour which reduces puffiness and dark circles. It all sounds quite easy although a bit of the expensive side.

What I was more interested in, than the product itself was seeing the results afterwards. The lady who tried the product seemed to think it had worked and was quite pleased with the results. Personally, however, when I looked at the before and after pictures I found myself wondering what the difference is. As far as I can see, the after picture is shot in a much better light, presumably to make the skin appear healthier. The before picture on the other hand looks like it has been subjected to a little blurring, perhaps the Vaseline effect on the camera lens. I’m not saying the product doesn’t work, but I really think a better attempt could have made to shoot the two pictures in similar conditions in order to give a better comparison. As for the miracle cream it all seems it a bit too good to true and if I were spending that much money, I think I would expect better results.

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# Saturday, 02 May 2009

If this article is correct then a cure for blindness could be developed within the next six years. According to the article a simple 45 minute operation which involves injecting new cells into the back of the eye could be the answer. The surgery is being developed by researchers at the Moorfields Eye Hospital in London to tackle the most common cause of blindness age related macular degeneration (AMD) which affects around 500,000 in the UK. The treatment involves growing human embryonic stem cells in a lab. These cells are able to turn into different types of cells and so can be used to create small patches identical to the damaged cells in the eyes of AMD sufferers. The cells are injected into the back of the eye where they replace these damaged cells are restore sight. The treatment has already been tested successfully on rats and pigs and human trials are due to begin within two years.

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# Friday, 01 May 2009

According to this article being fat is bad for the environment and can actually contribute towards global warming. Researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine found that overweight people are more responsible for carbon emissions than their thinner counterparts because they consume more food and fuel. The study identified an increase demand for livestock production and a higher dependency upon cars  as the main causes of global warming. This led them to the assumption that overweight people are more likely to consume more meat and as they find it harder to move around easily also more likely to use cars rather than walk, thus contributing to global warming more than a thinner person. The researchers also estimated that a lean population of one billion would emit 1,000million tonnes less carbon dioxide per year than a ‘fat’ nation of the same size. What do you think, is being fat a cause of global warming?

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Since I heard that the government was introducing a scrappage scheme to encourage people to trade in their old cars for a newer model I have watching with interest. My car has now reached the 20 year old mark and its a miracle every year when it gets through the MOT. I would happily trade my car in a for a newer one, the only thing that is really stopping me is that I simply cannot afford to get a new car. I was hoping that the government scheme might give me an extra little bit of help to be able to purchase something a little newer, perhaps a car that is only five years old rather than twenty. It appears, however, that the scheme only allows you purchase a car that is less than a year old. I have been looking around at the prices of new cars and even if I were to purchase one with finance it is simply too expensive. I don’t want a particularly big car perhaps a Ford Fiesta or similar but prices of these start at around £12,295. It looks as though my car will be on the road for some time yet whilst I continue saving for a newer one.

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# Thursday, 30 April 2009

This in interesting its an initiative by Boris Johnson that will use spare plots of land in London to grow vegetables. Under the scheme not only spare plots of land but also other spaces such as roof tops and open areas around some of London’s famous landmarks could be used to grow vegetables. Some possible candidates are plots of land around the Tower of London, Marble Arch and the roof of the Hayward gallery. Boris will lead the way by planning some runner beans in a plot of land near City Hall and hopes that landowners will be encouraged to lend any spare plots to the campaign. The National Trust’s Grow Your Own Campaign will consider all plots of land including derelict building sites and supermarkets car parks and the trust itself has already pledged 1,000 plots of land from its own holdings. In addition to this Network Rail and British Waterway have also promised land.

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This is interesting, its an new airline due to launch in the US which will cater exclusively for pets. The airline named Pet Airways claims to be the first designed specifically for the transportation of pets. All the animals will travel in the main cabin and owners are not allowed on board. The airline aims to make air travel much less stressful for pets and offers an alternative to conventional airlines where pets are treated as baggage and have to travel in the cargo area. The seats inside the plane have been removed to make way for pet carriers. Pets or pawsengers as they have been dubbed can be booked in online and then checked in at the Pet lounge at the airport. Pet attendants give the animals a toilet break before take off and monitor them throughout the flight promising that they will never be left alone. The airline has scheduled its first flight for cats and dogs for 14 July and will serve five US cities - New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles.

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# Wednesday, 29 April 2009

article-0-049EDFC4000005DC-436_634x395 This is probably one of the most unusual hotel rooms I have come across. It is made to look like a crashed airliner and is situated in the jungle in Costa Rica (pictured left). Whilst it looks like a plane in fact the inside is every bit as nice as a luxury hotel room and it is being marketed as the most exclusive hotel suite in Costa Rica.

article-0-049EE1E6000005DC-939_634x420The two bedroom suite is inside the fuselage of a 1965 Boeing 727. It includes two  wood panelled bedrooms (pictured right), a kitchenette, dining room (pictured below), living area and two bathrooms. It also has the advantage of offering spectacular views of the jungle from the balcony on the planes right wing. Apparently it is the perfect height to observe wildlife such as sloths, toucans and monkeys.


It certainly an interesting idea. If you fancy staying there it costs between £200 and £250 per night.

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