# Sunday, 05 April 2009

I took my car for its MOT yesterday and was pleasantly surprised when once again it sailed through with no problems. I have had the G registration Ford Fiesta for ten years now and at 20 years old I expect every year to be its last. I was slightly offended by the guy at the MOT testing station who said to me “I recognised your car from last year and realised it probably wasn’t as bad as it looks”  and I must admit the comment made me wonder if perhaps it might be time to buy a new car. Saying that having just paid for a years MOT, perhaps I should get my moneys worth first and look for a newer car this time next year.

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# Saturday, 04 April 2009

This article suggests that British people are concentrating on paying off the outstanding debt on their mortgages. In fact mortgage debt is being reduced at the highest rate since records began in 1970. During the final quarter of the year Britons reduced their mortgage debt by £8 billion, a contrast to the previous year when people were instead unlocking equity from their properties to fund large purchases. It appears that despite the low interest rates people are still opting to pay as much off of their mortgages as possible. Whilst this is good news for those who want to pay off their mortgages sooner, it signals that government measures to try and stimulate the economy are not working all that well. It seems people would rather play safe and reduce their debts rather than spend any extra money they might have, all of which is bad news for retailers and makes me think that this economic downturn could continue for quite a while longer.

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# Friday, 03 April 2009

article-1165278-0420B06D000005DC-373_634x373 If you have a few million to spend then you might be interested in this house which has recently gone on sale. At $150 million it is America’s most expensive house. It is so big that no one is really sure how many rooms it has but it is thought to be more than 100. It covers 56,500 square feet with grounds of more than 4.6 acres and has a library, gym, media room, wine cellar, wine tasting room, barbers shop and beauty salon. If you are interested then the closest neighbours include the Playboy Mansion and the Los Angeles Country Club.

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# Thursday, 02 April 2009

According to this article scientists have produced new evidence that suggests eating lots of red meat can damage your health. The US study was featured in the Archives of Internal Medicine and was based upon more than 500,000 people. The risk is greatest with people who consume a large amount of red or processed meat over a ten year period. People whose diet contained the highest proportion of red and processed meat had a higher overall death risk as well as a higher risk of cancer and a higher risk of heart disease. People eating the most meat were eating about 160g of red or processed meat per day. In contrast those people who have a higher consumption of white meat have a slightly reduced risk of death over the same period as well as a lower risk of fatal cancer or heart disease. The message here is clear, we can eat steak but perhaps not everyday.

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# Wednesday, 01 April 2009

Until now I thought it was just me that can’t seem to find that jeans that fit properly but if this article is anything to go by it might just be that finding a perfect pair of jeans is hard. The article looks at three different women who are a size 8 a size 12 and a size 16 and shows them trying various different brands of jeans with varying degrees of success. Personally I find the same thing when I am looking for jeans. It seems impossible to simply buy a size 12 knowing it will fit. Some fit at the waist and not at the leg, some are too long, others too short and some fit badly around the bottom or crotch area. Through the process of elimination I have many pairs of jeans but none that I would describe as a perfect fit, all have minor flaws. I was beginning to think that perhaps I am funny shape, but this article has made me realise that this is a common problem.

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Discount supermarket Lidl are offering a £5 lobster to attract customers over the Easter period. The lobsters are pre-cooked and frozen and weigh three quarters of a pound. As well as £5 lobsters the supermarket is also offering a whole 5lb duck for £5.99 and a 1.5lb salmon for £4.49. The promotions are part of an Easter offer which starts on the 30th of March. When the supermarket ran a similar promotion last year it attracted a huge amount of attention from middle class customers who flocked to store to take advantage of the limited offer. It certainly looks like a good deal but unfortunately I don’t have a Lidl that’s local.

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# Tuesday, 31 March 2009

I am frequently frustrated when I come across people who fail to understand the difference between loose and lose so found this article particularly interesting. Its worth reading the whole article but amongst other things it points out:
“A bet you're unlikely to win is a losing proposition. If you're playing Scrabble and your opponent is winning, that means you're losing. You're not loosing. No matter how lopsided the score, you can take comfort from the fact that you're never, ever loosing a game--unless the board is stuck in a tree branch after a tornado and you're knocking it loose.”

Personally I can’t understand how people manage to confuse two words with completely different meanings, it only take a moment to read the sentence and its easy to see the correct word to use in each case. I do, however, take comfort in the fact that there are other people out there who find this just as irritating as I do.

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# Monday, 30 March 2009

According to this article the Nintendo Wii has now become the fastest selling games console in history surpassing even the Playstation 2. Since the launch of the Wii in 2006 Nintendo have sold more than 50 million consoles. The Wii seems to be doing well because it appeals to families and casual users who perhaps are not your average Playstation or Xbox gamers and if this article is to believed figures suggest that 20 per cent of Wii owners in the US have no other games console in their home. I find this quite interesting, I own a Wii, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and like all the consoles for different reasons. I do, however, play the Wii considerably less than the other two, it seems to only be used when we have friends around and want something that does require conventional gaming controls. I prefer my Playstation 3 for my SingStar games and for Tombraider and my Xbox 360 is used for more serious games such as Gears of War and Splinter Cell.

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This is interesting its some pictures that have been taken by artist Alan Sailer of everyday objects being hit by pellets. He used an air rifle, a camera and a home made flash to create the shots which are quite amazing. He took them by using a laser to trigger the Nikon D40’s shutter and used a special flash to film the action in slow motion. To pinpoint the exact moment to take the perfect shot must have taken ages which makes the results all the more spectacular. Some of the picture are shown below.


Glass ball filled with water



Christmas Decoration



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# Sunday, 29 March 2009

article-1164445-04121693000005DC-171_468x325 This is interesting its a TV that turns itself off when no one is watching it. The new Sony Bravia WE5 Eco TV includes something called a smart presence sensor that will turn the TV off if it no longer detects any movement in the room. The TV detects the movement and body heat of anyone sitting within range of the screen. If the viewer falls asleep or leaves the room the sensor can detect this and switched the picture mode off reducing the power consumption. The set then remains idle for 30 minutes before switching itself off completely. It’s an interesting idea, but I wonder how well it copes with people who sit still for long periods of time and also how it deals with pets moving about the house.

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