# Monday, 30 March 2009

According to this article the Nintendo Wii has now become the fastest selling games console in history surpassing even the Playstation 2. Since the launch of the Wii in 2006 Nintendo have sold more than 50 million consoles. The Wii seems to be doing well because it appeals to families and casual users who perhaps are not your average Playstation or Xbox gamers and if this article is to believed figures suggest that 20 per cent of Wii owners in the US have no other games console in their home. I find this quite interesting, I own a Wii, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and like all the consoles for different reasons. I do, however, play the Wii considerably less than the other two, it seems to only be used when we have friends around and want something that does require conventional gaming controls. I prefer my Playstation 3 for my SingStar games and for Tombraider and my Xbox 360 is used for more serious games such as Gears of War and Splinter Cell.

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This is interesting its some pictures that have been taken by artist Alan Sailer of everyday objects being hit by pellets. He used an air rifle, a camera and a home made flash to create the shots which are quite amazing. He took them by using a laser to trigger the Nikon D40’s shutter and used a special flash to film the action in slow motion. To pinpoint the exact moment to take the perfect shot must have taken ages which makes the results all the more spectacular. Some of the picture are shown below.


Glass ball filled with water



Christmas Decoration



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# Sunday, 29 March 2009

article-1164445-04121693000005DC-171_468x325 This is interesting its a TV that turns itself off when no one is watching it. The new Sony Bravia WE5 Eco TV includes something called a smart presence sensor that will turn the TV off if it no longer detects any movement in the room. The TV detects the movement and body heat of anyone sitting within range of the screen. If the viewer falls asleep or leaves the room the sensor can detect this and switched the picture mode off reducing the power consumption. The set then remains idle for 30 minutes before switching itself off completely. It’s an interesting idea, but I wonder how well it copes with people who sit still for long periods of time and also how it deals with pets moving about the house.

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# Saturday, 28 March 2009

article-1164917-04178F50000005DC-627_468x306 According to this article this monstrosity is the world’s biggest burger. The tasty looking snack, if you can call it a snack contains 4,800 calories which is twice the daily recommended limit for a man. It also contains 300 grams of fat, 744 milligrams of cholesterol and 10,000 milligrams of salt. The burger has been created by caterers at an West Michigan Whitecaps’s ball park. It contains five beef patties, five slices of cheese, sour cream, a cup of chilli salsa and corn chips. It costs $20 and if you manage to finish it in one sitting you get a free t-shirt, in an extra large size, I’m guessing.

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# Friday, 27 March 2009


This is Ziggy the Pekingese with a difference. Ziggy unlike other dogs can paint. He does this by using a paper towel roll attached to a paintbrush which he grabs in his teeth to create his masterpieces. Not surprisingly Ziggy favours abstract art such as the pieces pictured to the left. There does however, appear to be a demand for Ziggy’s work with his paintings selling at auction for around $250. Now I wonder if I can teach my cats to paint.

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I have come across a lot of stories about how peoples blind reliance on their sat nav systems has led them into danger. This latest article highlights the case of a man who drove down a narrow footpath in Todmorden after his sat nav device told him it was a road. He only stopped when his car hit a fence and his BMW ended up perched on the side of a hill. The driver of the car has now been charged with driving without due care and attention. This once again shows that sat nav devices only really work if the person driving the car takes account of their surroundings rather than blindly following the instructions. Personally I hate using our sat nav device because it has taken me around some very scenic routes, I always plot my route on a map before setting out, my husband on the other hand swears by the sat nav.

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# Thursday, 26 March 2009

article-1162910-03F7E159000005DC-254_634x407 This is cool its the Terrafugia Transition a car that flies. The car works like a conventional car but has the added bonus of being able to fly with the help of some fold away wings. It runs on unleaded petrol and can fly 400 miles on a single tank of gas. It does look a little odd and at £139,000 its certainly not cheap but I think there are times we have all wished we had a flying car.

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This article suggests that low energy light bulbs can cause rashes and swelling in some people with sensitive skin. The warning comes as many large supermarkets have started phasing out traditional light bulbs in favour of the energy saving variety. Currently people do still have the choice of whether to buy traditional or energy saving bulbs, however from September 2012 traditional light bulbs will be banned and only the energy saving bulbs or halogen bulbs will be available. Medical charities say that low energy light bulbs trigger migraines, epilepsy and rashes and in some cases lupus, a disease of the immune system which causes skin to become hypersensitive to sunlight. Based on this some doctors are now calling on the government to give medical exemptions for those affected when the ban comes into place. In my opinion if there is evidence that low energy light bulbs can affect people in this way, then the traditional alternative needs to remain on sale as an alternative although personally I do buy energy saving bulbs and don’t find that they affect me.

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# Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Pizza_1368845aThis is an interesting idea, its a pizza vending machine. The machine called Let’s Pizza has been invented by Claudio Torghele and has recently been launched in Italy. It can make a pizza from scratch in just three minutes whipping the flour into dough, squashing in into a disc and adding the topping before cooking it and serving it in a cardboard box. The machine includes clear plastic windows so that customers can watch the ingredients being mixed and cooked. It costs 3.50 Euros, approx £3.30 for a pizza which is about half what you would expect to pay in a restaurant. The inventor hopes that in the current difficult economic times his three minute pizzas will grab a share of the takeaway market. However, traditional Italian pizza makers are far from impressed with the head of the Association of Italian Pizzerias saying "Pizza that comes out of an automatic machine has nothing to do with Italian pizza."

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# Tuesday, 24 March 2009

article-1162435-03EDCD74000005DC-246_634x476 This cute little guy is the Spud the spineless hedgehog. He is being cared for at St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital after he was found in someone’s garden. What makes Spud unusual is that he doesn’t have any spines at all. Other than that he behaves like a perfectly normal hedgehog. Due to his lack of spines he cannot be released into the wild because he would get too cold in the winter so he has a permanent home at the hospital. The cause of his condition continues to be a mystery and staff at the hospital are appealing for people to come forward with ideas about what might have caused the problem and offer potential solutions.

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# Monday, 23 March 2009

It seems that adding gadgets to body parts is the thing to do at the moment. Last week we had the man with the USB drive in his prosthetic finger and now this story about a man who has put a video camera into his prosthetic eye. Ro Spence is a film maker who intends to use the device to make a documentary highlighting the issues of privacy and the surveillance of society. He lost his right eye in a childhood accident and has recently spent time adapting a mini video camera to fit inside his prosthetic eye. The camera will be able to record everything that his other eye sees and looks just like a real eyeball so people will be unaware that they are being filmed.

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