# Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Pizza_1368845aThis is an interesting idea, its a pizza vending machine. The machine called Let’s Pizza has been invented by Claudio Torghele and has recently been launched in Italy. It can make a pizza from scratch in just three minutes whipping the flour into dough, squashing in into a disc and adding the topping before cooking it and serving it in a cardboard box. The machine includes clear plastic windows so that customers can watch the ingredients being mixed and cooked. It costs 3.50 Euros, approx £3.30 for a pizza which is about half what you would expect to pay in a restaurant. The inventor hopes that in the current difficult economic times his three minute pizzas will grab a share of the takeaway market. However, traditional Italian pizza makers are far from impressed with the head of the Association of Italian Pizzerias saying "Pizza that comes out of an automatic machine has nothing to do with Italian pizza."

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# Tuesday, 24 March 2009

article-1162435-03EDCD74000005DC-246_634x476 This cute little guy is the Spud the spineless hedgehog. He is being cared for at St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital after he was found in someone’s garden. What makes Spud unusual is that he doesn’t have any spines at all. Other than that he behaves like a perfectly normal hedgehog. Due to his lack of spines he cannot be released into the wild because he would get too cold in the winter so he has a permanent home at the hospital. The cause of his condition continues to be a mystery and staff at the hospital are appealing for people to come forward with ideas about what might have caused the problem and offer potential solutions.

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# Monday, 23 March 2009

It seems that adding gadgets to body parts is the thing to do at the moment. Last week we had the man with the USB drive in his prosthetic finger and now this story about a man who has put a video camera into his prosthetic eye. Ro Spence is a film maker who intends to use the device to make a documentary highlighting the issues of privacy and the surveillance of society. He lost his right eye in a childhood accident and has recently spent time adapting a mini video camera to fit inside his prosthetic eye. The camera will be able to record everything that his other eye sees and looks just like a real eyeball so people will be unaware that they are being filmed.

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# Sunday, 22 March 2009

This is interesting its a plaster that alerts you when you have been in the sun too long. The plaster has been created by scientists in Scotland and is sensitive to ultraviolet light. It works by changing colour when the wearer is at risk of sun burn. The plaster costs 10p and will be available either as a wristband or a sticky plaster. It will also be able to detect ultraviolet rays when it is worn under a swimming costume. It is thought that the device will radically cut the chances of developing skin cancer caused by prolonged overexposure to the sun because it can take between four and eight hours for sunburn to show on the skin by which time damage has been done. The plaster should help warn people before this happens. People do need to be aware that they need to cover up when in the sun and put on a sunscreen that provides adequate protection, the plaster might alert you that you have been in the sun too long but it is better to be aware of the risk first.

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# Saturday, 21 March 2009

article-1162489-03EDE494000005DC-26_468x286 This picture shows what happened to one poor pigeon when he bit off a little more than he could chew. The pigeon must have at first considered himself to be very lucky when he found a whole bagel, however, it wasn't long before things when a little wrong and he ended up the bagel around his neck. As the pictures show the unfortunate pigeon was still able to fly but sadly unable to reach the bagel in order to eat it. article-1162489-03EDE477000005DC-53_470x369_popupThe pigeon is now likely to be stuck with bagel around his neck until it becomes wet and falls off, he might have a rather long wait for that meal.




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# Friday, 20 March 2009

PD*27594688 Some stories that I come across take the biscuit, this one takes the whole tin. It’s about a family of four who say they are unable to work because they are too fat. What’s more they believe that the £22,000 they currently receive in benefits is not enough to live on. The family say "What we get barely covers the bills and puts food on the table. It's not our fault we can't work. We deserve more.” They were also quoted as saying "We have cereal for breakfast, bacon butties for lunch and microwave pies with mashed potato or chips for dinner" and "All that healthy food, like fruit and veg, is too expensive. We're fat because it's in our genes. Our whole family is overweight." Am I the only one who thinks perhaps the money barely covers the bills because they simply eat too much? Does it take a genius to figure out they might be overweight simply because they live on microwave pies and bacon butties? Equally the argument regarding fresh food is flawed, food is currently expensive but I have certainly learnt to economise whilst still eating a healthy diet.

This story is wrong on so many levels, the family obviously lack a basic understanding of why they are fat, that said I have nothing against people who are overweight. What I do have a problem with is people like this family that blame the problem on factors they believe are out of their control such as their genes, rather than going on a diet and following an exercise regime. In addition to this I find it difficult to believe that you would be unable to sit at a desk and work no matter how fat you happen to be. The fact that this family are responsible for their situation, expect the taxpayer to fund their lifestyle whilst giving nothing back in return and still have the gall to moan about it, really annoys me. There is no reason why they cannot get a job, why should the hardworking taxpayer fund this type of person?

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# Thursday, 19 March 2009

article-1162662-03F1EF31000005DC-150_468x312 This is slightly odd, its about a computer programmer who installed a USB in his prosthetic finger. He lost the original finger in a motorcycle accident and naturally decided to make his new prosthetic finger more useful than a normal finger by adding a USB drive to it. The prosthetic initially looks like a normal finger until the nail is pulled back revealing the USB drive inside. He can now store photos, movies and other useful files on the drive and plug it into his computer to use as an additional hard drive.

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# Wednesday, 18 March 2009

This is interesting its a new scheme which has been introduced at a pub to allow customers to serve themselves. It has been introduced at The Wheatsheaf Inn in Willingdon East Sussex. Drinkers are able to serve themselves and leave the money in an honesty box. The landlord of the pub has said that he trusts his customers to pay for all of the beer that they drink. I have often thought that it would be a good idea to have self service available in the pub rather than queuing for drinks at the bar but I’m not sure everyone would be honest enough to pay.

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