# Saturday, 14 March 2009

article-1160628-03CBC450000005DC-741_468x735 A British man has sailed from Cornwall to Australia in a boat that he made himself. The journey was an attempt to recreate the voyage made by 7 men in a wooden boat more than 150 years ago. Pete Goss set sail in November and finally completed the voyage last week. In total the boat took 116 days to reach its destination with a weeks break in Cape Town for repairs. Not bad for a boat with no engine or modern navigational system. 

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# Friday, 13 March 2009


It’s a conversation you might have in a pub after a few beers, if a crocodile and a shark has a fight which will win? This question appears to be answered if this article is to believed. It highlights an incident (pictured left) where the two creatures did indeed fight with the crocodile coming off better. In fact the 15ft saltwater crocodile proceeded to eat the shark after disabling it, proving that on this occasion the answer to the question is clearly crocodile.

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# Thursday, 12 March 2009

article-1159142-03BD37B3000005DC-399_224x406 This is interesting, its a swimming costume that repels water meaning that it dries minutes after you leave the water. Called the Sun Dry Swimsuit, it is made from a special fabric so water passes through the fabric rather than being absorbed into it. The swimsuits also have the advantage of being chorine resistant and having a SPF 50 rating to keep out UV rays. If you want one they are made by Solestrom International and cost between £20 and £60.

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# Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Frogs in a part of Edinburgh will soon have their own frog hotel. The structure will be built alongside a pond in Redhall Walled Garden in Edinburgh. It is designed to protect the frogs from predators during the mating season. The structure will include a ramp that leads up to a protected area and a lower ground area which has been nicknamed the Compost Cafe. It’s an interesting idea, I wonder whether I should built a frog hotel to protect the frogs in my garden from my curious cats?

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# Tuesday, 10 March 2009

article-1160613-03CBCCC0000005DC-13_196x560 This is interesting, its the new trend of what has been dubbed meggings. They are put simply leggings for men and appear to be the thing to wear at the moment. Celebrity's like Russell Brand (pictured left) and Noel Fielding have recently been pictured wearing them. I’m not quite sure that my husband will be rushing out to buy a pair. What do you think, would you wear them?

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# Monday, 09 March 2009

Dreamtime_Bath_M_49108153f3247 I tried this Dreamtime Bath Melt from the Lush the other day. Although it's not the most exciting of products lacking the usual colour, fizz and glitter that you would expect from Lush, I really liked it. Although it is small the bar melted slowly creating a creamy coloured bath that left my skin very soft and silky. The fragrance also gets the thumbs up, the mixture of jasmine, lavender and sandalwood is not overpowering and is a perfect mix for an evening when you want a good nights sleep. After enjoying this bath I went to bed and was asleep almost instantly. I will be getting this again.

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# Sunday, 08 March 2009

article-1156130-03ADA967000005DC-852_468x453 This is interesting its an idea created by visionary architects which they say could help combat global warming. Put in simple terms the idea is to build a skyscraper that includes 400 trees in an effort to absorb dangerous pollutants and convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. The devices would be built near factories or other major sources of pollution in order to clean the air. Evergreen trees would be mounted on the 400ft tall structure along a series of floors so that they could fiarticle-1156130-03ADA520000005DC-40_468x350lter air hundreds of feet above the ground. To the right is a diagram showing how the system could work. Looking at the comments at the bottom the article it seems most people object to the fact that the structure is rather ugly, I certainly wouldn't want outside my house. What do you think?

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# Saturday, 07 March 2009

article-1159160-03BD14FD000005DC-388_634x763 A property tycoon has built America's first "green" mansion. Costing £15 million the mansion includes enough solar panels to cover a basketball court and can generate enough energy to power two or three average sized homes (or 1 giant mansion presumably). It also has a water system that collects enough run off water to fill an average sized swimming pool every 14 days and includes environmentally conscious lighting which reduces electricity consumption by 70 per cent. All of these things mean that it is the first home of its size to be certified as "green" by Florida's rigorous environmental standards committees.

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