# Friday, 06 March 2009

Cat owners in Leicestershire have been urged to sign their pets up to a blood donor scheme. Currently only four cats are signed up to the Loughborough based Pet Blood Bank UK (PBBuk)  which stores and collects dog and cat blood for use in transfusions. Under the scheme the PBBuk will go to the cats home in order to reduce any stress to the donors. It's an interesting idea but unfortunately I think my cats are more likely to take blood rather than give it.

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# Thursday, 05 March 2009

article-0-03BAF4AF000005DC-314_468x398 This is Ugly Bat Boy and he has been given the dubious unofficial title as the most hideous cat ever. The cat who is eight years old was born without fur except for one shaggy part around his neck giving him an interesting appearance to say the least. He certainly is odd looking. Do you have a cat that is uglier than Ugly Bat Boy?

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# Wednesday, 04 March 2009

I have seen a lot of really odd courses being offered at degree level but this has got to be one of the strangest yet. It's a MA in The Beatles, Popular Music and Society. The course which is composed of four 12 week modules and a dissertation looks at the postwar music industry and the importance of authenticity and locality according to this article. Quite why you want to spend your time doing such a course, I'm not sure, I'm also unsure what benefit the resulting qualification would have and how seriously a prospective employer would take it. Perhaps I'm missing the point? The Guardian have a quiz here entitled Would you pass the Beatles MA? I only scored 6 out 10, so apparently not.

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article-1158909-03BA6A06000005DC-457_468x509I came across this article today about a Swarovski crystal encrusted cat flap. It is billed as the latest must have pet accessory and costs £1,000. It comes in a number of standard designs including a roman arch style and a stable door style but can also be customised to include details such as your cat's name. I love my cats but I don't really see why someone would spend this much money on a cat flap, I guess some people have more money than sense.

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# Tuesday, 03 March 2009

As someone who is rather fond of red wine, I do find myself cleaning up rather a lot of spillages, so a stain remover is an important product to have in the cupboard.  I found this article quite interesting, it looks at a test carried out by the consumer watchdog Which? They tested various stain removers to see which ones performed best. 17 different stain removers were tested on red wine, coffee, blood, Ribena and chocolate. What is interesting, however, is that budget washing up liquid was used as a comparison alongside the products. Surprisingly the washing up liquid was better than half of the branded cleaners, so it appears you might be wasting your money buying an expensive stain remover. The product that performed best overall was Sainsbury's carpet and upholstery cleaner which costs £2.43.

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# Monday, 02 March 2009

This article suggests that eating an egg a day could actually help lower your blood pressure. It is based on research that has found eggs produce proteins that mimic the action of drugs that lower pressure such as Ace inhibitors. These drugs lower blood pressure by stopping the hormone angiotensin narrowing the body's blood vessels and it appears that eggs can do the same thing when they come into contact with stomach enzymes. The study was, however, funded by the poultry industry so whilst I find it interesting I can't help feeling a little skeptical.

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# Sunday, 01 March 2009

If you are thinking of having an affair then you might want to check out this article, it suggests that the average affair costs an adulterer £8,000. This figure is based upon a poll which looked at 2,000 adulterers. On average unfaithful partners will spend £2,000 on secret holidays, £1,000 on dining, £916 on food and drink in country pubs and £1,000 on flowers. In additional to this most mistresses receive 10 boxes of chocolates, 11 bouquets of flowers, and 10 sets of clothes, underwear or jewellery in a 12 month period. The poll also found that adulterers also spent more money on their cheated partners, with eleven per cent of adults being more likely to take them away for a weekend if they are having an affair and one in ten buying flowers on the way home from a liaison.

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# Saturday, 28 February 2009

A barman in Norfolk found himself in trouble with his boss after he cooked the pub takings. Luke Woolston, the barman at the Jolly Farmers in Ormesby, Norfolk stored the money inside an oven for safe keeping after he cashed up. Unfortunately he had failed to realise that the oven was switched on and it was only when he smelt burning that he realised he had cooked £1,000 on the pub takings. He later confessed to his boss by text message who took the unusual tactic of simply telling the customers what had happened saying I thought I could handle it in one of two ways - either give him a strong talking to or tell two or three customers, thinking it would be round the village in no time and his life would be hell for two or three weeks. It seems to have worked."

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I drink a lot of tea so was pleased when I found this article which suggests that drinking three cups of tea a day can help to reduce the risk of stroke. The study was carried out by scientists from the American Heart Association who found that drinking three cups of tea a day cuts the risk of brain clots by 21 per cent. It is thought that it may do this by reducing blood pressure.

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# Friday, 27 February 2009

article-0-03AD21E6000005DC-395_468x648 This is great its an office space that comes complete with its own helter skelter slide. The feature is part of the Electric Works office complex in Sheffield which opens on Monday. The slide inside is part of one of the office suites, it is made of steel and plastic and is 87ft with a 40ft drop. The slide takes you from the third floor right down to the ground floor reception in just seven seconds so it could be a great way of getting rid of annoying clients very quickly.

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