# Saturday, 15 November 2008

This is an interesting idea from Lancashire police. They are distributing cat bells for elderly people to attach to valuable items. The idea is that when someone tries to steal a handbag or purse that has bells attached, it will ring as an alarm alerting the owner. The use of cat bells in this way has already proved to be a success in other areas.

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# Friday, 14 November 2008

This is quite interesting, its a new scheme being offered by Sainsbury's that will allow staff to gain a qualification through on the job training. They will offer a qualification in shelf stacking and stock taking and a GCSE in literacy and numeracy. They will also give staff on the job training which will count towards an NVQ. The company currently has around 150,000 employees and hopes that about 25% of its work force will get one of the qualifications in the next five years. Investing in your staff can only be a good idea.

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If your cat has been giving you evil looks recently, then it might be planning to kill you. This useful checklist will help you find out whether your cat is plotting your demise. It includes useful tips such as when the cat pummels you with its paws, it is not a sign of affection, they are actually checking your internal organs for signs of weakness and digging in the litter box is practice for burying bodies.

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# Thursday, 13 November 2008

You don't see much odd shaped veg in the the supermarket but that could be about to change. Current EU regulations mean that there are strict guidelines as to what fruit and veg can be actually be sold. Cucumbers for example cannot be sold is they are crooked or if they have blemishes and apples under 50mm in diameter cannot be sold. The regulations are now due to be relaxed because every year tonnes of perfectly edible produce is discarded because it does not meet the guidelines. Personally I am not too bothered whether my carrots are a little bit crooked or potatoes misshapen, as long as the veg tastes good I am happy to buy it.

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# Wednesday, 12 November 2008

According to this article owners of fat pets could be fined or jailed under new government rules. The rules set out a pet code of conduct and owners could be penalised with a fine of up to £20,000 if they fail to follow it. The rules are designed to protect animals from cruelty but many of them are just common sense. They include providing mental stimulation for pets, giving animals somewhere suitable to live and to go to the toilet and making sure upstairs windows are cat proofed. It all seems a little simplistic and in my opinion any responsible pet owner will already know they need to take these measures.

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# Tuesday, 11 November 2008

This article suggests that obesity could be contagious. Apparently its all down to how fat you feel compared to other people around you. Two leading economists have said that in a society where there are a growing number of overweight people, you are less bothered about staying slim. It seems that as obesity becomes more common the perception of what is counted as obese changes or as the article puts it "When my neighbour gets a little fatter, I ...become a little fatter since it is now not necessary to be so slim in order to compete." Judging by this if we want to be thin, we should make sure we have thin neighbours.

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# Monday, 10 November 2008

lambo1460_1107551c A man who built a home made Lamborghini in his basement had to perform substantial work on his house to get it out of the basement. He had built the car over a total of seven years but it appears that it not occurred to him how he was going to get it out of the basement which did not have a door. He ended up hiring an excavator to gouge out a slope in his garden and then dig into the foundations of his house. The car was then hooked up to the excavator and pulled out. The basement was later rebuilt and Mr Imhoff has no regrets about the drastic measures needed to get the car out into the open.

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# Sunday, 09 November 2008

This is interesting, it suggests that ants are far better at managing traffic congestion than humans. They are able to move around their colony very efficiently and never get caught up in queues. In a study an "ant motorway" was set up with two routes of different widths. The ants used the routes to get from the nest to some sugar syrup. After a while the narrow route started to get congested. Researchers found that if an ant returning along a congested route collided with another ant just starting out it would push the new ant onto another less congested path. However, if the ant had experienced a trouble free journey it would not redirect the new ant and would carry on as normal. The result was that before the shortest route to the syrup became clogged the ants were diverted to a new rout meaning traffic jams never formed. Interesting, now how to do this with cars.

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# Saturday, 08 November 2008


I cam across this article about a man in Grimsby that filled his house with rubbish. According to the article the house was so full of rubbish that it was not possible to walk through the front door. The man was housed in a hotel whilst his house was cleared. An amazing 100 tonnes of rubbish was taken away in a clean up operation which took three weeks. Suddenly my house seems really really clean.

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