# Tuesday, 04 November 2008

Magic_48f22716dffcb I tried another bath ballistic from the Lush Christmas range the other day. If you order from Lush on a regular basis then you will know that they offer a limited edition range over Christmas. The Magic bath ballistic in my opinion doesn't smell too great before you put it in the bath. However, once it hits the water the scent of peppermint and undertones of rose absolute really come through. The bath bomb also changes as if by magic from the blue colour pictured left to purple. The water ended up a dark blue/purple colour once it has all dissolved. I found this quite a relaxing bath and it also seems to clear my head, I think that might be down to the peppermint. I really like this product and will be stocking up before it sells out.

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# Monday, 03 November 2008

PD*24979568 This is quite interesting, its a world record attempt for the most people performing the dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller. The attempt which took place in Nottingham was successful with 1,227 dancing zombies breaking the previous record by 199. Unfortunately I have been unable to find a video of this but if anyone else has, then let me know, I would be interested to see all those zombies in action.

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# Sunday, 02 November 2008

We seem to be spending an awful lot of out time at Homebase at the moment. Last weekend we went four times and so far this weekend we have managed three visits. Each time my husband promises he won't have to go back again and each time he forgets something. As the only driver in our household, I get the job of driving him there and sitting in the car park waiting for him. With any luck he now has everything he needs and can get on with the job of finishing the laminate flooring, but knowing Rory there is some essential piece of kit we will need to go back for.

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It was my Dads birthday last night so we decided to book at a table at Villa Rosa in Egham. I have been a regular visitor to this restaurant for the past nine years and and am yet to have a bad experience. As always the food was cooked to perfection and the wine although a little on the expensive side was very good. At around £30 a head for a three course meal, including wine it also doesn't break the bank. As always the highlight of the evening has to be the dessert trolley. If you are planning on visiting Villa Rosa, I would recommend booking on a Friday and Saturday night because all the tables are usually taken, perhaps an indication of how good it is.

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# Saturday, 01 November 2008

A chef in Devon has started offering squirrel in his restaurant in a bid to save the native red squirrels. Whilst red squirrels are very rare in the UK the grey squirrels are all too common and carry a virus that can be lethal to the endangered red squirrels. Chef Ed Chester has started offering squirrel kebabs on his menu as well as squirrel pates and squirrel fricassees. He believes ones of the best ways to control the population of grey squirrels in the UK is simply to eat them. Its not a bad idea and I heard that squirrel tastes a lot like chicken.

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# Friday, 31 October 2008

Its Halloween again and much as I dislike children I went out and brought a couple of bags of sweets. The doorbell has been ringing every five minutes for the last couple of hours and a succession of witches, vampires, skeletons and zombies have all gone away happy with some candy. The sweets have nearly run out now, so I guess its time to turn off all the lights and pretend I am not at home, after all I think I have made an effort.

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Mmm_Melting_Mars_48ef848590d69 I tried a bath melt from Lush last night. This one is called MMM Melting Marshmallow Moment. It is bright pink and smells like candy. I wasn't really expecting a lot from this small rather unexciting looking bath melt. When added to the bath it sunk straight to the bottom with none of the fizzing I have come to expect from bath ballistics which I usually purchase. The bath melt, however dissolves slowly over the course of about 15 minutes leaving a pleasantly coloured pink and lilac coloured bath. The candy smell is not overpowering and the water goes all creamy and and foamy. This is not a bath melt that can be enjoyed in a hurry, because it takes a while to dissolve you need to leave a good half an hour free to fully appreciate it. I found it a truly relaxing experience and the mixture of cocoa butter, almond oil, chamomile power and marshmallow powder left my skin really soft. I will be buying this again.

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# Thursday, 30 October 2008









This is strange, its a cat that glows in the dark. The cat named Mr Green Genes has been genetically modified as part of an experiment which could lead to a treatment for cystic fibrosis. He looks like any normal cat until he is exposed to ultraviolet light, then he glows. Researchers made him so they could learn whether a gene could be introduced harmlessly into the feline's genetic sequence to create what is formally known as a transgenic cat. That's all very interesting but my main thought on reading the article was "cool a glowing cat".

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# Wednesday, 29 October 2008

toilet with a view This article highlights some toilets that are in rather unusual locations. This one is in the guard tower at Alcatraz. Other pictures include mountain top locations and even a toilet that is built into an aquarium. How strange.

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# Tuesday, 28 October 2008

We spent last weekend fitting laminate flooring in our dining room and today I am in pain. My whole body hurts so I guess I have used some muscles that don't usually get much use. I thought fitting laminate flooring was meant to be easy. All the instructions say that the pieces simply lock together. What the instructions don't tell you is that "lock together" actually means you have to hit them very hard with a mallet until they fit. The instructions also fail to mention the challenges that you face fitting the floor when the walls in your house are not straight. Sure the walls look straight but when it comes to lining up the first the few planks of flooring you suddenly realise that they are not. The job does get easier after you have put the first three rows of flooring down but it certainly took a lot longer than I expected. I now have another thing to add to my list of hated DIY jobs. Next time I might just buy a carpet.

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This is interesting its a device to stop cold callers. Ironically it was invented by two ex telemarketers. The device is called TrueCall and it works by downloading information on commercial and scam numbers form the internet and preventing them from getting in contact with you. It can also block calls from people that you don't want to speak to. The system intercepts all calls and if it recognises them as a friend or family of the user it lets them through as normal. However, if the callers number is identified as a telemarketer or nuisance caller the device answers it with an automated message and the phone does not ring at all. Its not cheap at £99 but it looks like it could a solution to unwanted sales calls.

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