# Tuesday, 01 July 2008

Insects really like to bite me and every time they do I seem to suffers quite bad reactions. I don't know when they got to me this time but today I have at least three insect bites on my thigh. The combination of the three bites has meant that my entire upper leg has swollen to about twice its normal size, and it really is painful and itchy but also numb in places. In fact I think this might be my worst insect bite so far, it looks so hideous that I'm not going to post a picture this time but if you check out the last time I got bitten and imagine this but much redder and four times as big, then you are nearly there. Needless to say I am in a really bad mood today.

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# Monday, 30 June 2008

I came across this story some time ago about a man who had decided to put his life up for sale. Ian Usher decided to sell his house and its contents his car, his job and his friends in an ebay auction. The auction ended last week and the winning bidder paid £192,000 for their new life. Mr Usher was disappointed that he did not get as much for his life as he expected but he went ahead with the sale and will spend the money travelling.

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# Sunday, 29 June 2008


I tried this Jungle conditioner from Lush this weekend. Its a solid conditioner that contains cocoa butter, bananas, ylang ylang oil and sandalwood oil. You are meant to rub it along your hair and then rinse it out and according to the lush website the comb will then "slide through your former tangles like a hot knife through butter". Not if you have thick hair like mine it won't. It left my hair a mass of tangles and there was no way a comb was going to go through it, so in the end I had to put a double helping of another conditioner through it. I won't be buying this again. Another Lush product which is better suited for people with thin hair.

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# Saturday, 28 June 2008

I came across this picture again the other day. I believe I may have posted it before a long time ago, but it always makes me laugh. Its very typical cat behaviour to investigate everything even if it is much bigger and more scary themselves.
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# Friday, 27 June 2008

I had a very unproductive weekend last week because I have been revisiting some of my old computer games that I have never got around to completing. The main reason for doing this is because I am feeling a little poor at the moment so rather than spending money on new movies or box office films I thought I would make use of what I have already. That said, my husband is obviously not feeling poor because another box arrived today with a Playstation 3 inside. I'm not sure where he managed to find it because its one of the 60GB versions which will also play Playstation 2 games (yes I have already tried it, even though I am meant to be working). I expect there will soon be more details on Rory's blog shortly as well as a more technical view of my new laptop. I see another unproductive weekend ahead.

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I never knew there was such an event as the World Nettle Eating Championships but according to this article it does exist. The event is held in Dorset and competitors come from all over the world to eat as many nettles as they can. The competitors have one hour to eat the nettles and the winner is the person who eats the most. This years winner was Paul Collins who managed to eat 64 feet of nettles but he fell just short of his record of 76 feet and hopes to beat this next year.

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If you like are are married and live in England or Wales, then you might be interested to know that you have just become a minority. That's according to this article which states that most over 16s are now single, divorced or widowed. The figures from the Office for National Statistics also show that in 2006 there were 236,980 weddings in England and Wales. That might seem like a lot but its the lowest number since 1895.

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I hate injections and unfortunately have a history of passing out when I have had to have one. A new patch, however, could offer a vaccine without the need for a injection. The patch has been developed by the University of Queensland and tests on animals have shown it can be even more effective than a normal vaccination. It is the size of a 5p piece and contains thousands of tiny projections coated in the vaccine on the underside. Once applied to the skin these projections push through the outer layer of skin. The nanopatches need a fraction of the dose that would be needed for an conventional needle vaccination. They could also be safer, because they would avoid incidents of needle prick and cross contamination. They are also potentially cheaper to produce. All this sounds great, but for me the best part is that there are no needles involved, unfortunately they are not likely to available any time soon.

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# Thursday, 26 June 2008

It was our wedding anniversary a few days ago and I was surprised to receive a parcel from my husband. I was even more surprised to find that it contained a new laptop from Dell. Its a Dell Inspiron and it makes my old laptop look very inferior. I am currently busy installing everything, so am still mainly working on my old machine for now. So far I am very pleased with the new one, its certainly a lot faster and it has the advantage that it doesn't constantly overheat and of course its nice and new and shiny.

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# Wednesday, 25 June 2008

This article is interesting, its about a new type of contact lenses that can help to correct short sight. Unlike normal contact lenses you wear them at night. They help to reshape the eyeball by pressing on the eyeball and correcting the problem that causes short sight. The interesting thing is that because they correct your sight overnight, they do not have to be worn during the day. The lenses are basically like normal gas permeable or hard lenses rather than the soft type. They are shaped to the contours of your eyeball and then press on the cornea reducing the curvature and restoring it to the shape of normal vision. They do need to be worn every night because the effect is temporary and the eyeball will gradually spring back to its original shape. Whilst I can see it might take some getting used to wearing lenses whilst you sleep, this seems like a good idea. The lenses are suitable for people with short sight and a prescription of -5 or less.

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# Tuesday, 24 June 2008

ugly dog This is Gus. He is this years winner of the World's Ugliest Dog competition. He certainly is ugly.

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I read this article that suggests eating a large breakfast can help you lose weight. It is based on research carried out on a group of women. Over several months the women who ate half their daily intake of calories in the morning lost more weight than those who ate a smaller amount. The bigger breakfast apparently helps because it makes you feel fuller during the day, meaning you are less likely to snack.

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elephant-leg-404_681157c An elephant that lost its leg when it stepped on a land mine has been given a new prosthetic leg. Mosha lost her leg when she stepped on a landmine in 2006. Her leg was severed by the explosion and had to be amputated. She is now getting used to her new leg which is made from a sack packed with sawdust. So far she appears to be adapting well to the device.

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