# Friday, 11 April 2008
It sounds rather strange but the coffee is not actually made from animal dung. The beans however, have been collected from the dung of a civet cat. The Asian palm civet lives among the plantations of south east Asia and eats only the best coffee berries. Their digestive process breaks down the flesh of fruit and the beans are then collected from the dung before being washed and roasted. The resulting coffee sells for a rather expensive £50 a cup. I’m not sure whether I would fancy it.

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This is an interesting idea, a restaurant with no waiters. The idea comes from Germany and includes a touch screen TV for customers to browse the menu and choose what they want to order. Once you have placed the order you just wait for your food to come out of the kitchen along the rails that go around the restaurant. Perhaps the best bit is you don’t have to leave a tip.

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This article is interesting about a man named John Perry who suffers from an illness that means he can’t get fat. The condition called lipodystrophy means that his body rapidly burns fat because his body produces six times the normal level of insulin. Despite living on a diet of takeaways, chips, burgers and desserts his weight always remains the same and he cannot gain weight. It must be nice to able to eat whatever you want, however, the article doesn’t say whether John suffers any other symptoms as a result of his condition.

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This is quite interesting, it’s a way to keep food cool that doesn’t require electricity. It involves taking a small clay pot and putting it inside a larger one. The space between the two pots is then filled with wet sand the food is placed inside the smaller pot and the top is covered with a wet cloth. As the water evaporates it draws the heat out keeping the inside cold and the food fresh for up to three weeks. The system is now being used by farmers in northern Nigeria who previously has problems storing fruit and vegetables because they had no electricity in their villages. They can now store an eggplant for 27 days instead of it spoiling after 3 and spinach lasts 12 days rather than 1 meaning that farmers no longer have to sell their produce in a hurry. In addition the revival of the pot industry is helping to reduce unemployment in the region. It’s amazing how sometimes very simple ideas can make a real difference.

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This huge cat called Orazi has got be one of the biggest I have come across so far. Other fat cats include my own cat Oscar (pictured below with his friend Willow) who is small in comparison, Oscar (not my Oscar) and Sooty who also looks small compared to Orazi who weighs 16kg, that’s 13kg more than the average kitty.

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# Thursday, 10 April 2008
This is an interesting initiative from Brazil. Faced with an Aids epidemic the country has come up with an idea to use rubber from trees in the Amazon rainforest to produce condoms. The health ministry says that the idea will not only help the fight against Aids but will also help to preserve the rainforest. It should also cut the country’s reliance on imported contraceptives which are currently given away free as part of a government programme to try and fight Aids. The scheme will produce 100 million “Natex” condoms every year and will generate income for at least 500 families. It will also create 150 in the small town of Xapuri. It seems like a really interesting idea although it has been condemned by Catholic bishops who say it will encourage promiscuity. Somehow I think they are missing the whole point of the exercise, condoms are an important measure in stopping the spread of Aids.

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I was sent a link to this website the other day that offers a cashback reward scheme called WePromiseTo Cashback. It covers a number of retailers both on the high street and online and gives you a range of offers on which you can earn some money back. To use it you sign up for an account online and when you purchase anything from the links on the site you receive the cashback amount indicated. It works by the retailer paying WePromiseTo a commission for driving new customers to their services. They then pass that commission on to you in the form of a BACS payment or Amazon vouchers. Among the offers that caught my eye were 5% cashback from Majestic wine and 7% cashback from Drink Stuff. The only problem I think I would have is remembering to go to the WePromiseTo website to order things rather then the to the individual retailers website that are already saved in my favourites  list, still it seems like quite an interesting idea.

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This is rather strange, an elephant in a bubble. Fan Yang who is the star of New York’s Gazzillion Bubble Show now holds the World Record of capturing the largest land mammal in a bubble after he created the giant bubble around Tai the elephant. Not something you see every day.

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Heinz is launching a new version of their tomato ketchup to appeal to customers who want something a little more sophisticated. The product called The Special Blend Tomato Sauce will be available in shop from the middle of April. It contains a mix of twelve tomatoes, spices, sea salt, Demerara sugar, cayenne pepper and lemon juice. The product will be available in a glass bottle to give it a more luxurious feel and will be priced at £1.75 around three times the cost of standard tomato ketchup. Check back later for the review.

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huge-lobster-2 This huge lobster was reportedly caught off the south coast of England. It is five times the size of a normal lobster and weighs over 4 kilograms. He certainly looks tasty.




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# Wednesday, 09 April 2008
It never fails to amaze me the amount of spam I get in my inbox. The latest thing seems to be these Google Adwords phishing emails. I’m currently getting between 20 and 50 of these a week and they do look remarkably similar to genuine emails from Google. The emails ask you to either reactivate your account or change your credit details. The site you are redirected to looks genuine and could easily fool people. The purpose of the exercise is obviously to collect your account details so that unscrupulous people can steal your credit card details. Don’t be fooled.

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This article suggests that around 75,000 households could face negative equity. Areas of Manchester, Glasgow, South East London and Birmingham appear to be most at risk because the value of an average home in these areas is only a small amount over the mortgage on the property. This useful map shows the areas that are considered to be most at risk from a fall in home prices and at a risk of people having their homes repossessed. The figures are based on analysis from Experian one of the largest credit reference agencies. The research also shows that 78,394 households have less than 20% equity in their homes and that if house prices were to fall by 20% as some experts predict that these people would face negative equity.

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It appears Bagpuss has been voted the favourite children’s TV animal of all time in an online poll. The lovely fat candy striped cat beat other creatures such as Tom and Jerry, Winnie the Pooh and the magic Roundabout. Bagpuss has always been my favourite despite being just “an old saggy cloth cat and a bit loose at the seams.” Only 13 episodes of Bagpuss were ever made with each episode beginning with Emily saying the words:

Bagpuss, dear Bagpuss
Old Fat Furry Catpuss
Wake up and look at this thing that I bring
Wake up, be bright, be golden and light
Bagpuss, oh hear what I sing

to the old stuffed toy in the window who would awake when she left the shop and investigate the broken object Emily had left him. Bagpuss, Madeline, Professor Yaffle and the mice would then proceed to fix the object and tell a story about it, with much high pitched singing by the mice.

I love Bagpuss.

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# Tuesday, 08 April 2008
This is quite cool, a man called Jeremy Reid built a rollercoaster in his back yard. Firstly you obviously need a very large garden so I guess it helps to live in Oklahoma and secondly quite a lot of wood. Apparently it has a top speed of 20 mph and stands 17 feet high. I need a bigger garden.

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If you fancy something a little a different you might be interested in this beach hut. It is built out of reclaimed timber and the roof of a grocery van and sits on top of a raft. The hut which is called The Ark has stood on the mudflats near King’s Lynn in Norfolk for over 50 years and has recently been put up for sale. With a guide price of £60,000 it doesn’t come cheap but it is fairly distinctive.

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Surprisingly it appears that colonies of seahorses are living in the Thames, that’s according to this article. The seahorses which normally live around the Canary Islands have been found in Dagenham in East London and Tibury and Southend in Essex. The seahorses are usually found in shallow muddy water and estuaries and their presence in the Thames is a good sign that the water quality is improving.

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# Monday, 07 April 2008
Sheep are being used to cut the grass in Turin. The sheep are kept in fenced off areas and moved around in order to keep the grass trim in the cities municipal parks. Not only does this idea save around £24,000 in gardeners fees, it also saves the shepherd money because it means he does not have to rent fields to graze his sheep. What a good idea.

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A man is likely to face five years in jail after he attacked a boy by throwing a hedgehog at him. William Singalargh is accused of throwing the hedgehog from 15ft to hit the boy. It hit his victim in the leg and caused a large welt and puncture wounds. The hedgehog was dead when police arrived at the scene. 

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An environmental study has found that some bottles of wine from France are contaminated with pesticides. The survey analysed 40 bottles of wine and found that 34 bottles contained pesticides, some of which are classified by the EU as health threatening. Among the affected wines were three Bordeaux cru classé wines and a Burgundy Santenay. On average the bottles tested contained more than four different pesticides but they were found to exceed EU pesticide limits.

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If you have a bit of spare cash you might want to put it into a cash Isa so you don’t have to pay tax on it. This article from This is Money highlights what they say are the 10 best cash Isa’s around at the moment. It’s also worth remembering that this year you can put a bit extra into a cash Isa, £3,600 as opposed to the previous limit of £3,000.

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# Sunday, 06 April 2008

I woke up this morning to find that it had snowed during the night. Although there is not a great a deal of snow it was still enough to create some entertainment for the cats, well for Willow anyway. Oscar and Oliver pictured to the left went out to investigate before coming straight back inside and sitting on their bean bags refusing to leave the house again. Lucy pictured on the right simply sat under the bench looking miserable before also retreating inside.

Willow, however, invented a fun new game which involved digging a hole in the snow and then pouncing on it. After a while she had dug several holes and proceeded to pounce from hole to hole. This game kept her amused for about an hour before her paws got cold and she too came inside to get warm. Generally cats seem to hate snow but as these pictures of Willow show, it can be fun for a short time at least.
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# Saturday, 05 April 2008
A man has advertised for a drinking companion for his father because he is worried he might be lonely. The successful applicant will be paid £7 an hour. The job involves accompanying 88 year old Jack Hammond to the pub and drinking. Any one interested should be interested in talking about engineering and golf. This looks like a great job.

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# Friday, 04 April 2008
Pink wine seems to be the thing to drink at the moment with annual sales increasing by 30%. The rise is thought be fuelled by women who appear to prefer rosè to other wine. Sales of rosè reached record highs in Britain in February with £453 million sales and they now make up 10% of the British still wine market. I must admit I do quite like a chilled glass of rosè in the summer.

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It appears that as British children are getting fatter new rules are needed to protect seaside donkeys. Under the rules children who weigh more than eight stone will be banned from enjoying a donkey ride because the extra weight causes the donkey’s undue stress. The new rules also state that a donkey can only work six days a week and must have a full day’s rest as well as a break of at least an hour at lunchtime or early in the evening. It seems donkeys are very well looked after.

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It appears we could soon have suffer mobile phones on the plane as the communication regular Ofcom has given British aircraft the go ahead to install systems that will allow passengers to make calls and send texts. Whilst I can see this might be good news for business customers who need to make important calls, I can see it could also be very irritating for other passengers. We have all travelled on the train with the passenger from hell who feels the need to call friend after friend, gradually working their way through their entire list of contacts, simply because they can’t sit in silence for 5 minutes. These people don’t seem to realise how irritating they can be, the one consolation is that train journeys are usually rather short. Can you imagine the same situation on a 12 hour flight? I think this decision could lead to more cases of air rage as passengers start to revolt.

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