# Saturday, 24 November 2007
The Wii zapper has just been released in the US. It costs $20 and comes with a free game, Link’s Crossbow Training. The gun basically houses the Wii remote and nunchuk as shown in the picture. It looks quite interesting, although without trying it, I can’t quite figure out how the controls would work. This review however, gives it quite a favourable write up. I may get one when its released in the UK, watch this space.

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The WWF have warned that Atlantic bluefin tuna could soon disappear than the Mediterranean. The bluefin tuna is facing a dramatic decline caused by over fishing. The WWF have asked for the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) to introduce a moratorium on commercial bluefin tuna fishing in the region following scientific evidence that shows a collapse is probable. ICCAT has so far failed to adopt any compulsory measures to protect the bluefin tuna and the WWF says it may be late to stop the decline.

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# Friday, 23 November 2007
England might have played very badly against Croatia the other day but many Croatian’s found the national anthem more entertaining than the game. British opera singer Tony Henry sung the Croatian national anthem but managed to mispronounce a word giving it a very different meaning. Instead of singing You know my dear how we love your mountains Henry instead sang "My dear, my penis is a mountain" which greatly amused the Croatian crowd.

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Further to my post yesterday Staines managed a win against Stockport. They won 4-3 on penalties to go through to the second round. They will now face Peterborough in the second round at home in Staines on Saturday 1 December.

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A man sized sea scorpion claw has been found in a German quarry. The fossilised claw measures 46cm long and it is estimated the creature would have been bigger than the average human. The size of the claw suggests that spiders, crabs and other insects were much larger in the past. How scary, I think today’s spiders are big enough.

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I have been looking around at digital SLR cameras in the hope I can persuade my husband to buy me one for Christmas. This article is quite useful and offers an overview of five of the top selling cameras. Now, I wonder whether my husband might read this blog post.

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# Thursday, 22 November 2007
Its not very often I find anything of interest in the local news, I guess nothing much really happens in Egham. I was interested, however, to see that Staines is playing Stockport tonight in the FA cup first round replay. In the first game Staines managed to hold Stockport to a 1-1 draw. If they win the game tonight they would go through to play Peterborough at home. I won’t be going to the game but will definitely follow it on the radio. Come on Staines.

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A cat that got trapped behind the front grill of a car survived 70 miles on a trip from Surrey to Sussex. Tilly the cat ran out in front of the car as Paul Younger drove his BMW through Godalming but when he stopped he couldn’t find the cat anywhere. He continued to travel on to Eastbourne where he stopped when he heard meowing noises. Tilly emerged unhurt and was later reunited with her owner.

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# Wednesday, 21 November 2007
If you can’t remember where you parked your car, this new parking idea could help. Due to be introduced at Heathrow it allows customers to see where their car is located when they insert their parking ticket into a machine. The machine then displays a 3D map showing you where to find your vehicle in the car park. The system will be installed at Terminal 5 when it opens in March and looks like it could be really useful. Personally I can never remember where I have parked when I do the shopping, let alone trying to find the car, when I come back from holiday.

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# Tuesday, 20 November 2007
Recently I have started getting a little irritated by the amount of Facebook applications that seem to be around. It seems every time I log into Facebook there are another 5 to 10 new requests for applications that are just not very useful. It seems I am not the only person to be annoyed by this. I read this article today called Facebook Applications, The New Spam Part 2 written by Kevin Palmer. It is as the title suggests the second instalment looking at Facebook applications and highlighting just how pointless some of them are. It is well worth a read. What Facebook application do you find most irritating or pointless and why?

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# Monday, 19 November 2007
This is an interesting concept but so simple it make me wonder why all pizza places don’t already do it. Papa John’s restaurants in the US have started taking pizza orders by text. You first have to register online to create an account; you can then set up several favourite orders that you can text in, anytime you are feeling a bit peckish. I wonder whether this will take off in the UK.

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A police officer got a surprise when he heard a noise in the engine of his police car and it turned out be a kitten. The kitten was discovered last Tuesday inside the vehicle at Crymych police station in Pembrokeshire. It is thought it may have climbed inside some time on Monday when the police car was in Fishguard town. Police are now looking for the kittens owner.

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# Sunday, 18 November 2007
I read this article that reports Santas in Sydney have been warned not to say Ho Ho Ho and instead say Ha Ha Ha. Apparently the traditional Santa greeting might be offensive to women because the greeting is too close to the slang term ho, used to describe prostitutes and so could be seen to be offensive. I find this completely ridiculous.

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I read this interesting article about a man who has been dubbed the tree man because of the tree like growths that cover his body. The man who is now 35 has had these strange growths since they first started appearing after he cut his knee in an accident as a teenager. They have now grown to such an extent that he is unable to use his hands or carry out simple household tasks.

An American dermatology expert now claims to have identified his condition and there are hopes of a cure. He thinks it is down to something called the Human Papilloma Virus which causes small warts to develop on sufferers. In this mans case however, the problem is a rare fault in his immune system meaning his body is unable to contain the warts. Dr Gaspari believes the condition can be managed with a daily dose of a synthetic form of Vitamin A which should reduce the warts in size and allow him to use his hands.

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# Saturday, 17 November 2007
I have just received my second case of wine from the Virgin Wine Discovery Club so readers can expect some new wine reviews soon. So far I have liked every wine I have been sent by Virgin Wines so I am yet to test their returns policy. Apparently if you don’t like a wine you can call them and they won’t charge you for it.

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A Dutch teenager has been arrested for stealing virtual furniture in Habbo Hotel, a social networking website. He is accused of stealing around 4,000 Euros worth of virtual furniture. The furniture although virtual was brought with real money. It was stolen when the accused teenager managed to access a user’s password by creating a fake Habbo website to obtain their log on details. The teenager then moved the furniture into his own hotel, effectively stealing it. A spokesman said "It is a theft because the furniture is paid for with real money. But the only way to be a thief in Habbo is to get people's usernames and passwords and then log in and take the furniture."

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It appears the ability to strike is not just limited to humans, in a study conducted by scientists, monkeys refused to perform tasks when they felt unfairly treated. A group of monkeys were given a task and presented with a reward for completing it. Some of the monkeys were given a better reward than others. For example one monkey would receive a piece of cucumber whilst the other might receive a grape. When the other monkeys noticed that their partners received better rewards for the same task, they refused to perform the task again and often became upset refusing to eat the cucumber and instead throwing it at the human researchers.

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