# Tuesday, 10 April 2007

This underwater restaurant is in the Maldives. I'm not sure why it makes me think of Jaws, something to do with all that glass maybe.

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Why put penguins on a treadmill? To monitor their heart rate of course. As part of an experiment to see how much energy penguins use to find food a group of scientists first monitored ten penguins progress on a treadmill, so that their heart rates could be calculated. The penguins were then released complete with monitors so they could be studied in the wild. I feel sorry for the penguins, they don't look very happy.

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How many Post-It Notes does it take to recreate a scene from Donkey Kong? 6400 apparently as these students found out.

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An interesting article here about why George Bush is actually a genius. Among the reasons are that he has contributed more new words to the English language then anyone since William Shakespeare. We really shouldn't "misunderestimate" him.

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I came across this interesting article where a guy tries using Wii Sports as part of a fitness programme. After 6 weeks of using the Wii as his only form of exercise he has now managed to lose 16 pounds. This seems like a good excuse to play more computer games.

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# Monday, 09 April 2007

I found this article on The Daily Mail website about a cat that has learnt how to use a bus. The cat waits for the 331 bus a couple of times a week and uses it to travel to the next stop before jumping off. Very Cute.

As yet no one knows the cats name. He looks a lot like my cat Ollie.

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We all know that science is really useful; after all without science so many important things would never have been discovered. With this in mind a group of innovative scientists have spent more than 1,000 hours researching how to create the perfect bacon butty. After trying out different types of oil, various cooking techniques and different cuts of bacon the scientists discovered that the bacon should be cooked under a preheated grill for seven minutes at 240C and should then be placed between two slices of bread each of which should be 1 to 2cm thick. Well it’s good to know that in a world that still hasn’t discovered the cure for so many life threatening diseases we can at least enjoy the perfect bacon sandwich.

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Want to turn your Wii Remote into a gun? You need the Wii Sharp Shooter. Basically it’s a device that connects your Wii Remote and Nunchuck to make them into a gun. I don’t have one of these for my Wii yet but it certainly looks really cool.

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I found this funny post listing 27 things computers are able to do in movies. My favourite is “All computers are connected. You can access the information on a villain’s desktop computer even if it’s turned off."

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# Sunday, 08 April 2007

I remember playing hopscotch when I was a child. Whilst most people would see this game as innocent fun, it appears playing it could mean you get a visit from the police. That’s just what happened to one little boy according to an article on The Telegraph’s website. Ryan and five of his friends had just marked out a hopscotch court and were enjoying their game, when two policemen arrived at the scene acting on a tip off from a neighbour. Apparently, the children in using chalk on the pavement were creating graffiti. Obviously this is an incident that requires a rapid response; I’m surprised the police force didn’t feel it necessary to send out a swat team and a helicopter. Later that day it rained and the “graffiti” was no more. I can’t help thinking police time could better spent catching real criminals. 

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# Saturday, 07 April 2007

Want to see if your website is blocked in China? On the greatfirewallofChina you can check your url to see if its blocked or not. Thanks to crooked Brains for the link.

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# Friday, 06 April 2007

Quark has a handy function which allows you to create interesting effects with text. With the text box option there are only limited options. You can apply colours to the text but the “text to box” function enables the use of blends. To use it first create a text box and type your text in the size and font that you wish to use.  This example I have Apple Chancery. From the style menu choose the text to box option. A duplicate of your text is created.  The difference is that the created text is no longer treated as text but as a picture box and now has all the functions associated with this. You can now delete the original text and apply colours and blends to your picture box. In this example I have applied a linear blend of blue and red.

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# Thursday, 05 April 2007

Further to my previous post about YouTube being banned in Turkey a similar ban has now been enforced in Thailand. Thailand's government have blocked access to the website because it was showing a video which insulted their King. Insulting the monarchy is currently a criminal offence in Thailand. I wonder how many people would call for a ban if YouTube showed a video which insulted Tony Blair. Not many is my guess.

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I learnt today from an article on The Guardian that Tesco are going to invest in a scheme designed to help small dairy farmers. I have long been aware that the large supermarkets try to drive down prices as much as possible and whilst this is good for consumers it inevitably means that the small farmer struggles to stay in business when faced with this sort of pressure. I buy my milk direct from the dairy because they help to subsidise and support farmers. I also buy my fruit and vegetables from a local box scheme, not only to cut down on packaging but also because it offers farmers a fairer deal.

The scheme that Tesco is proposing will give direct supply contracts to 850 farmers meaning that the middle man is cut out and their profit is increased by 4p a litre, although the consumer will still pay the same for their litre of milk. In addition to this Tesco intend to launch a scheme called local choice where customers will have the choice to buy milk from smaller local farmer. On this scheme the customer will pay more for their milk, around 8p a litre extra but farmers will receive 23.5p on every litre of milk compared to the current 18p. The article states that currently farmers make a loss of around 20 a litre, so whilst these measures seem small they could go a long way towards helping smaller farmers.

It will be interesting to see firstly whether customers prefer to pay slightly more for locally produced milk and secondly whether the other large supermarkets follow suit. If successful perhaps supermarkets will start to source more goods locally. Personally I would rather eat a piece a fruit knowing it had been picked yesterday on a local farm, than one that had been shipped hundreds of miles and kept artificially fresh. One thing I have noticed since buying my vegetables from a box scheme is that they taste much better. Another thing is they don’t keep for weeks and weeks in the fridge. A lettuce from a supermarket will still be edible 3 or sometimes 4 weeks after you buy it, but this can’t be normal. If you grew it in your garden you would need to eat it within 3 or 4 days and then it would start to decay. It makes me wonder what the supermarkets add to fruit and vegetable to give them such an unnatural prolonged shelf life.

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It’s that time of year again when Easter eggs fill the shelves of every supermarket. It’s very easy to be seduced to by the pretty wrapping and the seemingly cheap deals. However, perhaps we should take into account how much of the egg is actually edible. This article on The Guardian website states that some Easter eggs contain as much as 52% packaging, that’s not much chocolate for your money. They discovered this by weighing the packaging in relation to the edible content of the egg. Interestingly the Cadburys Cream Egg has only 6% packaging leaving a great 94% of edible content. The article approaches the issue from an environment perspective, trying to get manufacturers to cut down on the packaging they use. Personally for me the issue is that if I am buying an Easter egg then I want good value for money, and as much chocolate as possible…. mmm chocolate.

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# Wednesday, 04 April 2007

Staying on the subject of creatures with extra legs I came across this article about five-legged frogs. The frogs are currently being studied in Cambridgeshire where they were found, but as yet scientists are baffled as to what has caused the deformity.

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As a wine lover I found this article interesting. It lists the top 10 most expensive bottles of wine ever sold and includes a slideshow with information about each of the wines. Much as I love wine I can’t imagine why someone would pay over $100,000 for a bottle.

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Before reading this article I didn’t know what a kinkajou was. Apparently it is a small furry raccoon-like animal. This particular kinkajou apparently also likes bus rides.

A kinkajou.

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# Tuesday, 03 April 2007

No it’s not a joke these sheep really are red. They were spray painted using a special dye as part of a project to brighten up the M8. A flock of pink sheep are planned for the future.

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Meet Stumpy the four-legged duck. Stumpy has a rare mutation which means he has an extra pair of legs.

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