# Monday, 19 March 2007

I watched Over the Hedge at the weekend and as with most of the movies from DreamWorks Animation I loved it. The animals wake up from hibernation to find a large green hedge all around their home. On further investigation they find that during the winter whilst they were asleep their forest has been turned into a housing estate and only a small square of their home remains. This means they have to look for other methods of foraging food. At this point a mischievous raccoon arrives in the forest. He has a dilemma, having just upset a very large bear whose food supply he has destroyed. The raccoon decides that the best way to solve his problem is to use his new found forest friends to collect food for the bear so that he can avoid getting eaten. This leads to a series of amusing scenes where the forest animals are introduced to human food and after having a taste of what looks like Doritos they suddenly don’t find their usual diet quite as interesting as before. The raccoon goes on a number of expeditions over the hedge to collect food causing a lot of commotion with the humans who would rather not have vermin running around the housing state. Once enough food has been collected the raccoon betrays the rest of the animals to take the food to the bear and save his own life. Unfortunately because his exploits have upset the humans they call in the verminator, a pest control expert to get rid of the animals. Luckily the raccoon eventually sees the error of his ways and returns to rescue his friends. His plan involves feeding fizzy drinks to a hyperactive squirrel who is then able to move faster than the eye can see and save the day. In all it’s a funny movie and great family fun.

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Have you ever been at the train station and noticed people apparently dancing randomly. Well they could just be crazy but the chances are that they are at a mobile clubbing event. Basically people are notified on the internet when an event is going to be held. All they then have to do is turn up at the designated time and place with their ipod and choose a song to dance to. The same company also runs a pillow fight club which works along the same concept. You just need to turn up at the venue with a pillow in your hand ready to fight at the allotted time.

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# Sunday, 18 March 2007

It was Rory’s birthday this weekend so Tamsyn, Brad and Jim came over for a Braai (BBQ). We spent much of the evening playing on the Wii console on Wii Sports having tennis and boxing tournaments. Although I proved to be fairly rubbish at the Wii Tennis I managed to emerge as the ultimate champion of the boxing knockout.

Brad and Jim playing Wii boxing.

From the left: Rory, Tamsyn, Me, Brad and Jim tired out after the Wii Sports tournament.

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Tamsyn and Jim visited this weekend just before they went off to a Barbie and Ken themed party. These blonde wigs are available online from the joke shop.


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# Saturday, 17 March 2007

I have heard of many DIY disasters but this story in The Metro about a pensioner who managed to stick himself to his own roof has got to be one of the most amusing. A police spokesman said "when we got there, he was like a beetle on its back, with his arms and legs sprawled out and completely glued to the roof."


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Want to know how English you are? Try this English Test from the bombardier website. I managed to score a rather poor 52 per cent.

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# Friday, 16 March 2007

I read an article in The Daily Mail about dolls being confiscated from a village shop following allegations of racism. Apparently a woman customer complained after seeing the dolls which she thought were racially offensive because they were based on a golliwog. The following day two police officers arrested the offending dolls which were taken away for questioning. A statement was taken from the owner of the shop and he was told he could be convicted of a public order offence and could also face a large fine. However after an investigation it was concluded that no offence had been committed and the dolls went back on sale. It makes me wonder how much police time was spent investigating such a trivial issue. It seems if you call the police to investigate a burglary it can take several days for them to investigate but if you say the word racism then its given top priority even when there is no case to investigate.

In an another article also in The Daily Mail a junior school renamed the story of the Three Little Pigs to the Three Little Puppies so that it would be more sensitive to a multicultural cast and audience. The organisers thought that Muslim children in the school might have an issue singing about pigs. The change however has been widely condemned by Islamic leaders who said the issue is with eating pork not with stories about pigs. These decisions always seem to be made by white middle class people who assume other faiths are going to be offended. Often they could save themselves a lot of embarrassment by simply asking people whether they find the matter offensive before making silly decisions. Many of these fairytales have been around for hundreds of years without causing any offence but it seems nothing is left untouched by the today’s overly politically correct culture. Does this mean that Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs will now be changed to Snow White and the seven perfectly ordinary sized people? And looking deeper into the issue it is also apparent that fairy tales are filled with discrimination against ugly people. All princesses are beautiful and all witches are ugly, indicating that not attractive equals bad whilst beautiful is associated with good. Let’s introduce more ugly princesses and more beautiful witches to redress this balance and change all our most loved fairytales. One problem is it makes the story less attractive, which little girl wants to read a story about the ugly princess who marries the fat prince; we can do that in real life.

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# Thursday, 15 March 2007

It was my husband’s birthday yesterday and as one of his presents I gave him these cool mini tanks from iwantoneofthose.com. The tanks have infra red guns and when you hit your opponent their tank spins around before becoming invincible for several seconds. Each tank has five lives, once you have been hit five times you need to reset the tanks before starting another game. After playing with the tanks for nearly a day and recharging them several times (battery life can be a little short) we discovered it was very hard to hit your opponent. We eventually realised that we had forgotten to remove the covers over the sensor points on the tanks although the instructions supplied with the tanks don’t appear to cover this. Anyway sensor covers removed and we were happily shooting each others tanks on our improvised terrain made of CD boxes.

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# Wednesday, 14 March 2007

I saw this story today in the Metro about a man who was arrested for crashing his truck into a lamp post. His excuse was that a unicorn was driving his car at the time. Apparently no unicorns were spotted at the scene of the crime and its been assumed he was using this as an excuse.

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# Tuesday, 13 March 2007

According to an article in The Telegraph the secret of being sexy is all in the way you walk. Women should sway their hips when walking to appear most attractive and men should walk with a swagger. The article also has a useful video showing exactly how to walk to best attract members of the opposite sex.

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Sony is going to introduce its own 3D universe for the Playstation 3. Apparently it will allow people to chat and share content within a 3D universe as well as purchase furniture and clothes similar to Second Life. Personally I don’t really see the appeal of these virtual worlds, if I want to buy a pair a trainers I would rather have a pair that actually exist not a virtual pair within a game. It does also make me wonder whether the increase of these sorts of worlds is partially responsible for the breakdown of social skills we see in many children/teenagers today. I mean what’s wrong with actually meeting up with your friends and having a conversation rather than interacting through a virtual world. Perhaps I am just missing the point?

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# Monday, 12 March 2007

I watched the new Borat movie at the weekend. The first thing I would say about this movie is don’t watch it if you are easily offended. On the surface the movie goes out of its way to be politically incorrect on a number of issues mostly on its treatment of the Jewish faith and Borat’s attitude towards women. However, I think it’s the more subtle references that for me provide most of the humour. I like the part where Borat speaking to a bunch of rednecks at a rodeo says he supports “America’s war of terror” note the subtle slip which the rednecks appear to put down to Borat’s poor grasp of the English language.

I also particularly like the part where Borat when driving an ice cream van accidentally turns the music on causing children to run towards it only for a large bear to appear at the window. The most interesting thing about this movie is that it is shot with a mixture of actors and real people whom are not aware of Borat’s real identity. In some scenes it is obvious that the actors know what is happening but in others we have real people thinking they are talking to a real journalist from Kazakhstan instead of a comedian posing as one.

This makes for very interesting viewing, for example when Borat is talking to a feminist group and asks why do we bother educating women when they have such small brains. The boundaries between real and scripted scenes are frequently blurred. I would hope that the redneck who shows such strong prejudices about homosexuals and Muslims is an actor and not a real person but we can’t really be sure. It’s either a very good example of real racist prejudices in American society or clever acting.

In all I enjoyed the movie although there are a lot of moments where you find yourself cringing at Borat’s treatment of innocent unsuspecting Americans. Still thats part of the films appeal.

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