# Friday, 09 March 2007

I read an interesting article in the Daily Mail about some of the tricks supermarkets use to make customer think they are getting a bargain. It has already been publicised that when Tesco recently ran a promotion on half price fruit and vegetables they had in fact raised their prices before reducing them. In fact they nearly doubled some prices before cutting them back to half price and advertising a huge 50 per cent discount prompting an investigation by trading standards. I wonder how many customers monitor prices so closely that they would have noticed this sneaky tactic. It’s very easy to pick up a product with a half price tag and just assume you are getting a great deal.
Tesco price link

Other tricks that supermarkets use to try and confuse the customer are things like reducing the pack size on items when they are running “buy one get one free” promotions. In other words you may get two packs of strawberries each of 225g but the normal pack size when the items are not on promotion could be 500g.

Many supermarkets also offer special offers or low prices on a few staple goods such as bread and milk. By making prices of everyday items cheaper customers may naturally assume that the supermarket will also have cheap prices on other groceries. Often the reality is that these cheap prices on staple goods are subsidized elsewhere by putting up the prices of other goods.

“Buy one get one free” deals may also seem like a really good deal and perhaps they are for the customer. However, the supplier often loses out here. Most of the large supermarkets have agreements with their suppliers that they have to cover the costs of these special deals rather than the supermarket themselves. Unfortunately this means that smaller suppliers are often squeezed out the market as they cannot afford the low profit margins often associated with getting their products into the supermarket.

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# Thursday, 08 March 2007

Of all the excuses I have heard this has to among the most bizarre. When accused of stealing women’s underwear from a shop Robert Boyd said that when he committed the crime he thought he was in fact a female elf. Apparently after playing the game Shadowrun he became confused and thought he was a female shaman. The prosecution however believe he is simply making up the story to try and avoid answering questions. Honest Officer, I really am an elf.

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This is interesting from The Times online. A list of fifty nine things that would have stayed a secret, if we didn't have the Freedom of Information Act. I think my favourite is that The Thatcher government looked for the Loch Ness monster using a team of dolphins.

Also 1980s school dinners could be the cause of three young Welsh people’s deaths from the human form of mad cow disease. I always knew I was right not to eat those school dinners, no matter what my Mother tried to tell me.

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Vindaloo cheddar. Cheese with a kick to it. Apprarently it's a "He-mans cheese" I'm not sure it appeals to me.


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YouTube has been banned in Turkey after a video insulting the country’s leader was posted on the website. The video which sparked the ban claimed that the Turkish leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was a homosexual. This led to a Turkish court ordering that access to YouTube should be blocked. Insulting Ataturk is currently a criminal offence in Turkey.

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Levi Roots maker of Reggae Reggae Sauce has just launched his sauce in Sainsbury’s. I remember seeing Levi when he appeared on Dragons Den to try and get the investment he needed to take his business to the next level and start mass producing his sauce. Until then he had been making the sauce and selling it on his own website but he required further investment in order to rent a premises and machinery for mass production. It’s always nice to see the small businessman becoming successful especially in a time when many rules and regulations can make like very difficult for those to trying to start a business. It’s also good to see one of the major supermarket chains supporting a smaller supplier for a change. Levi has also released the song he sang to the dragons.

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# Wednesday, 07 March 2007

Further to my post about the frog invasion there was a large clump of frogspawn in my pond this morning.

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I found this interesting website global incident map that shows you a map terrorism events and other suspicious activity. It allows you to zoom in to get a better view of a particular area and also shows the 25 newest events.

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It will soon be possible to download music and games from the ATM as well as top up your mobile phone and print photographs. The company Max Box who owns around 1,400 cash machines in the United Kingdom is due to introduce these new services this spring. Max Box currently has most of their cash machines in areas such as garage forecourts and convenience stores and the majority charge a fee for withdrawing cash. The new services will also be fee based. Personally although I find this article interesting I don’t think I would use it as I can already top up my mobile phone online as well as download music on my current broadband service. This service is likely to appeal more to those with a dial up internet connection (yes there are still some of you out there) who don’t have always have access to the internet. I think I would probably only use it myself if my mobile phone ran low on credit and I needed to top it up urgently even then the cheaper option would probably be to buy a top up card.

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# Tuesday, 06 March 2007

Research has been conducted by BSM that suggests playing computer games make younger drivers drive faster. The survey on the BBC website suggested that a third of young drivers are more likely to drive faster after playing a computer game. Whilst 34% of the drivers questioned thought that computer games could help improve driving ability. A quarter of drivers also imagined that they were driving for real when playing a driving simulation game. If we believe these statistics it could go some way to explain the high number of road deaths caused by and involving younger male drivers in the 17 to 24 age range. However I do think that other factors probably influence younger drivers more. Younger drivers are more likely to be more influenced by peer pressure, driving faster to look cool in front of their friends for example and playing music so loud that they are less aware of the dangers surrounding them. As someone who plays a lot of computer games myself I used to be very fond of destruction derby on my Playstation (on which the main aim is to destroy all your opponents cars) when I was learning to drive and would often play it directly before going on a driving lesson (my driving instruction didn’t really see the funny side when I mentioned this). Whilst I loved the game and enjoyed smashing up all the cars I was able to draw the line between the game and the reality and I think perhaps we should credit other younger drivers with a little more common sense

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# Monday, 05 March 2007


I came across this interesting umbrella today. http://www.senzumbrellas.com/ It claims to be able to withstand winds of up to gale force 10 without being pushed inside out. It also has a cut away front section so that you can see where you are going and cuts down on the risk of running headlong into a lamppost. The extended rear portion is designed to stop the rain running off and dripping onto your back. Apparently this new design has been tested in wind tunnels and approved by aerodynamics experts who have also worked on the wings of planes and speed skating outfits. Not owning one myself I’m not sure whether they are really as great as the manufacturer claims but needing a new umbrella (as mine met its death in a storm at the weekend) I think I will try one of these out. Watch this space where my review will follow. If nothing else it’s still worth visiting the website to see the “case study: what’s wrongs with my old umbrella” which shows humorous clips of people using umbrellas in strong wind.

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# Sunday, 04 March 2007

We went shopping today trying to find me an outfit for a wedding we have coming up in May. Whilst I appreciate my husband accompanying me on these shopping trips, it usually involves me trying on anything from ten to twenty different outfits and then coming home with nothing. As frustrating as this can be for me, it is far more frustrating for my husband who spends most of his time waiting outside nearly every changing room in the shopping centre. Noticing the gathering of other boyfriends and husbands doing exactly the same thing (you can spot them by the defeated look in their eyes, the many bags they are carrying and the look of immense boredom) I realised there is a huge untapped resource here. If only shopping centres would realise this, they could fill the area around the women’s changing rooms with a variety of cool gadgets guaranteed to interest bored men. I’m sure if shops started doing this their sales would increase dramatically and perhaps my husband would look forward to going shopping with me.

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Yesterday we went to a braai (thats a BBQ to all us British people) at our friend Bradlys house in Colliers Wood. Brad has just come over from South Africa to work here for a couple of years and it’s the first time we have seen him since we got married last June so it was great to catch up. Despite it being quite cold we observed the usual braai etiquette of standing around admiring the fire and all paying homage to the tongmaster. It reminded me of the following short video which outlines the do’s and don’t of braai etiquette including the all important rules which prevent the female members of the party interfering in the manly business of taking care of the fire.


Rory and Brad.


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# Saturday, 03 March 2007
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# Friday, 02 March 2007

Well I always knew it would happen. My husband is obviously so successful they finally named a town after him. The first step towards world domination.

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I and my friend Petra had dinner at Jade Garden in Staines last night. We both agree that they serve the best crispy duck ever. The rest of the meal was also very good. One thing I always find odd about this restaurant is that despite it being so good and so reasonably priced for the quality of food and service it always seems to be very quiet. Last night for example there were only 2 other tables filled.

It could be that from the front the restaurant appears to be simply part of the attached hotel. In fact you need to go into the entrance of the hotel and walk straight through to Jade Garden. Being such a good restaurant this place really should fill every table even in the week. In all for a two course meal with a bottle of nice wine the total bill was only £45.

If you want good food, good service and fantastic crispy duck this is the place to go. As always we over ordered, although from past experience we have learnt that you can take home what you can’t eat in a doggy bag to enjoy later. Obviously my husband has also learnt this because when I arrived home he was eagerly waiting to claim the left over’s and greeted me with the words “what did you bring me this time” before snatching the bag from me and heating it up in the microwave.

I came across the following site http://www.krumble.com that allows you to review local businesses and have added this and other reviews. It seems like quite a good idea.

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