# Monday, 12 December 2011

Penny13Penny is now just under two weeks old and we have been home for around 7 days after nearly a week spent in hospital. I have been recovering quite well, despite having to have an episiotomy during labour to help pass the baby’s head. Penny had a slightly shaky start, she was whisked away to the special care baby unit very quickly after birth leaving little time to bond and was back and forth to the unit for the first two days of our hospital stay. Luckily the prolonged labour does not appear to have had any lasting effects and Penny has continued to do well.

For the first week of her life she had trouble maintaining her blood sugar, something that was not helped by the fact she was unable to breast feed. Early on, I started expressing milk for her and with a regular intake given from a bottle she is now feeding regularly, although still struggles to latch on when breast feeding. We are continuing to try breast feeding with slightly more of a success rate as Penny gets older but I guess the main point is that she is now getting enough milk at regular intervals. I must admit, despite having to wake Penny to feed her every 4 hours, something which is proving a little tiring, I am thoroughly enjoying my new baby. I wonder whether the novelty will wear off after several more weeks of no sleep.