# Monday, 13 April 2009

According to this article some of the leading fast food chains are going to start displaying the calorie content of their food. Eighteen companies have signed up to a government scheme which is designed to help people make healthy choice when they eat out. The companies taking part include KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway and Pret A Manger. They will start displaying information either in menus or on boards by the end of this month. It an interesting idea, although I think most people are aware that this type of food has a very high calorie content and will probably still choose to eat it. A few examples from this article show a typical meal from some the leading chains and the calorie content (below).

Pizza Hut Mediterranean Meat Deluxe Cheesy Bites Pizza: 4,392 kcal
Harvester Ultimate BBQ Stack Burger: 2,130 kcal
Burger King limited offer Double Texican Whopper burger: 1,239
Wimpy jacket potato with grated cheese: 973 kcal
KFC Tower Zinger Burger: 668 kcal
Pret A Manger cheddar, roast tomatoes and pickle bloomer: 668 kcal

Bearing in mind that the recommended daily intake for men is 2,500 calories and for women it is 2,000 calories some of the food on offer contains double the amount you should consume in a day. I still take the view, however, that most people are unlikely to eat take away food every day. Personally I indulge in take away food around once a fortnight but am fully aware that it is bad for me, I do however, eat quite healthy meals on a daily basis so I think I can afford to pig out once in a while.