# Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Many would say I have had a fairly trouble free pregnancy to date and really I haven't had that much to complain about when compared to some others I have spoken to. I have managed to get this far without suffering any morning sickness, although I must admit the migraines were a real pain, particularly without the aid of Nurofen and the dizzy spells are just starting to get annoying and embarrassing as they always tend to happen when out in public. What I am having most trouble dealing with, however, is the fact that now at nearly 30 weeks it is simply impossible to get comfortable even for a minute. Although I have still only put on a modest amount of weight by many pregnancy standards my stomach feels like it is full of rocks. Whether sitting, standing or lying down, it causes discomfort with the only relief being when I sleep. With 10 more weeks to go I am certainly not enjoying being pregnant, I’m just hoping those remaining weeks fly past quickly.