# Thursday, 12 January 2012

I recently purchased one of these baby bouncers for Penny to give her something to sit in when we have those rare moments of alert time. Whilst the description on Amazon is incorrect the product is quite good. If you are purchasing it from Amazon, bear in mind it doesn’t have 5 swing speeds as mentioned in their description. The bouncer does have a vibrate function which is very useful for helping to get rid of persistent hiccups, something Penny seems to suffer from a lot. It also has a removable bar with various hanging toys. There are two butterflies which rattle and crackle when grabbed and a flower which can be pulled to activate music. Penny is currently too small to be able to reach these but I do find the bar useful for attaching other toys such as her black and white books which she seems to like. I am quite pleased with this bouncer. It is fairly basic but if you are looking for something to sit your baby in to allow her to take in her surroundings, as I was, then this does the job.