# Friday, October 19, 2007
My husband came home with an XBOX 360 and a few games the other day. So far the only one I have tried out is Gears of War. Needless to say I have only played it once so far and am hooked. We played in two player mode, which is quite good. You get a split screen action and can help out your buddy by reviving him when he gets shot. At first with the game I went at it, like I usually do, by that I mean just running at all monsters with all my guns firing. Now, after many deaths I have become a bit more cautious preferring to hide behind a wall or a rock and gradually sneak up on things until I can kill them. The only downside is my husband keeps getting himself shot, so I spend most of the game having to leave my strategic sniper hideout and running across the battle zone to revive him usually getting myself shot in the process.

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