# Tuesday, 30 March 2010

According to this article fish pedicures are becoming increasingly popular in Britain. The technique has been popular in Asia and Europe for some time but it appears it is now starting to be used in this country. It involves putting your feet into a bowl filled with small fish which simply nibble the pieces of dead skin away. Before you can put your feet into the tank with the fish you first have to immerse them in a tepid bath to soften any calluses and remove any dirt. You then put your feet into another tank filled with around 150 fish which get to work on the dead skin. It costs £10 for 15 minutes and is meant to make your feet feel smooth and regenerated. If you are worried about the teeth it seems the fish don’t actually have any, they are actually a type a toothless carp which simply lick their food, a process that feels like gentle nibbling.