# Friday, 26 March 2010

According to this article more and more people are buying what has been termed “lazy foods”. By that it means items such as grated cheese or prepared vegetables which could easily be prepared at home. It seems many people are simply too busy to cut up a carrot or grate some cheese and would rather pay a premium price for ready prepared ingredients. Figures show that Waitrose has seen an increase of 40% in the sales of peeled potatoes compared to a year ago and other prepared vegetables have seen a 17% rise. Whilst I can see the need for some prepared products, for example for elderly people who might be unable to prepare some thing from scratch, it does seem ludicrous that people without this excuse would buy them. How much longer does it really take to peel a carrot or grate some cheese? It also strikes me that prepared products tend to lack the freshness that you get with those you prepare at home yourself.

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