# Monday, 09 January 2012

article-0-0F4C403B00000578-998_474x339A program is underway to electronically tag predatory American crayfish in order to understand more about the species. The non native crayfish have been invading Britain’s waterways at an alarming speed and pushing out the smaller native crayfish. It is believed they were originally released into the river by an aquarium owner. The American crayfish have already colonised the River Lee near Enfield taking over 17km of the river. The American crayfish not only prey on the native wildlife but also spread crayfish plague, a disease which is deadly to the native white clawed crayfish. The predatory crayfish will be fitted with radio transmitters on their backs to track the spread and find out exactly how fast they are moving. I bet they are quite tasty, I wonder if we are allowed to eat them.