# Saturday, 09 July 2011

According to this article rhino poaching in South Africa could reach record levels as organised crime gangs are using more sophisticated methods such as assault rifles from helicopters. Last year a record 333 rhinos were killed in South Africa. This years figures, however, already look set to beat this with 200 rhinos having been killed already this year in South Africa. The majority of these have been lost at a tourist hotspot in the Kruger national park where 126 have been killed. Rhino horn is still much in demand in Asia where it is used for traditional medicine. Conservationists are calling for international moves to crack down on the supply and demands end of the chain in order to save the rhino. Law enforcement efforts are also been stepped up in South Africa in response to poaching with 20 poachers having killed in combat and 123 people arrested so far this year. Unfortunately, however, whilst the rhino horn is still in demand poaching continues to rise.