# Monday, 06 April 2009

This article suggests that high street opticians often underplay the risks of laser eye surgery. I find the claims the interesting, having has the procedure over three years ago. When I first considered having the surgery I first went for a consultation with Boots Opticians, back in the year 2000 when I went to see if I could have Lasik. After the usual tests they told me that as I had extensive scars on my eyes caused by my contact lenses, laser surgery was unsuitable and could potentially be damaging. Although I was upset to hear this, I felt that I was evaluated on an individual basis and that the optician had my best interests at heart rather than simply making a profit and resigned myself to the fact I would always need to wear glasses.

I went for second consultation in 2005 when I learnt that there was new technology that might mean I could now have the procedure. This time I went for a consultation with Ultralase to see whether I could have Wavefront surgery, the latest procedure which maps the contours of your eyeball for the most accurate treatment for you. This time after going through the consultation I was told I could have the procedure and the optician once again clearly went through the risks with me. At this point I also mentioned that I had previously been refused for surgery and was reassured to hear that the advantages in technology in the past few years meant that the risks were small and that there was a high probability of success. At no point in either of my two consultations was I pressured to make a decision and after my second consultation I went away to think about the situation before deciding to go ahead. You can read my full account of what was involved here, and I happy to say that four years on I still have perfect vision. I am however, aware that as I age I may still require reading glasses, but for me my vision was so bad that it was all worth it.