# Wednesday, 26 May 2010

I have been aware of phakix IOL treatment for some time as it was offered as an alternative when I was considering laser eye surgery. Up until now, however, it appears that it has only been offered to those patients who have very short sight. The treatment which involves a lens being inserted into the eye is thought to be safer than laser eye surgery. Although the results are the same it appears many patients prefer the procedure because it is less invasive.

Recent studies carried out found that in many cases patients patients had better vision a year later than with laser eye surgery. The findings may mean that it will be offered more commonly as a treatment rather than simply as a last resort if you are unable to have laser eye surgery as would have been the case in my situation. I am lucky enough to have undergone laser eye surgery and be happy with the results but a treatment with less complications and similar results can only be a good thing.