# Tuesday, 03 January 2012

I recently purchased one of these manual Avent breast pumps to help with feeding my newborn baby after she experienced problems with latching on during breast feeding. Having used an electric breast pump whilst in hospital I was initially dubious as to whether a manual pump would work as well. I was, however, surprised to find it quite efficient. It is very easy to sterilise and set up and a cup full of milk can usually be produced within a 15-20 minute period providing you are keeping yourself well hydrated. In some ways it is nicer to use than an electric pump, being much less noisy and less painful on the nipples. It certainly provides as much milk as the electric alternative I have tried in a similar space of time. At less than £20 it has been a very good buy and one that with our current feeding problems has proved essential. We are now progressing well with breast feeding but will be continuing to use this to enable us to share the most tiring of the night time feeds.