# Sunday, 21 February 2010

According to this article a lack of fog could threaten the giant redwoods in the state of California. A recent study has found that fog has decreased in the last 100 years in the area. Whilst the importance of fog might not be apparent at first it helps to prevent water loss from the redwoods in the summer and so is really important for the trees. Most of the redwoods in the area are concentrated along the coast because they are not that good at dealing with California’s hot summers.  With the decline in fog many of the trees are now showing signs of drought stress and it is this which could threaten the trees. As yet the negative impact of the trees does remain unproven but it is interesting to see how a slight imbalance could start to have consequences for the environment, It seems this is an area which needs further study to see if the trees will be further impacted in the future.