# Thursday, 30 June 2011

That’s according to this article which suggests the French may be losing their love for wine. In two generations French wine consumption has dropped by three billion bottles, the equivalent of a bottle per adult per week. Researchers believe that the culture of wine drinking in France is being lost with the younger generations being less likely to drink a bottle with food and more likely to drink simply for pleasure. It seems the French are now drinking wine occasionally rather than on a regular basis, a change which has occurred within the last two generations. The research looked at successive generations and their approach to wine drinking. The over 65s were most concerned with wine heritage and more likely to drink it daily. The middle groups were more occasional drinkers and were more likely to drink socially with friends. With the under 30s, however, wine consumption was the exception rather than the rule. It seems it is decline in younger drinkers that is largely responsible for the decline in consumption.