# Friday, 06 January 2012

The avent bottle warmer certainly makes those night time feeds a lot easier. It is designed to warm milk or baby food to the correct temperature based on the quantity in the container. Whilst I haven't used it for food yet it has been in daily use for warming Penny’s milk. The device is easy to use, you turn it on, select the type of container using the display and select whether it has come from the fridge or not. Add 30ml of water. You then simply, select the amount of liquid or food which is closest to that in your container and press the button to start the warming. The device bleeps when the food is ready and the milk/food is warmed to the correct temperature. I must admit that whilst the device is easy to use once you get used it, it did take a little while to figure out all the settings. Once you know what you doing this is very easy to use but one thing I will say is it requires two hands to operate it, which when you have a screaming baby under one arm is not the easiest thing to do. Other than that I have found it to be a very good product.