# Tuesday, 08 November 2011

Kellogg’s will start adding vitamin D to its cereals in an effort to help combat the recent rise in rickets. The disease which was largely wiped out after the Second World War has seen a recent resurgence. It cases softened bones and leaves children with bowed legs. The disease is caused by a lack of vitamin D which the body absorbs from spending time in the sun and eating food such as oily fish and eggs. 82% of paediatric dieticians have seen a rise in cases in the last five years with nearly half seeing cases in the last year. It is thought that doctors are starting to see more cases of the disease because children are spending more time indoors watching TV and playing computer games rather than on outdoor activities. At the same time parents tend to worry about exposing their children to sunlight, covering them in high protection sun creams. Although the move by Kellogg's is only a small change they hope to make it part of all children's cereals across Europe by the end of 2012. Parents are also being encouraged to ensure children get some sun exposure without sunblock and to use vitamin D supplements.

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